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Yep. After the cliffhanger in the previous issue, here we are. The part everyone remembers from Archie’s Sonic Adventure adaptation, which would have unfortunate implications for years to come

To explain the difference in age and appearance between Classic Amy and Modern Amy, Bollers had Amy use the Ring of Acorns to wish she was older

The obvious impact on the current storyline is that, uh, Elias and Sally kind of needed that supercharged ring to heal their comatose mother who might only have like a week left to live. While an observant reader will notice that they already hinted that the Super Emerald might also be able to heal the Queen, this is still really rough, and also incredibly unfair to Amy. The first thing Amy did as a part of the main cast was something incredibly selfish and childish that caused great pain to Elias and Sally

This made it very, very difficult for Archie fans to see Amy as anything other than the stupid new kid who cheated her way onto the team and messed things up for YEARS. Seriously, a lot of old school Archie fans (especially Sonally fans) just HATED Amy. And that sucks, because Amy’s great in Adventure! Some stories would paint her as a ditz later on, but in Adventure she’s brave, compassionate, and more emotionally mature than people give her credit for. Really, Amy represents the moral compass of the Adventure games. There’s a reason why she was the one who convinced Gamma and Shadow to become heroes! It’s a shame that so many fans were unable to see this for so long due to poor writing choices like this

But let’s also get into the weeds with her transformation here, because it gets weird. For one thing, they’ll later establish that Amy DIDN’T wish she was her canonical age in Adventure (12). She wished she was the same age as Sonic! So that would currently make her 16! Or rather, as they point out… a 10-year-old in the body of a 16-year-old. Good lord. Eventually they kind of stopped bringing up this fact about her and quietly retconned this, implying that she had grown up a lot and “mentally aged” or something. So in the later Archie comics, she’s functionally just the same age as Sonic. But before then, we’re gonna get a lot of comics where she’s still treated like a little kid

And then eventually, Sega’s gonna start pushing for SonAmy content in the comics, and… yeah…………..

I won’t give Bollers too much grief for the age thing, I guess. Archie had really written themselves into a corner by consistently depicting Amy as a little kid like in the classic games, and then they had to age her up for Adventure. Honestly, I doubt he was even thinking of the implications this physical/mental age disparity would have on shipping, because for the longest time Amy’s affection for Sonic was treated as nothing more than an unrequited crush

Overall, it’s. Yeah. It’s unfortunate that Amy’s depiction in the Archie comics was so rocky for so very long

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May 18, 2019

Chester Fire Hall, Chestier Pa.

(US Champion) King Blackie def Kevin Rolands via tap out from a Lion Tamer.

Ty Reno def Ron Starr

Helter Skelter def East LA Jr. w/ East LA Sr.

The Reaper def G. Fury

Tag Team Champions Pone & Bone (Nick Cox & Johnny Nova) Def “Postman” Vam Williams & Director Andino

Korpse vs Slade *double count out / no decision

ACPW inducted Gemeni, The Brothers McIntyre and Donn E Allen in the Hall Of Fame

Photos by Belinda Raia

Thanks to referee Ian Short, The Chester Fire Station and The ACPW fans

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