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#hair cut

I feel like this needs to be said. Most hairdressers are rude people. I don’t say this as a thirteen year old wanting to cut bangs into her hair and dye it pink because she’s having a breakdown at 3 AM. I say this as a grown adult who has had hair styles and colors on every end of the spectrum. Now why do I think hair stylists are rude?

I have been dyeing my hair since I turned thirteen. Before then I was always getting it cut different ways. Obviously I haven’t gone to school for haircare nor have I had a job in the hair industry. However, I speak to my stylists and I do proper research 90% of the time. I’ve had extremely healthy hair to yellow hair falling out in chunks from bleach damage.

From Day 1 I have always colored my hair at home. Saying this normally makes hair stylists seethe with anger. How dare I purchase a bottle of box dye I can afford rather than somewhere upwards of $120 USD for a color five shades wrong and blotchy? Now I’m not saying all hairstylists mess up hair, but I am saying I’ve had a fair share of comforting people who wanted purple and got blood red. I always see hair stylists on TikTok and such outrage over box dye because it causes damage and “You aren’t doing it right!” and so on. Guess what? It’s hair! It grows back 80% of the time.

Horror story confession, I bleached my hair so much once that it came out it huge chunks and I had scabs on my scalp. It was yellow and platinum on my roots. I was mortified I had done this to my hair so I could go orange. I cried on my couch for hours and after some prompting from my mom I began to research how I could help my hair recover. I vowed off bleaching for several years and began my recovery. I was 15/16 and I bought what I could afford, a L’Oréal Total Repair Kit ($14 USD) and I became very gentle with my hair. I would only use heat if absolutely required, I deep conditioned once a week, and I combed slowly. My hair finally began to regain it’s healthy and I set off on the final step: cutting it off.

Now, my hair was about at my shoulders and I chopped it to my chin. I warned my hairstylist that it had suffered through quite a bit of damage She was surprised and told me besides my ends, my hair looked perfectly healthy. Now at this point the wonderful woman had already washed my hair, cut it, layered it, and was preparing to blow it out. Since then I’ve become more respectful of my hair and I’m gentler to it.

I don’t really use drugstore shampoo anymore, but that L’Oréal saved my hair. I now wait months before dyeing it, I get it trimmed more regularly, and I use less mousse! Just recently I bleached it again as one final act of teenage rebellion before my 20th and to my dismay (but not surprise) it finally turned orange after all of these years of wanting that color. I’m waiting another month to bleach it again so I can get just bright enough to do the split dye I’ve been planning. I’ve learned to be patient and rock my Tequila Sunrise colored hair until then.

But what do I use if not drugstore shampoo? Well hairstylists foam at the mouth if they hear you say anything other than an expensive salon shampoo. I can hear it now: “If you loved your hair you would spend all of that money on it. Instead you ruin it and coming crying to us and wasting your money getting it fixed!” First, I have never had to go get my hair “fixed” after a home dye. Second of all Karen, I have bills and student loans.

To sum up my lengthy rant: DON’T LET HAIRSTYLISTS BULLY YOU! Yes they normally make commission off of selling products, I understand that and occasionally I purchase said product if I like it. The $21 bottle of Awapuhi (?) texturizer on my counter feels me. However, when they actively go online and say things “Well I went to school for this and you’re wrong! You have damaged hair and I am a hair god!” People who thrive off of making fun of people who have made hair mistakes online get at me. Are these people putting their whoopsies out onto the evil internet for people to laugh at their misfortune? Yes. However, they normally say in their videos “Any stylists, what is something I can do to fix this?” and the stylists laugh and say “Go to a salon! It’s the only way!”. It’s not the only way every time.

Stylists thrive off of bullying people’s hair and insisting they know best because they went to school for it and got hands on training. Babe I’ve met mechanics who went to school and got hands on experience and still couldn’t figure out that the problem was a flat tire and not the starter.


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Would Blade, Trouble and Briony let MC cut their hair? ESPECIALLY BRIONY DROP THAT KNIFE, GIRL

Briony would absolutely let MC cut her hair; she’s very trusting and would be excited to let them do whatever they wanted to her hair! Trouble would let a friend!MC cut his hair only if they convinced him he actually needed a haircut (“what’s wrong with my hair? I like it like this”) but it wouldn’t be an issue of trust, just he doesn’t normally think it’s necessary. And Blade wouldn’t let anyone cut his hair unless it was like a barber he knew from childhood (and even then he’s tense) or a romanced!MC in a relationship with him!

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I do this thing where when I’m really stressed I get my hair cut or get a tattoo. Probably some sort of ‘thing I can control better than stress’ thing or something. Until August it was super easy to cut my hair because it was always at least shoulder length but now its 3 inches long at the back. And the only tattoo parlour in town is closed. Not sure if permanent or just a winter thing.

But I am super stressed.

So I started attempting to cut my hair (it does need a trim)

And I can’t figure out if I’m compulsively cutting my hair from stress or if its just that I am sick of it being as long as it is. So to test I thought to myself ‘Okay, if I don’t cut my hair again at work today, I’ll let myself cut my hair tonight or tomorrow.’

then I realize that won’t actually tell me if its a compulsion because I will be actively planning on enacting it.

I suppose it would tell me its a compulsion if I don’t make it through the next hour or so without cutting it but… hmmm

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talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show stopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique, completely not ever been done before, unafraid to reference or not reference, put it in a blender, shit on it, vomit on it, eat it, give birth to it.

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alright im gonna dye my hair, and also get another hair cut, well more like trim? cuz I want to go from a blunt cut that I have to a layered cut with a side bang.


My hair now

And I want to dye it an ombre purple, light tot dark top to bottom


with maybe this cut? i want a side bang because i like it.

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My hairdresser
If you cannot cut your hair with no hesitation, then I don’t think you can make any changes in your life.You need to let it go
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