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Really grateful for the opportunity to feature my design on The Hillywood Show’s new TUA merch!! 😊💕✨ Thank you so much, Hilly and Hannah!! 🥰

This design has gone through a lot of drama, but nevertheless, I still enjoyed polishing it for t-shirt printing 💕💕

Go check out The Hillywood Show’s amazing TUA parody on their YouTube channel and their online store for TUA fan merch!! 👌✨

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[The Umbrella Academy siblings on the teacup attraction at an amusement park]

Luther, Allison and Vanya: [Spinning calmly and talking about things]

Five and Delores: [Spinning somewhat fast, Five rambling about how stupid Luther is to Delores]

Diego, Ben and Klaus: [Zoom by at lightning speed, until the teacup suddenly loosens from the entire attraction, with them sitting next to the attraction still in their little teacup]

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My TUA Multiverse Headcanon

Okay I know this is completely impossible and some utter BS but I’ve got this wild headcanon that all of the Hargreeves children were taken from other dimensions (aka. fictional universes), which would explain why they’re the only people in their dimension with superpowers as of right now.

Also, fair warning, I’ve only seen the TV show and have limited to no knowledge of the TUA comic book lore, but I do hope to change that soon.

Here’s what I’ve got so far:

  • Five is a relative of a superhero (or two) from DC Universe

It makes sense that he’s related to Bruce Wayne, somehow. Hair as dark as his disposition and an ego beyond his years? Reminds me a lot of Damian Wayne, which could lead to the theory that he’s another illegitimate part of the Wayne bloodline or a future child of one of Wayne’s sons, but his mother sold him to Hargreeves before they had the chance to resolve anything. As for his powers, it’s been shown in this universe that powers are either genetic or gained through an external source, and not randomly. That would mean his mother was a time/space traveler too, which would lead into the only possible woman in this universe who could possibly be the mother: Raven of the Teen Titans. Raven could be the sole hero parent of Five because all of his power clearly comes from her, but his appearance is just too close to that of a Bat-child to pass over.

  • Klaus and Allison (and every kid?) have the Shining from the Stephen King universe

The Shining is a widely ambiguous power seen in various Stephen King movies and novels, such as The Shining (duh) and its more recent sequel Doctor Sleep. Klaus has all the typical symptoms of this ability, and most intensely his communication with the dead, which is the main power of those who Shine. However, it was revealed in Doctor Sleep that it can take other forms, such as mind control and telekinesis, hence my theory that Allison’s “rumors” are her manifestation of the Shining.

However, these are the only powers gained through the Shining that we’ve been SHOWN. And, in Doctor Sleep, Dan Torrance says that the Shining manifests itself differently for everybody and in varying degrees of power ranging from the mundane (always acing tests you didn’t study for) to the extreme (communication with the dead). So, in theory, all of the Hargreeves children could have differing and powerful iterations of the Shining, which would also explain why the 400-something other kids who didn’t get adopted by Hargreeves aren’t making national news: they DO have the Shining, just not as strong as The Seven, or not as focused upon so their powers didn’t develop in the same way.

  • Luther is Booster Gold’s son from DC Universe

I mean, blonde hair and super strength? Classic superhero stereotype. That’s Booster Gold, and that’s Luther. Luther could’ve had a normal mother, which would explain him only having a limited amount of Carter’s abilities, or even just his enhanced strength. I think this one kind of speaks for itself.

  • Diego is the son of Bullseye from Marvel Comics

Okay, here’s the qualms I have with Marvel: the aquisition process of powers in this universe is fuckin whack. Sometimes it’s genetic, sometimes it’s an external source, sometimes it’s completely random with no given explanation, and it varies from character to character. Given that Bullseye has no children and barely an origin story, I have absolutely no clue how he got his abilities, but then again, neither does Diego, so I’m gonna pull the benefit of the doubt on this one and call it a genetically passed ability and Diego got his skill with projectiles from his dad.

  • Ben and Vanya are mutants from Marvel

I know this is kind of a “lazy” analysis of their characters, but their powers are genuinely unique in the sense that I could really find no other straightforward way that their powers could have manifested.

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Five Hargreeves x reader

(WARNINGS: almost gets hit by a car, very mild language,)

A/n: oh my god I’m alive,,,,sorry it’s taken me so long to write….again. but happy festive season!!! I hope you all are doing well and i hope you enjoy this quirky fic. I’ll try to get the rest of my requests done as soon as i can!! Thank you for sticking around and being so patient with me :“)

Requested by: @xspideyboyx

Prompt: 16. Stop telling me you’re okay

17. I don’t know where i am. Help me.

(Not my gif)


Originally posted by christmas-winter

Flurries of white snow softly drifted down from the grey smeared sky and a brisk wind nipped at people’s faces as they walked down the busy street. It was only November how could there be this much snow so soon?

Five hugged his blazer closer to his body in effort to keep in the little warmth he had. He had been walking aimlessly around the city for who knows how long just trying to get some clear thinking. Car horns blared and the white noise of people bustling around him with places to be and people to see.

He kept walking, narrowly missing being hit by a car which screeched to a halt and the splitting sound of it’s horn invaded his ears. He simply scoffed and grumbled something intelligible but kept walking, making it across the street and turning a corner. He really didn’t know where he was going and quite honestly he didn’t know where he was at the moment.

Eventually the sky started to darken as night set in. Five decided that maybe it was time to head back to the Academy but how was he supposed to get there? The snow covered scenery around him made everything almost meld together in a big white blur and it all seemed foreign to him. But he could spot a nearby phone booth and quickly scrambled over there to get inside.

The small booth didn’t provide much more warmth than he had already had but atleast he wasn’t in the wind anymore. His cold hands shook as he reached for the black phone and put his index finger up to the pad to dial a number.

He hesitated.

Should he call? He shouldn’t trouble her with his problems but there was no way he was going back to The Academy. He sucked in a breath and started to press the phone number into the metal pad.

One ring…two rings.


Five let out a small sigh of relief as her voice filled the small booth.

“H-hey, uh, It’s F-Five.” He stammered as his teeth practically chattered from the cold.

“Is everything okay? Where are you? Diego called about an hour ago looking for you..” she replied in a worried tone.

Had it really been that long? Five dragged a hand over his face with a sigh. Of course his siblings had gotten worried and called her. He brought the hand he dragged down his face up to run through his brown hair as he looked out the panes of the phone booth.

“I don’t know where i am. Help me.”

Five had decided to just be out with it and say it. He was lost amd he didn’t know what to do.

“Shit Five…can you see a street name? The snow is really starting to come down and it’s getting dark..” she responed while already putting on her coat and slipping on her boots to go hunt down her boyfriend in the snow.

“Uh….hang on.” Five moved the phone away from his ear to pop his head out of the booth. The cold wind immediately nipping his face and blowing his hair as snow tumbled down from the sky. Vaguely a few yards away he could make out the green street sign and gave y/n the name.

“Be there in 5 don’t move.” She said before hanging up and grabbing an extra pair of gloves for Five before leaving her home. The street he had named actually wasn’t far from her own residence and sure enough she found her shivering, ice cold boyfriend, Five Hargreeves, huddled up in the phone booth breathing into his hands in effort to warm them.

“Here, put these in and follow me before you get any sicker.” Y/n sighed, handing the gloves to the boy which he gladly slipped on. Y/n took one of his shaking hands and led out of the booth and down the street.

She squeezed his hand once and he squeezed right back twice, it was their own little way of reassuring eachother that things were okay. In a few short minutes the couple stepped into the lobby of y/n’s apartment building and the warmth immediately surrounded them like that of a thick blanket.

“Let’s get you upstairs.” Y/n said, turning to Five for a moment before they took the stairs up a few floors and walked down a hall, all the while still holding hands. Five simply followed, letting the warmth sink in.

Once they got into y/n’s apartment she let go of Five’s hand while telling him, “go have a seat. I’ll make some coffee then we can talk.” Before disappearing to the kitchen. Five nodded once again and took a seat on the end of the sofa, bringing his knees up in order to warm up more.

A few minutes passed before y/n returned and handed Five a mug of warm black coffee and a mug of (warm drink) for herself. Five gladly took the drink and took a sip letting the dark and bitter liquid warm him up. He felt better having y/n there and the warmth of her home and the coffee.

“So…are you okay? Did something happen?” Y/n asked.

“No. I’m fine my siblings were just being their usual, idiotic, selves.” Five scoffed. He didn’t really know what his excuse was for being out in the cold like that but his siblings did have something to do with it. Before he had left the Academy they had gotten into an argument (which wasn’t uncommon) which resulted in yelling and Five eventually storming off.

Five also knew that y/n didn’t exactly buy his attempt at telling her he was okay because it was quite obvious he was physically and mentally exhausted. “Hm…not surprising but are you sure you’re okay?” She asked again, he knew she wouldn’t stop until he admitted it but they both were stubborn so this aubtle argument would take more than a ‘please’.

“..yes, I’m fine.” He hesitated.

Damn it.

Y/n rolled her eyes before turning to look him in the eye even though Five continued to stare at his coffee before she spoke.

“Stop telling me you’re okay.”

There it was. Five sighed, taking a long swig of his drink before setting it down on the coffee table and turning to look towards y/n. By doing this y/n could see the heavy bags under his eyes and his exhausted expression. She frowned, she didn’t like seeing him so tired.

“You need to rest.” Y/n cooed while setting her own drink down before enelopving her boyrfriend in a gentle hug. Five sat there a moment before nuzzling his head into the crook of her neck and wrapping his arms around her. Y/n’s hugs always made him feel better no matter what. Five simply hummed as he took in her scent. He wanted to just stay there with her, maybe sleep, but just having her and knowing she was safe was enough to relieve some of his stress.

Y/n lightly ran a hand through Five’s brown hair and they sat wrapped in eachother’s arms. This was how things usually went, one would admit their troubles and they’d simply hug it out till the stress was gone or cuddle. “I’m so tired of everything..” Five mumbled with another sigh. “I know, i know.” Y/n replied, “don’t worry about any of that right now. Just rest, you need to get some sleep.”

“Hmm..” was his only reply.

Eventually the couple ended up laying down and slowly drifting off to sleep wrapped up in eachother’s embrace with y/n drawing patterns on Five’s back with idle fingers as he calmed and the stress of the past few days left his body.

The snow continuing to fall outside as the slept, surely they’d spend the day in tomorrow watching movies and drinking coffee.

A perfect snow day.

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After my first time watching TUA, I saw a lot of people complaining about why the siblings don’t believe Klaus can see Ben and I kind of brushed it off. Of course they would believe he COULD see Ben. They just must believe that he isn’t seeing Ben when he says he is. 

However, after my last re-watch, I have some more theories. 

1. The siblings honestly don’t believe Ben is there with Klaus. This is an idea I kind of brushed aside at first. Yeah the siblings all do stupid things, but they are not stupid people. Deep down, they have to know it makes sense for Ben to be there, right? So if they don’t believe Ben is there, there has to be a reason. 

Then I started thinking about all the times Klaus mentions Ben around the siblings. And by all the times, I mean two. He mentions Ben a grand total of twice. That’s it. The first time is saying “If Ben were here, he’d agree with me.” The second time is when he tells the siblings that Ben saved Diego. 

The first time, Klaus is bringing up Ben 100% as leverage. No one bats an eye at this, which makes me think maybe this isn’t Klaus’s first time doing that. Oh, that’s just Klaus, using Ben to get his way. 

Assuming Klaus brings up Ben that way multiple times before the show starts, it would be easy to see why the siblings would think Klaus is doing that again the second time. They’re in a serious situation and Klaus is trying to focus attention back on himself and his own importance. Of course they would be annoyed if they think he’s making it up. 

Furthermore, if Klaus has specifically used Ben as a tool to get his way in the past (and based on his behavior to further his addiction in the beginning of the series, it’s 100% believable that he would use Ben to further that addiction as well), you can see how the siblings could immediately see through that. We see Ben disagreeing with Klaus and calling him out all the time. That’s part of who Ben is. If the siblings know that, and yet Klaus is constantly presenting Ben as being on his side 100% of the time, they would definitely be suspicious. 

2. Vanya says everyone went their separate ways when Ben died. If that happened very quickly, then it’s entirely possible that Klaus’s first time seeing Ben, he was not with his other siblings. Furthermore, if Klaus was that torn apart by Ben’s death, it’s likely he dove even deeper into his addiction. If so, then the first time he talked to his siblings after Ben’s death, he may have either been high off his ass or trying to get more drugs and (again), using Ben as leverage for that. Either way, even if the siblings wanted to believe him, both of those things would sew doubt into the situation. 

Klaus does drugs to block out the dead, right? So if he’s that high, how can he still see Ben? And if he’s using Ben as leverage, well, see point #1. 

When it comes to the drugs issue, look at the way Diego reacts to Klaus talking to Ben in the first episode. For a moment, he absolutely believes Klaus is talking to someone, but he brushes that off pretty quickly. Because Klaus is high, right? It’s probably not the ghosts talking. It’s the drugs. (Which they also know blocks out the ghosts because they bring that up in the very first episode when Klaus says he can’t see their dad)

So, in the end, maybe it’s not that they don’t believe in Klaus’s ability to see ghosts, so much as they don’t believe in Klaus’s ability to stay sober long enough for his powers to work anymore. 

And granted, that’s very sad, but sometimes that’s what happens when people have been struggling with addiction for so long. The people close to them stop believing things can change because they’ve seen so many times that it hasn’t changed. 

That’s why Ben’s so important, as someone who sees Klaus for who he is, not who he projects to other people. He knows how strong Klaus is and he knows the kind of pain that he has had to endure, and he’s going to tell him every day that he can beat this, even if he sees that nothing is changing. Because what else is he going to do for the only family he really has anymore? 

It also makes me suspect that this may have been one of the things that was so special about Dave. At one point, Ben tells Klaus, “I know you’re better than this. Dave knew it too.” Now there are plenty of fics that show Klaus managing to get sober in Vietnam. Based on the fact that we absolutely see him getting drunk in the flashbacks, and the fact that he would constantly be surrounded by angry and frightened dead people in a war zone, and based on how bad his withdrawal was when he got back, I don’t really buy that. What I do buy is the idea that Dave stood by him and believed in him and may have possibly stopped him from sliding as far into his addiction as the circumstances may have prompted him to. It may have been because Dave didn’t have a history of seeing Klaus in his addiction. Or maybe Dave was just that special. Maybe he was one of those uniquely kind and accepting people that looks at you with all your faults and stands by you  anyway. Or maybe he just saw that same spark in Klaus that Dave did, that same ability to be strong and to make it through hell eventually. 

I don’t know, but I’m having a lot of feelings about Klaus today and I just had to throw them out there. 

What do you guys think? 

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It’s KLAUS’ DAY!!! I’M SO EXCITED!! THE BABY BOY NEEDS LOVES AND LOTS OF TICKLES!!!! He’s one of my favorites to write for and I’m psyched about all the upcoming characters! I hope you enjoy!

“Oh. Hey Five, hey Diego. W-What’s up?” Klaus asked, sliding towards the wall, trying to hide the newly formed dents and cracks. 

“WHAT HAPPENED?” Diego yelled, eyes widened at the disaster. 

“I promise you it’s not that bad.”

“Not that bad? The wall is one breeze away from collapsing! What the hell did you do?” 

“Well, you see brother dearest, Ben and I were practicing with my powers, seeing how much I could bring him through and whatnot.”

“And?” Five motioned for him to continue.

“Well, we may have had a pretty big success and Ben and I may have gotten over excited, and one of the tentacles may have accidentally slammed into the wall?” Klaus started to hide behind his hands, until he heard Five start to laugh. 

“Oh my god. Only in this family.” Diego smirked and nodded, while Klaus giggled. 

“I mean, yeah, probably.” Diego rolled his eyes and walked up to the wall, tapping lightly around the cracks. Particles of dust floated through the air, and Klaus sneezed. 

“Well, what do we do now?” He asked, rubbing his nose. 

“WE? Oh no! This was all you and Ben, you two better figure it out.” 

“But Diego-” Klaus whined. 

“Oh no. No whining.” Diego shot out a hand to poke Klaus in the side, smirking when he jumped back and squealed. 

“Don’t do that!” Klaus yelped as his face turned red. 

“Then maybe you shouldn’t crack the walls!” Diego lunged at him. Klaus, not having expected it, had no time to prepare himself as his back collided with the dust-covered hardwood. Five looked on with slight annoyance and rolled his eyes. 

“Do you two have to be so childish?” 

“Oh shut it Five. You know you want to help. Get him back for all the annoying things he does. Like putting dents in the walls!” Diego said as he scribbled his fingers down Klaus’ sides. Klaus screeched, trying to roll away from him. Diego tried half-heartedly to pull him back down, but then Five jumped on Klaus’ back and did the work for him. 

“See? I knew you wanted to help.” Five blushed, slipping his fingers under Klaus’ arms and putting all of his focus into tickling his brother to tears. Diego smirked as Klaus tried to beg for mercy, failing miserably between the hiccups, squeals, and laughter making their way out of his mouth. 

“Klaus! We cracked you just like you cracked the wall!” Diego laughed maniacally as he ground his knuckled into Klaus’ ribcage. Klaus arched his back so far off the floor that Five was surprised he didn’t break it. Five stood up and walked down to Klaus’ lower half, and settled himself by the wildly kicking legs. He sat on them, preventing himself from getting a bloody nose again. 

That had been an adventure explaining to Grace. Klaus had stolen one of Five’s books once and Five had promptly attacked him with tickles, and when he hit Klaus’ knees, he kicked out so hard that he gave him a bloody nose. 

Five sneered, although Klaus couldn’t see it, and yelled.

“This is for giving me a bloody nose!” He clamped his hands on the muscles over Klaus’ kneecaps and squeezed light and fast, causing Klaus to lose all remaining control of his body and his arms to flail about and pound on the ground like he was trying to break the floor. 

“Alright Klaus, if you agree to fix up the wall by yourself, we’ll let you go, right Five?” He shrugged. Klaus shook his head. 

“Dude, you’re practically asking for this!” Diego reached up and grabbed Klaus’ boa from around his neck. Klaus grabbed the other end of it and started a mini tug of war, until Five moved once again and dug his fingers under Klaus’ arms. Klaus recoiled and let go of the boa, letting Diego start to drag it all over his torso, even up by his ears, which caused him to clamp his neck down. 

“Well, now it’s just gotta stay there Klaus! Give it back!” Diego tugged on the bright pink abomination, making Klaus shriek and reach to pull it out himself. 

“How about now? Gonna fix the wall?” Klaus tried to answer, but with Five scratching under his arms and Diego tugging at his boa trapped in between his neck, ear, and shoulder, he couldn’t get the breath to say yes. He nodded furiously, slapping the ground with his palm, signalling his surrender. 

Diego backed off and motioned for Five to do the same. He helped Klaus into a sitting position and stood up, trying to wipe the dust from his pants. 

“That—was—-brutal.” Diego laughed and offered Klaus a hand up, which he gladly accepted as he was still struggling to get his breath back. 

“Now, fix up the wall, and do it right, otherwise we’ll have to come back.” Diego faked another lunge at Klaus, who shrieked and jumped back into the cracked wall. 

Klaus’ eyes widened as pieces of plaster and drywall crashed to the ground around him. From downstairs, he could hear Luther yell

“What was that?” 


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Alright guys!! Day 3! Which means Allison is up. This one might be OOC, but I’m gonna do my best! I hope you all enjoy it!

The shrieking of her only sister is what dragged Allison into the mess that she ended up in. 

She ran down the stairs, trying to figure out what the hell was happening. There was no crashing or anything, so she wasn’t worried about there being any danger, but she was definitely curious as to why she was shrieking. No doubt it would have something to do with her brothers. 

Now that they had averted the apocalypse, they had all gotten a lot closer, which meant everyone was bonding with Vanya and dragging Five into family activities. It was nice to be able to act like siblings instead of soldiers. 

When she reached the living room, she saw Klaus and Five pinning down poor Vanya and tickling her to tears. Allison smiled and grabbed her phone to record them. Even if they had all grown closer, it was still pretty rare to see them in moments like these, almost like they were kids again.

Once she felt like she had enough footage, she crossed into the living room and tapped Klaus and Five on the shoulders. 

“Alright guys, don’t you think she’s had enough?” Five and Klaus looked at each other and shook their heads. Klaus leaned down and blew a raspberry on her stomach. Allison looked down at Vanya, who was pounding the floor with her fist, trying to tell the boys that she’d reached her limit. 

“Leave her alone.” Allison grabbed her brothers’ shoulders and dragged them off of Vanya. 

“Allison! Why’d you have to ruin all the fun?” Klaus whined, standing himself up. 

“Look at her. Poor thing.” Allison reached down to help Vanya up off the floor. She was still giggling and red in the face, and Allison thought it was the most adorable thing to ever exist. 

“I have an idea.” They all turned to Five, who had a spark of mischief in his eyes. 

“What’s up little bro?” Five scowled. 

“First, I’m older than you! Second, since Allison ruined our fun earlier, why don’t we have some fun with her? It wouldn’t be fair not to include our other sister.” Klaus turned to Allison and smirked. 

“I think that’s a splendid idea!” Klaus clapped his hands together and slowly started to creep towards Allison, who had also started to back up. 

“GET HER!” Five and Klaus started to run after her while Vanya watched from the couch. 

Allison turned head as she was running, and started to speak. 

“I heard a rumor tha-” a small weight landed on her back and two hands clasped over her mouth. She grunted as she met the carpeted floor, and turned to look at who had caused the start of her demise. 

“VANYA! Rude!” Allison tried to buck her off, but Vanya had her knees beside her sides, and Allison was not going anywhere. Klaus and Five kneeled down beside her.

“Alright, let’s try to flip her over.”

“I swear to god! I will kill all of you! Don’t you dare!” They all laughed as Allison squirmed while Vanya repositioned herself on her hips once again. 

“Awww, Allison! I don’t think you will. What do you say guys? Start on 3?” Five looked to his siblings for affirmation. As they nodded, Five smirked and raised his hands. As he started to count down, his hands started to come down, along with the rest of his siblings’. 

“Guys!! DON’T!!” Allison squealed as Five started digging his fingers into her ribcage, while Vanya was scribbling on her neck, and Klaus was wiggling his fingers all over her stomach. Allison was squealing between bursts of laughter and thrashing as hard as she could, but no matter what she did, she couldn’t dislodge any of the devilish, exploring fingers that were tormenting her torso. 

“STOP! Please!” Allison pleaded, face starting to turn red. 

“I don’t know Allison, you practically asked for this, telling us to leave Vanya alone and all.” Klaus teased, drilling his fingers into her hips. She kicked her feet out, losing all control of her body. Five had moved his hands down to her sides, and Vanya had moved up into her underarms, and Allison was going absolutely nuts. Tears started to drip into the carpet underneath her, and when it sounded like she was struggling for breath, Vanya pulled the two boys off. 

“I—hate—you—-all.” Allison rasped out between breaths. 

“Hey, don’t blame us. It was your own fault.” Allison rolled her eyes

Damn my big mouth. 

I hope you guys enjoy it. I’m not used to writing Allison at all, so I hope it’s good for you all!! Tomorrow will bring more joy!!

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I just got to the Umbrella Academy party

And I got to say if you want a fresh look at it send me asks bc I’ve got things to say

1. I started out loving luther. Ended not really liking him

2. Liking 5, still liked 5

3. Didnt like allison, liked her by the end

4. Didnt like klaus, respected him at the end

5. Confused by ben, still confused by ben

6. Loved vanya, always love ellen vanya

7. Always fuck reginald

8. Leonard gave off ~Nice Guy~ vibes

9. Grace and pogo

10. Agnes/Hazel cutest and most heartwarming? Unexpected and I dig it

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