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OKAY! TIME TO GO TO THE MALL! Which character do you think will be the one to get lost or which one to get into mischief? You can pick whichever, but just goofy stuff in it. :D Have a great week -A01

Oh I love this! I would love to write a fic with OW characters screwing around at the mall. 


  • Gets caught up in mischief
  • Helps kids find whatever their looking for cheaper online
  • Pulls pranks on the karens she finds in the mall
  • Hits up Forever 21


  • Has a pleasant time.
  • Face times winston the whole time getting him random stuff
  • Gets toffee apples and crocks for everyone!
  • Goes to lolli and pops (Candy store)


  • Has a pleasant time.
  • Buys his favorite bath soap and face mask.
  • Hits up the body shop

  • Gets lost bc she is wooshed away by a crowd of groupies
  • Plays DDR 
  • Roasts a fanboy in think geek
  • Hits up forever 21


  • Gets lost. He just wanted a pretzel but the map was so confusing! ;-;
  • He always gets mistaken for santa. He just goes with it.
  • Shops at Macy’s

Soldier 76

  • Gets lost.
  • He wants to find the car so he can put his damn socks up. 
  • Shops at sears or a dad store. 
  • He just wants plaid and Hawaiian shirts


  • Gets caught up in mischief. 
  • Visits hot topic and a fabric store
  • Intimidates the Karens with Sombra


  • Shopaholic. Secretly shops at zumiez
  • Gives off Karen vibes but he isn’t.
  • Hits up candy story


  • Has a decent time, 
  • But usually has to look for her teammates. 
  • She has trackers on all of them
  • Banana Republic


  • Has a decent time. 
  • Hits up Jos A Bank for a nicely fitted suit
  • Scares any potential customers for spa infusions


  • Has a pleasant time. 
  • Shops at the container store
  • Has all the coupons and understands exactly when they should be used
  • Gets her self some dip’n dots


  • Shopaholic.
  • Buys up Neiman Marcus’ entire shoe inventory
  • Everyone thinks she is a Karen but she isn’t
  • Finds spec’s winery


  • Mischief finds him if anything. 
  • He is just a walking target
  • Shops at Cavenders boot farm
  • Hangs with reaper and Sombra


  • Has a pleasant time
  • Shops at Zumiez Gets zenyatta a ripndip hoodie
  • Buys a longboard. He’s always wanted to buy a longboard
  • Plays DDR with


  • Shopaholic and gets caught up in Mischief
  • Buys too many damn hats from Cavenders boot farm
  • Bob carries most of her stuff.


  • Has a pleasant time. 
  • Buys her friends and her daughter some trinkets. 
  • Shops at JC penny


  • Finds reinhardt and gets him his pretzel
  • Shops at box lunch
  • Picks up her weight set from Dick’s Sporting Goods


  • Stays in the car. 
  • No one would really care that he is a giant ape
  •  He is insecure ;-;
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Hi! Just see your answer to my ask and i love it!!! Thank you so much 😘 If i may, can i have the same ask but with Lucio,Mccree,Hanzo please? It's alright if you don't answer my ask immediately!! Hope i'm not a burden!

Not a burden at all! Thank you for the request!! ~Bambi


Lucio Dos Santos

  • Froggy boi is a concerned froggy boi! A chubby frog is a healthy frog but sadly that doesn’t apply to you! his little tadpole!!
  • You were a little orphan lucio had rescued during the revolt against the vishkar Corp. small, underfed, and being used for child labour. He put a stop to that real quick and he took even more satisfaction in booping those slave drivers into oblivion.
  • He lived fairly comfortably as a famous DJ, that said, you didn’t get to interact with many people being his daughter. He wanted better for you, you deserved better. So when overwatch offered him a space in their ranks he gladly joined. More people for you to talk to, more for you to learn, and you’d be safe away from the paparazzi. Win win.
  • Ana and Reinhardt took a huge liking to you. Lucio was so happy for that too! You’d never had grandparents before and now you did! He didn’t mind them spoiling you at first. He wanted you to be spoiled. He wanted you to have everything!
  • But when you started getting a little too chubby to the point where your belly kept popping out of your shirt he got very worried. He’s a medic after all, and he’d always tried to ensure you had a healthy diet.
  • He asked Ana and Reinhardt to reel it in, they agreed realising they went a bit too far. They still give you sweets, just not as much.
  • Lucios started teaching you hockey to work off the weight. It’s fun and you’re a natural! He can’t wait till your big enough to wall ride!


Hanzo Shimada

  • If you were his niece it’d be his sworn duty to spoil you with treats. But as your father he has to be responsible.
  • He’d found you during a contract. You were being used for ransom, you were barely 2 years old being kept in a dark room. Your little dress was covered in blood and dirt and your stuffed teddy was your only comfort. After rescuing you he tried finding your parents only to find out they were killed after they couldnt afford to get you back… So he became your father.
  • He was a wandering mercenary by trade. Initially it worked out fine, he’d leave you in a hotel safe and sound with everything you’d need and he’d go fulfill contracts.. but as you got older it got harder to leave you so he could provide for you… He did everything he could to be a good father, even going so far as to home school you. Being on the road so much meant you didn’t have any friends except for him, you deserved better…
  • When Genji turned up despite the emotional pain it was a godsend. He joined Overwatch for no other reason then to give you a stable environment. You had your own bed, your own room. And you got to spend more time with your dad and meet new people! And when he started to date Mccree, you had a second parent again! The cowboy absolutely adores you!
  • Immediately Ana and Reinhardt flocked to you like mother hens. They spoiled you with treats. Hanzo firmly put his foot down at only a couple sweets per day though, and they respected that… yet still you got chubby… he couldn’t figure out how.
  • He started sneaking around to try and find what was responsible… then he caught Genji in the act utterly spoiling you with treats. “GENJI!!!! STOP THAT ITS NOT GOOD FOR HER!!!” He shrieked. “Im her uncle Hanzo! It is my duty to spoil her! You’d to exactly the same if she were my daughter!” Genji replied as you stuffed your face with a box of Mochi.
  • He ended up going to angela. She scolded Genji for over an hour for spoiling you with that much sugar… he still sneaks you a daily treat but it’s no where near as much as what he’d previously given you.
  • Hanzos started checking your pockets for empty wrappers. “…GENJI!!!!”


Jesse Mccree

  • Most laid back about it tbh.
  • Mccree never saw himself as a fatherly figure. The idea of being a dad terrified him, he was afraid he’d end up like his own father… but as he was travelling through some deserted canyons he found you…
  • your parents were dead, their campsite ransacked by deadlock judging from the gang signs. Youd survived by hiding behind some large rocks… you were so little, but you were big enough to wield a stick trying to fight off the vultures picking at your parents bodies… initially you thought he was one of the bad men who’d hurt your parents, but all it took was a few gentle words and a promise that he’d keep the birds away from your parents and you ran to his arms.
  • You were so dehydrated and badly sunburnt. He gave you water and sat you in the shade while he gave your parents a respectful burial. As he put you on his bike he gave you his hat to keep the sun from hurting you further, “I’m gonna be your Papa from now on little darlin… I promise I’ll do my best for you.” And that was it. From then on it was just you and him.
  • He ended up returning to life on his ranch after finding you, being a bounty hunter was too dangerous now that he had you to look after. You loved it out there, you loved the animals, you loved riding your pony, you even started your own veggie patch to help out. It was a good life, but Jesse knew you needed more. Home schooling was working out good… but you were so lonely you were talking to the cows!
  • The recall was announced. And he answered taking you with him.
  • Everyone fawned over you the moment they met you. Ana and reinhardt mostly but surprisingly soldier 76 was the worst for it. Jack and Gabriel were dating when Mccree was recruited. He was essentially his second dad, the one he never got along with. The two butted heads too often, and jack wouldn’t listen to him when Mccree told him not to do something.
  • Initially Jesse was okay with it. You were getting more attention than he could provide on his own. And when he and Hanzo started dating you had two parents again to dote over you. everything seemed so perfect…
  • But then you got chubby.
  • He didn’t mind the chubbiness, but he was 100% concerned with what had caused it. That much sugar wasn’t good for you.
  • Immediately he spoke to Ana and Reinhardt and they both agreed to ease up… but you still kept getting chubby…
  • He asked Hanzo about it and he was concerned just as much as Jesse was. He recruited Genjis help and the three of them snuck around to find the culprit. They caught grandpa jack giving you a whole tray of brownies.
  • Mccree told him to stop, he wouldn’t listen, and he wouldn’t listen to Genji either…, so Hanzo went to find Ana…
  • She turned up with her rifle loaded, “Morrison… if I’m not allowed to spoil her rotten… neither are you…” Jack immediately stopped after that.
  • Mccree doesn’t mind your chubbiness in the slightest, you’ll grow out of it. But he and Hanzo are looking into some sporting activities for you to try to get you more active when you’re on base and not at the ranch.
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I want more vampire McCreeeeeeeeee

Like seriously??? There has to be more vampire McCree that I’m missing like, damn.

I wanna read a fan fic or see some art or comics about Vampire!McCree using his hypnosis powers on Hanzo (because Vampires can do that, it’s just sorta been forgotten I’ve noticed) and using his control LITERALLY just to pet Hanzo’s hair and gush over how beautiful he is and how much he loves him and Hanzo just cooing and cuddling up to McCree and wrapped in his serape. Maybe some blood sucking but PLEASE MORE MCCREE USING VAMPIRE HYPNOSIS POWERS TO LOVE HANZO AHHHHHH

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