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#grandmaster of demonic cultivation

oh are we talking a/b/o shit because consider: alpha!lwj and alpha!wwx. the two of them wrestling it out like primals, all bite and rough until one of them manage to force his cock in the other. Overpowering a proud and dominant alpha to finally use them for YOUR own pleasure… they’re super into that. (being beaten and forced to take and TAKE is ALSO super their thing. win win!!)

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[Anonymous asked:

JGY is very good at keeping himself calm and composed at all times and he and LXC love putting it into test during sect meetings where he has a hidden sex toy pounding him that can be controlled by LXC through his spiritual powers


H ec k. This universe needs more magic sex toys, lbr.]

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[Anonymous asked:

OHOHO ITS BIG BRAIN TIME👉👉👉💙jock!NMJ fucking cheerleader!NHS. NHS in a short slutty skirt and cute pigtails. NMJ making him wear his jacket or whatever sports dudes be wearing. Hello sinners 💖


You know, we don’t get a lot of modern AUs around here, and that’s a shame because modern clothes can be very easy-access.]

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Second lead syndrome!  Wei WuXians mind screamed over and over as Lan Wangji walked toward him.

Getting shot in the back of the head was only surprising in that it was a shot to the back of the head.  Guns were expensive and heavily restricted in China.  He would have thought it would be a knife.

Waking up on dirt street straight out of a historical novel had been really surprising.

That the expected knife in the back and mugging for the pretty ornaments in his hair and the fine silk clothes he was wearing was just a return to normal.

Patch himself up, find a good corner and smile, smile, smile until someone in clean, warm clothes felt generous.  If he hadn’t had expericence living on the streets in his past life, he would have died that first week with nothing but grubby underclothes and no money for medicine for the stab wound.

As it was, he scrapped by one year, than another no thanks to the eternal vileness of dogs and finally lasted four before he got the shock of his life when someone called out his name “Wei Ying?”

He’d thought he might have simply transmigrated to the past until he realized it was Jiang Fengmian offering him melon and picking him up.

A few days later, as warm and fed as the people he’d been begging for scraps the day before, Wei WuXian confirmed it as the entered Lotus Pier.

He had transmigrated into the novel Golden Lotus Maiden!  As a throwaway character that was supposed to die tragically offscreen and be a sad note for the protagonist to bond with her father on when the found out.  He wouldn’t have remembered little Wei Ying if they hadn’t shared a name.

A refreshing take on the XianXia genre, Golden Lotus Maiden had been set in the high fantasy world of cultivators and ghost, but focused on an underdog maiden’s struggles to support her family and win the love of her life.  An unfailingly kind, filial girl with a spine of steel that only came to bear when someone she loved was threatened.

The novel had been widely panned for having an excellent story and plot in the background and so many haters had barraged the author and demanded the story hinted be written instead that they’d written a tragic ending in spite.

Fools.  All of them.  Jiang Yanli was the greatest heroine ever written and dying of heartbreak because she was told her child was assassinated, when really he wasn’t, and leaving her husband a widow was bullshit.  The Jiang Yanli he’d followed for five books would have pushed up her sleeves and taken revenge!  No way she would just drop dead!

From the first moment he’d set eyes on Jiang Yanli, Wei WuXian had devoted himself wholly to getting her a proper happy ending with her Jin ZiXuan and a full life raising her Jin Ling.  Reading from her point of view in the novel, he hadn’t thought he could love her more, but being gently pampered by his Shijie, eating the heavenly soup she made just for him, and feeling himself also brighten like a flower leaning toward the sun as everyone who knew her did, Wei WuXian decided she was the most wonderful Shijie that ever existed.

Of course, he hadn’t forgotten about that one-off, semi romance with Lan Wangji. 

The kind, righteous foil to Jin ZiXuan’s cold reluctance; Jiang Yanli had not been able to entirely resist his beauty and kind gestures and started to fall for him, but Lan Wangji was revealed to be as frigid on the inside as Jin ZiXuan feigned on the outside and never developed feelings for her.  Wei WuXian had alternated raging and praising Lan Wangji for his sensitive rejection of Jiang Yanli.

What fool of a man would turn down Jiang Yanli?  But oh, how dashing and heartfelt he was!  And a lovely subversion of the jealous love triangle.  They even remained friends and Lan Wangji came to her aid so many times in the future that he eventually forgave him for the rejection.  Even when rumors of their relationship being a romance made a hurdle for Jin ZiXuan.  Lan Wangji was definitely his second favorite character.

So.  He’d expected an incomparably righteous and handsome man.

The big beauty walking down the path made his brain short-circuit.


Every passage in the novel praising his looks flashed through Wei WuXian’s mind and not a word of it was adequate to describe Lan Wangji’s flawless skin, his molten gold eyes, the black of his hair or the perfect, shimmering drape of his robes.

“A-Xian?” Jiang Yanli rested a dainty hand on his arm with a concerned look.

“Shijie…he’s so gorgeous I’m gonna die!”

From the way Lan Wangji froze between one step and another as he made his way through the arched entrance to the Cloud Recesses, that either hadn’t been quiet enough or Lan Wangji’s hearing was better than he thought.

Beside him Jiang Cheng let out that groan he only did when he rolled his eyes so hard Wei WuXian could only see the whites of them.  Also their shidi broke into a ripple of sniggering.  So.  he’d just been loud.  Lan Wangji half-turned to look back at him incredulously and Wei WuXian found himself whimpering when confronted with that face again.

“Second Master Lan,” Jiang Cheng stepped expertly forward to prevent Wei WuXian from blurting out something else.  “We’re students from Yunmeng Jiang, come for the lecture,” he bowed and waited for Lan Wangji to bow in return, then made a sheepish gesture toward the other Jiang disciples that Wei WuXian already knew wouldn’t work.  Lan Wangji was an intense stickler for rules.  “We’ve lost our pass, would you please be lenient and let us in?”

Sure enough, after a brief pause, Lan Wangji spoke in a deep, smooth voice Wei WuXian could listen to all day,  “No invitation, no admission.”

Shaking off the high of Lan Wangji’s everything, Wei WuXian shoved forward in Jiang Cheng’s stunned silence and found his words.  This was his fault; in the original novel the invitation hadn’t been lost.  It was his job to get them through the door to make up for it! 

He gets silenced for his efforts.

He was maybe a little too flirtatious.

Just a little.

It couldn’t be helped!  Lan Wangji was unfairly pretty and Wei WuXian was a consummate appreciator of true beauty.  Hence his undying devotion to Jiang Yanli.  And this was his second favorite person in the whole world! Somehow more beautiful than any imagining or poetry could convey!

It really was too bad Lan Wangji didn’t have a lover by the end of the novel.  He really should have.

Such a sweet and noble man, with a clear streak of romance from how taken he was with the tenants of true love he later revealed were the reason he couldn’t give Jiang Yanli’s feelings a chance.  One true love you would know deep to your bones was the only love of your life from the time you meet them.  A love he would wait lifetimes for if needed, but he would gladly pause help Jiang Yanli in her every effort to find her own. 

What a man!    Wei WuXian’s heart had pounded so hard so many times Lan Wangji had spoken.  So tragic that he never had any love interest at all.  

On the way back down to Caiyi town, Wei WuXian came to a slow epiphany.

Lan Wangji wasn’t destined for Jiang Yanli. 

In fact, the whole temporary onesided infatuation didn’t really have to happen at all.  They were both in Cloud Recesses.  Lan Wangji and Jiang Yanli could become allied for some other reason and still have all the important notes play out the same. Wei WuXian had already changed so many things in this world.  Even a lost invitation might lead to something new and exciting.  What was a few more changes?

With a skip in his step, Wei WuXian decided to buy some Emperor’s Smile.  A good, thinking drink for brainstorming how he would secure Lan Wangji a true love so that both of his favorite characters would have a happy ending!

But what maiden would be worthy of him?  Hmmmmm….  A true love known at first meeting…it would have to be someone he hadn’t met in the novel.  Through outraging Jin ZiXuan for a second, or maybe eight time today in his search of the hotel, Wei WuXian mussed and strained his poor memory for details.

Wait! he thought as a name swam up for the pretty face scolding him for bothering her young master came back to him.  MianMian!  Had Lan Wangji ever properly met her in the novel?  She was here and would be in the Cloud Recesses, but he didn’t think they’d spoken.  Maybe she was his true love?

Invitationless, but laden with wine that would hopefully mollify a couple of his shidi, Wei WuXian hurried back up the mountain with a new plan to make friends with Lan Wangji and secure him a happy love story.


ran into the phrase second male lead syndrome in the comments section of Youtube and had this stupid idea of transmigrator Wei WuXian and Lan Wangji as the more attractive second lead that doesn’t get picked.

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wwx teaches lsz sex education by letting his boy fuck him, and then having lwj take over the teaching by having him fuck lsz. sometimes they redirect lsz to lqr/lxc for the more “formal lessons”. it’s a great bonding activity between lsz and closest family, as well as the perfect training for the lan sect’s most promising disciple. lsz takes naturally to the training and becomes a pro at making his xian-gege, his uncles, and his peers beg to be screwed thoroughly. lwj is so proud of him.

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JC likes to wear lacy lingerie under his clothes during the day, keeping it completely private from everyone. Until JL goes through his uncle's things and finds the lacy undergarments. And then starts masturbating with them, with him finishing just as JC comes back to his room

… Well. Someone needs to be punished.

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