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You know it was a great concert when

A kid walks up to your dressing room and asks for an autograph after the show

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charoumèna genèthlia, our King!

23rd of May, 2019

King Apollo,

Exactly twenty-two years it has been when a child exited the Queen’s Melessa womb, now the celebration of that twenty two years has just started. With life, comes great responsibility. We will never know what exactly the future brings, but know this, we will go together. It is in your hands lie the bright future; of your town, your people, and yourself. We are counting on your sheer will power and unfailing kindness through the coming years. But as for now, I hope you seize this day as this is the best day of your realm. Counting to more years of rule. Happy birthday, our King!

With so much loyalty,

Marvolo Armour, kerusso to the King

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