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#ground zero

Author’s Note: Bakugou Katsuki is someone I can write about anytime anyday. 

Ehh so this is my first time writing anything yandere and this is happening because guess who binged all of season 1 of You in one day? Me. Yes. And while I haven’t been posting as much, it’s been a very very hectic year for me, mental health-wise and professionally, so using tumblr is a luxury. There’s a twist here because it’s more of a reader being yandere than Bakugou.

Word count: 3254

Pairing: Yandere! Reader x Bakugou (there’s a twist)

Warnings: yandere elements, sexual references


Originally posted by afoxthatpretendstobeabear

It had been a rather long day. 

Not that you were complaining. With rising levels of anxiety, a long day was a refreshing break from all things related to your mind. Honestly, you like being busy because it somehow takes a large load off of you, giving you a chance to breathe, move around in your own space and think of things that are actually worth thinking about.

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I saw in reddit an idea for Bakugo's hero name- Kamino. He took inspiration from Deku- taking to the lowest point in your life and turn it to power. Or a variation of Kacchan.

I’ve never seen it being Kamino, but more people saying that Kamino was renamed Ground Zero (on a monument) after All Might’s retirement.

Reasons why it’s going to be Ground Zero:

  • Kamino was Bakugou’s Ground Zero - he lost so much there - Best Jeanist, All Might as the image of invincibility - he came face to face with his own mortality, he made his first leap towards freedom from his pride and to accepting a helping hand, he understood the truth about Deku, there is just so much. He already had moments before, but Kamino changed Bakugou in very fundamental ways - taking this as his name would honour All Might’s sacrifice for him (emotional reason)
  • It would mirror Midoriya taking his lowest (being perceived as useless) and turning it into strength (thematic parallel)
  • It’s a physics term used for explosions - and describes the point on the Earth’s surface closest to a detonation (which is Bakugou himself). (wordplay)
  • Bakugou’s milestones happen at Grounds - Deku v Kacchan 1 and 2 takes place at Ground Beta, his perfect victory in the Joint Training Arc is at Ground Gamma. He’s grown from Ground Zero, working his way through the Greek alphabet (foreshadowing)

Reasons why it’s going to be Kacchan:

  • Deku is the first person who saw a hero in Bakugou, way before anyone did, and kept believing that he would become one even when he was at his worst behaviour against Deku (to the point not to raise a complaint against him for bullying to keep his record untarnished). Taking the name would be an oath to live up to that hero that Izuku saw in him, way before he behaved like one (emotional reason)
  • This way the Wonder Duo would have given each other their hero names(thematic parallel);
  • OK, I don’t speak Japanese, so this may be fake news, but google tells me 勝己(Katsuki) is made up of the kanji “勝” means “Win” and “己” means “Myself”. By changing it to Kacchan, Deku basically takes out the Myself (or Bakugou’s ego?) out of the word, and just leaves the part of his name that means victory, ending it with a cutesy honorific (勝ちゃん) which is then simplified for easier pronounciation as かっちゃん. (wordplay)
  • In the beginnin of the fight, when Bakugou decided on his hero-name, Deku addressed him as Kacchan, while he called Todoroki “Shouto” which is his hero name (foreshadowing)

The reason it will be Door No. 3:

  • Twist!!!!!
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so like. when’s bakugou going to openly appreciate how damn lucky he is that midoriya so readily forgave him and offered another chance for friendship, instead of leaving bakugou behind to fall apart like he could have so justifiably done?

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All Might is a bit unconventional (chp. 1)

Cut From The Same Cloth by ShanaStoryteller (AO3)
Boku no Hero Academia – Teen/Mature – Midoriya Izuku/Todoroki Shouto
#Alternate Universe #Canon Divergence #Post UA #Arranged Marriage #Parental Yagi Toshinori #Dad Might #Endeavor’s Bad Parenting #Background Relationships #Secret Identity #Boys in Dresses #One For All doesn’t work like this in canon

When Endeavor finishes delivering his ultimatum, All-Might uses one of his precious minutes in his hero form to punch Endeavor in the face. The force of it sends the number two hero staggering back and into an alley wall, leaving an Endeavor-sized imprint in the bricks.



Endeavor finds out some secrets, and the price of his silence is the marriage of Izuku Midoriya, the anonymous hero Deku, to his youngest son.

He picks them both up and leaps into the air, a sidekick tucked under each arm. Izuku has long resigned himself to Toshi’s casual bouts of insanity. They’re both able to keep up with him. He doesn’t have to carry them.
Kacchan has not.
“WHY DO YOU ALWAYS DO THIS?” he howls as the cameras flash.
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