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24 february 2020

i recently hit 100 followers so yay!!

i have a physics midterm tmr and a math quiz today but im studying for physics more. ive been learning that no matter what ill always have to prioritize something so it’s mostly just about taking turns with what i prioritize.

im keeping my head above the water. im not perfect but im trying my best!!! still net happy c:

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Just had a look at my follower count- thanks so much you guys! Never thought it’d pick up this much, I am genuinely over the moon. Here’s some shitty late night desk shots to celebrate. 😄

Struggled through my two deadlines, over the word count for both but at least they’re done and dusted. 2 of my seminars are cancelled this week, but it’s still a busy one because of admin for my project and also leading my first seminar! Looking forward to getting the ball rolling. I’ve also been researching Irish communities in North America for my essay on subcultures and I’m really?? Enjoying myself?? The sources are so rich and interesting?? Also hit the gym for two hours today. Felt good after quite a long time out. Here’s to a great one where you are!

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omg, your handwriting is so nice. could you post pics of like an old chapters outline?? i’d love to see your creative process !!!

Omg thanks! This is my really bad handwriting tho, I can definitely do better 😂 here’s some from the previous chapter!! As you can see, I love arrows and dashes! Which is why I don’t like to type out my notes in class or whatever hahaha. It’s a bit messy, and I ended up not using one or two points, idk if you guys can understand it or not, if you’d like to me to explain, I’d be happy to!


This one is the proper flow of my chapter. So once I get my idea down, I rewrite portions more linearly and then I start properly writing- while I write I also change things that seemed like a good idea before but ended up being a waste of time or unnecessary, as you can see.


This one is when I write in class, so it’ll look like I’m taking notes and paying attention 😂 better writing here (BUT I CAN STILL DO BETTER)(for some reason my writing changes a lot) haha

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