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#haizaki shougo

pairing: Nijimura Shuuzou/Haizaki Shougo

summary: a Hogwarts au where Haizaki struggles to avoid Nijimura more than his own problems

“Well,” Haizaki says, “goodie two shoes charm doesn’t work on everyone. The Gryffindor team might be shit.” He thinks of Nijimura’s neat hair. “He probably sucks.”

Agile. He has complete control over the broom, over his form. He blocks a quick shot from Ravenclaw’s best chaser - their third blocked shot in a minute.

As a keeper, Nijimura is weighed down by protective gear but shows no hindrance in his movement. Somehow, he seems lighter than everyone else in the air.

Haizaki hears someone behind him in the stands say: “It’s hard to believe he’s a mudblood, isn’t it?”

Haizaki can’t look away.

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hanamiya - let’s them suffer for a few days and then makes an antidote in less than 9 hours

hara - teases them for eating bats (not cool, hara)

yamazaki - cries. a lot. more than his s/o does.

furuhashi - says there’s only one cure and that’s letting them bleed the sickness out (man’s in the wrong century; he likes his knife too much)

seto - sleeps through the entire epidemic. may not even know it happened.

matsumoto - goes to hospital too to get himself checked out. a responsible citizen

nash - scares all the nurses. lowkey threatens them to hurry up and treat his s/o.

jason - texts them asking when they can leave the hospital to ‘fuk’

imayoshi - makes all these pretentious comments about how the real virus is humanity and doesn’t help at all

haizaki - calls them a pussy for getting sick but ends up getting it too

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Okay but what about when kiridai goes to ridiculously expensive places bc they're rich kids tm and haizaki is just like out of his element bc I always thought of him coming from a lower class family.

good question anon.

first off, they wouldn’t go to ridiculously expensive places too often, partially because hanamiya’s not particularly rich either, but, majorly, because most rich kids aren’t keen visitors of expensive places anyway. (trust me on that: rich fuckers love pretending they’re from the hood, that they’re roadmen and all that shit, in between their expensive holidays, wearing their expensive clothes.)

during the rare occasion when kiridai decide to celebrate winning an important match etc an an expensive place, haizaki’s always covered - at least, economically. the others, knowing his situation, almost always pay for him, and it’s become a bit of banter within the group, in regards to who can get to the bill.

of course, that’s not to say haizaki doesn’t get teased about how socially awkward he becomes in expensive restaurants (in particular in regards to his choice of clothing), but the jokes are never too harsh, and hanamiya (who had to figure out pretty quick how to behave during the others’ fancy outing ideas) shuts hara up if he goes overboard with the mocking comments. 

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Au timeeeee

An au for Kuroko No Basuke where it’s fem!Akashi x Nijimura and fem!Haizaki x Nijimura based on the song “Better than revenge” by T. Swift

It would be originally like Akashi x Nijimura and then Haizaki will pop out of nowhere to steal Nijimura and claim him. Thennn Akashi would really get pissed and start to think of a revenge by humiliating Haizaki because all Haizaki does is to pirate guys away and bring them to bed and do some stufff. Yepp Akashi would definitely say “she’s better known for the things that she does on the mattress” on the stage with everyone watching and Akashi has prepared some PowerPoint with pictures of Haizaki bitching around with boys and seducing Nijimura muwahahahaha. And that’s how Akashi got his or should I say her revenge by showing Haizaki’s true colors because Haizaki is known in school to be the opposite of her true personality.

Ps: I thought at first that I am going to put Kise instead of Haizaki but then I remember that NijiHai is a bit more popular lmao plus the role would fit for Haizaki lol. And I thought to myself “should I make them stay as boys or should a make them females..?” I’m not really a fan of Female x male ships but I think it would be better if Akashi and Haizaki are girls lol. Anyway byeeeee

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Imayoshi, Haizaki and Kirisaki boyz opinion about breast implants/plastic surgery in general? Turn on or turn off?

honestly, i don’t think any of them would overly care. of course, haizaki’s the kind of guy to appreciate his girl having larger breasts so implants would be seen as a positive, but a turn on? not necessarily. yamazaki would probably be the only one to be slightly uncomfortable with the idea of breast implants: he respects that his s/o has the right to do whatever they want to their body, but they had no need for implants - and isn’t it weird being part plastic? seto shares a similar sentiment, but is unlikely to express it unless he’s really badgered.

in regards to plastic surgery, i could see hanamiya and imayoshi as being somewhat bitchy about it. it’s not a turn off, per say, but it makes it evident that their s/o was insecure before, and that’s an attribute that hanamiya often exploits. as for imayoshi, if he can tell his s/o’s gone through plastic surgery, it’s clear that the surgery was a little too much (too unnatural), and he wouldn’t be massively keen on that. in general though, all of the boys wouldn’t be keen on a s/o who’s had plastic surgery to be point of being - for lack of a better word - abnormal. hara’s the only one who would fully understand his s/o’s reasoning for plastic surgery; after all, he’s also interested in the idea of body modification.

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Kasamatsu, Takao, Himuro, Haizaki, and Hanamiya are watching their dancing/figure skating (whichever you prefer) crush practice. They ask her coach what motivates her to perform so beautifully. What will they do when coach truthfully answers "I remind her to imagine she's performing just for you"? (hinthint, she likes them)

I’m so sorry if it’s not that good, but I tried my best. Hope you’ll like it anyway ^^;

Kasamatsu jumped slightly at the man’s words and widened his eyes in surprise. His gaze found her slender form and followed her for the next minute in complete silence. His mind was racing.

Does this mean that she likes him? He is her motivation?

His thoughts went all the way from complete confusion to sudden happiness flowing into his chest. Kasamatsu smiled with relief thinking that she was feeling the same way as he did.

When the practice ended and the girl approached him, he finally noticed the small looks and gestures that he was blind on until today. And he decided to do something he was always so shy about.

“Great practice, ___-san” the boy said and saw her smile. “I hope you don’t mind me watching you practice, but you need to be motivated as much as possible. Besides, you look beautiful when skating”.

Takao raised his brow at the coach’s words and followed his gaze to where she was now slowing down, finishing her practice.

“I see” was the only thing he said and rushed to the girl, immediately crushing her in a warm hug. Their hugs happened every time after practice, but now Takao had something more in mind and she could clearly feel it.

“I’m so happy you’re here” she said, her voice a bit muffled because of the fabric of Takao’s shirt.

“How could I miss your practice” he laughed and praised her progress. “Listen ___-chan, how about we’d go somewhere together?” the boy suggested with a smile. “You deserve a break”.

There was no way he would miss an opportunity the new information gave him.

“You’re doing great, ____-san” Himuro cheered and waved in the direction of the girl, who was now quickly approaching him on her skates.

“Shouldn’t you be on your own practice now?” she asked with a smile, already knowing that he’s not listening to her scolding.

“I promised to be on each one of yours, remember? I was serious”.

She let out a sigh and went to change into her normal clothes. Himuro followed her form from his spot, never taking his eyes off of her. He was thinking about what the coach told him just a while ago. He never said it straight on, but the boy knew what it meant to be someone’s motivation. And he was so happy to be one. He decided not to show that he already knows, but preferred to wait for the right time. So when she was ready to go, Himuro had already thought of the whole plan for their perfect moment.

He honestly didn’t know if it was right to believe it. How could he be sure that what the man said was right? He could’ve heard something wrong or made it up, but why would he?

Suddenly the girl he was just thinking about leaned over him, bringing him out of his thoughts.

“Why are you daydreaming here on your own, senpai?” the girl asked, trying to hide a laugh.

“Waiting for you, can’t you see?” he replied annoyed and suddenly grabbed her hand, pulling her towards the exit.

“What’s wrong with you?” she was confused and her brows were furrowed in such a cute way, Haizaki thought.

“Your coach told me something about you today” he didn’t want to wait with it for the right time, he had to know the answer as soon as possible, but his straightforward attitude made her confusion even worse.


“Is it true that I’m your motivation? That’s why you’re practicing all the time recently?” he asked and there was silence. The girl couldn’t bring herself to look him in the eye and focused her gaze on their feet instead. But the slight blush she had on her face told him everything he needed. Thank goodness.

He had a straight face on. There’s no way he’s gonna show anyone how relieved the words he just heard made him. The girl was there, practicing hard as usual but anyone could tell how motivated she was. Thinking that it was all because of him made Hanamiya feel somehow weird. It’s been a while he felt something like this for anyone.

When her small form approached him with a smile, he stood up from his seat and looked down on her, wondering how did he let all of this happen.

“Did I do well today, senpai?” she asked.

“You should be the one to tell” was his reply. “Have some confidence”.

She didn’t seem to mind his sarcastic attitude as her smile never faded. There were so many things he wanted to say. It’s like she was asking to get teased out of her mind. But he decided to let her go for now. There was plenty of time for him to tease her later anyway.

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Please help me🥺🥺🥺

Tanaca posted a tweet of Kise x Haizaki doujin back in 2014 on Haizaki’s birthday.

Now I couldn’t find the post anymore, I think tanaca has deleted all her old tweets.

Just wondering if anyone still got the record saved somewhere, I really missed that birthday short manga😭😭😭

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