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Listen, please don’t ignore career development workshops that are going on at your university. Those types of workshops are invaluable to introducing you to ideas that you wouldn’t come across in your regularly scheduled academic life until it’s time for you to get on the job market. On top of that, you get to network at your institution with people who you would not normally come across and those people will be incredibly helpful down the road when it comes to working on diversity statements, teaching philosophies, CVS, etc.

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My life has become so sweet. I just left my internship at the Archives and now I’m sitting at a café listening to soft music and stranger’s conversations, taking a break from reading an article for my class, sipping a cappuccino. Life isn’t perfect, but right now it’s sweet. 

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I did visit number 3 yesterday and it was so long and tiring but again, it was really nice to see the school and talk to people there.

The two pictures on the sides are from the room I was given at the bed and breakfast I stayed at the night before I visited.

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[2.26.20] Studying at the library near my house; never been before! Picked up a coffee from a new place too (yummy) but the cafe’s wifi sucked (not yummy).

Have a presentation tmr on global health care I’m reading for and after a day of work I’m going vinyl shopping with my cousin tonight.

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02.26.20 | my tulips are blooming and the afternoon sunlight stretching into my bedroom (even past 5 pm! winter will soon be over!!) as i come home from a long day reminds me that life can be beautiful even during times of academic, personal, and emotional struggle. 

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02262020 | kinda missing miami …

i found some really neat papers while writing up my proposal, my advisor says my thesis should hit around 40 pages … so now i’m wondering what tangents i might have to trim out once my track switches. i’m giving him a lot of drafts this week to look over, so that i can get my materials out of the way. 

on a side note … would like to go back down to miami sometime soon.

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It has been a week since I posted anything original and it has also been a week since I have actually been able to do anything university wise. I have been really unwell for the last 5-6 days, on antibiotics and have had no energy to do anything other than watch TV.

Normally I would be okay with resigning to the fact that I am really not well but this could not have happened at the worst time. I have less than a week until my transfer VIVA and exactly a week until my conference poster presentation as well as multiple meetings and RA work. I am stressed, ill and frustrated that I have left myself get to this state.

I should have listened to my body in the last few weeks of being exhausted but life doesn’t always work that way. I am just hoping that today is the last day of being so drained of energy now that the antibiotics are starting to kick in.

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What do you plan to do after your PhD?

I hope to be hired as a professor. I’d like to continue to do research and produce scholarship in the Very Official way that academics do, and I’d like if the institution I was at also valued the kind of research I do. I do want to continue teaching, but I’d like to have an opportunity to teach not only upper-level students and majors, but graduate students. 

The academic job market being what it is, I cannot confidently plan on landing that kind of a job. At some point, if I don’t find a job with any appreciable job security, I’ll shift my focus more to what we call “alt-ac”: alternative academic jobs. I’d be more interested in serving in positions that allowed me to not only use the skills I’ve developed in graduate school, but my knowledge base as well – so, working for a journal in my area of expertise, or for a publisher. I’m far less suited for administrative jobs, so I would stay away from those.

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to get through before tomorrow (bc all i can do right now is make a to do list and do it and i’ll have time to try and process shit tomorrow):

  • lab
    • remake power spectra graphs to show percent change instead of raw data
      • confirm with behavioral data
    • collect coherence plots for M3 and F3
    • firing rate analyses
      • rate histograms
    • look to see if spikes are synced to particular rhythms
    • spectrograms
  • classes
    • revise significance and innovation sections
      • turn in
  • other
    • Chicago altos coming over at 7 to practice
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