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Sometimes I’ll watch Haikyuu with my 7 year old brother and start yelling at him about characters and then he yells back and we just scream at eachother, no hate or teasing just “I HATE OIKAWA!” “ME TOO!” “SUGAS’ MY FAVORITE CHARACTER!” “MINES KAGEYAMA!” For about 20 mins while the episode is paused

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Haikyuu Karasuno reaction to



you showing up to their practice match




Originally posted by kagtobio

completely taken aback, a girl wants to see him play? are you sure? him? his mind goes completely blank until tanka and noya come over to tease him. plays the match normally and occasionally smiles at you,, at the end though he brings you milk and comes and talks to you for a bit.



very hyper boy. gets really excited and can’t focus on the match at first but after Daichi talks some sense into him he gets into it, dedicates every spike to you,, after the match comes up to you and asks if you saw literally everything you did, “y/n did you see when it went poof and boom and Kwak” still hyper boy.



Originally posted by mirio

tries to keep his cool but kinda fails. Acts like it doesn’t bother him that you’re here but on the inside he’s like ajdgejwkzjdbfbs.

“Ahh y/n you’re here to see the best senpai play? Don’t be too surprised when you see my spike”

but then like doesn’t even hit the thing and is kinda like oh. but he gets his shit together and tries his best to impress you.



acts like he does not care at all but kinda does. plays like normal but at the end comes to you and talks to you casually. doesn’t show it but on the inside he’s a mess and is really excited but it’s tsukki he gotta keep his cool.



Taken aback line pt 2.

Tries his best and apologises to you after when he doesnt play as good as he wants to. After you assure him he played amazingly and he was great he does that cute little grin (^) and rubs the back of his neck, “Really?”

(oh my god he’s so cute ahwhdje)



Originally posted by furuba

tries to impress you line pt 2.

tries extra extra hard and does rolling thunders everywhere even if it wasn’t necessary. looks up at you after he does anything and gives you a thumbs up, but then gets hit in the head with the ball when he’s not paying attention but pretends it didn’t hurt him because he wants to prove he’s tough. Like Hinata, he comes up to you after the match and asks if you saw everything he did.



Originally posted by bvckstvb

doesn’t let it effect him during the match and plays like normal, but after the match he will come over to you after sending the other guys off and gives all his attention to you, talks about what’s been happening and how he’s stressed about the nationals and after you encourage him, he asks you to help practice with him a bit while no ones there.



Originally posted by null-san

gets a bit timid and tries to keep his cool as he plays, you notice and call his name to give you a thumbs up then he’s into it and does everything like the ace he is. After the match he will come over to you to and after you praise him he gets all embarrassed



Originally posted by volleygifs

doesn’t pay much mind to you. waves at you and starts a conversation with you before the match before the match but when they call him he gives you a thumbs up and runs off. tries to find ways to communicate with you in between plays but that doesn’t mean he isn’t focused, still cheers the boys on and when it’s his turn to set he smiles all embarrassed after he throws the ball

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Sometimes Oikawa wondered why he wasn’t allowed to cook anymore without at least one other person watching him, but then he remembered the last time he did and the whole thing became a lot clearer. Not that it was Oikawa’s fault that the toaster caught fire. You see, it was Mattsun who bought it, so it must have been his mistake, because he had obviously bought an unsafe one. It also wasn’t Oikawa’s fault that Iwa-chan had to put the fire out all on his own, because he only stood there in shock. Obviously he was surprised and not scared. And most of all it wasn’t his fault that there were now memes of the whole ordeal. Makki was the one who went live the second the fire alarm sounded and not him. So really they should let him cook again. Even if Oikawa still doubts that simply making toast counts as cooking.

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consider: haru living close to karasuno and the karasuno team bumping into haru in public at different moments around town. 


tanaka: yo kageyama fancy seeing you at the swimmin - hold up when did you get this good at swimming too???




hinata: OI why you skipping practice!! what do you mean you’re not kageyama? 


tsukishima: did the king get shorter? 

yamaguchi: oh good spot! sasuga tsukki! 


suga: -stares intensely-

daichi: are you sure that’s not our kid.

suga: yeah im sure of it. kageyama doesn’t like mackerel.

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Just started reading haikyuu and I already know Hinata is gonna have my heart

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Can i request Sfw and nsfw headcanons for Bokuto

Anon, you are one of a kind, you know whats good EHEHEHHE

I hope you enjoy



Bokuto Koutaro Headcanons


  • Bokuto has a very specific brand of hair gel he uses ok, it doesn’t matter if its on sale or not it has to be that brand, he feels comfortable with it cause it doesn’t leave his hair stale or crispy looking, it leaves just the right amount of fluff.
  • I see him as the guy that loves to take strolls on the park with a lover, you can say he’d like going to the arcade, to a theme park and honestly? yeah, it would fine with him BUT if you guys go to park, take a nice basket and a little blanket? he’s in heaven. Just you, him, the food and a lot of dogs that are just attracted to him like a magnet.
  • Another thing!!! This guys adores cuddling, if he’s ready to watch a movie he’ll grab onto you and just cuddle like a big bear, if he just finished a game and they one he wants you to sit on his lap and just h u g . Overall, he gets desperate for cuddles and if you deny him of said huggles he will sulk big time giving akaashi yet another headache so he has a talk with you like a parent to a child to PLEASE just cuddle owl boy.


  • I think I’ve said it before but I will not stop until the world acknowledges how great this guy’s muscles are. and I won’t stop until everyone knows he has a muscle worship kink and if you pair it with his captain kink? You will be obliterated in sex ok? ok.  He just gets so turned on when you kiss his thick thighs, when you bite his biceps or when you lick his abs it’s just that good for him.
  • What does he also enjoy? eating you out. He will grab your thighs and won’t let go until you’ve become an oversensitive mess, he’ll make sure to have you moan as loud as possible he wants everyone to know who makes you feel this good and it inflates his already huge ego.
  • And creampies, oof don’t get me started I AM FERAL FOR THIS MAN. He just wants to cum in you, he wants to mark you so that no one else has any ‘funny ideas’, it’s like an instinctive thing, a need he has everytime you guys fuck, he doesn’t go particularly rough either, it’s just at the end he has this need to go as further as he can inside you.
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Kuroo, Kenma, Tendou with a tongue piercing

more tongue piercing headcanons but with a twist :D

Kuroo Tetsuro (nsfw)


Originally posted by aishitetsuro

- out of all the haikyuu boys (besides terushima of course) i think kuroo would be the most likely to get a tongue or lip piercing

- he’s a tease 

- he’d definitely use it to his advantage

- he knows for a fact that you’re weak for his tongue piercing

- whenever he wants something for you he’d just have to tease you a little and let you catch a little glimpse of his tongue piercing

- “i’ll give you a treat later if you do it for me”

- you love feeling his piercing against your tongue when you make out

- sometimes he’d drink some cold water or eat some crushed ice to make his piercing cold

- the coldness of the metal against your nipples when he rolls the tip of them across his tongue

- chefs kiss

- if you want a tongue piercing too, he’ll introduce you to his piercer and encourage you throughout the process of getting one

Kozume Kenma


Originally posted by hq-kurootetsurou

- he’s a cute kitty

- a cute kitty that has a tongue piercing

- you never knew he had a tongue piercing because ??? he doesn’t speak much so you just never caught a glimpse of it

- until one day when you looked at him, bewildered after he just completed the level you’d spent days trying to pass

- he stuck his tongue out sheepishly when you looked at him in shock, wondering how the fuck he did that

- and then you were like

- wait, what?

- your staring intensified

- “kenma,”

- “yes?”

- “what was that?”

- “what was what,,”

- you grabbed his face and starred at him with puppy eyes


- i feel like he’s the type of person who really likes lazy makeout sessions

- imagine his tongue swiping against your lips when you kiss, and the feeling of the metal ball as he does so

Tendou Satori (nsfw)


Originally posted by volleygifs

- he’d look so good with a tongue piercing

- just like Kuroo, Tendou would definitely use your weakness to his advantage

- your legs go weak everytime you feel his piercings against you

- you thought he was good with his tongue before? 

- think again

- Tendou with a tongue piercing is the biggest tease ever

- constantly sticks his tongue out just to see your face turn red

- you’d constantly imagine how it’ll feel like against your intimate parts 

- no need to imagine, this man is all yours

- he offers giving you oral a lot more after he got his tongue piercing

- has you shaking every time he uses his tongue on you

- all in all, Tendou with a tongue piercing is a 11/10 experience 

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