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Theory That Worthiness to Wield Mjolnir Evolves

First evolution, must be willing and able to swallow pride and forsake glory for the greater good. Thor 1, he has to learn humility and the value of peace.

Second evolution, be willing and able to turn on those you love for the sake of the greater good. Avengers, Thor has to stop trying to reason with his brother and stop him.

Third evolution, must be able to put the good of others above the good of rulership/government. Avengers 2, Steve can move Mjolnir but not wield it. This theory means that it isn’t until Civil War that Steve can actually wield Mjolnir. He had to fully break with government and law to realize what’s right.

Fourth evolution, to sacrifice the self, core values, or morality for the greater good. Avengers: Endgame. Here Thor is still worthy and Steve is fully worthy deapite drastic changes. Thor is constantly working through loss, pain, regret, trauma and failure. To the point that he just wants to rest and not worry about anything anymore. He puts all this emotional baggage and damage aside to become the hero once more.

Steve has been preaching to people that it’s time to move on, look on the bright side, pick up the pieces. Instead he time travels. He goes back to the past to fix what was broken. To be woth the woman he “loves”. He goes running back to the past and does the exact opposite of the very ideas he’s teaching and embraces the whatever it takes idea. (Its a bit of a stretch but whatever).

This also explains why Hela could stop Thors hammer. I don’t believe she could wield it, she was just the extreme antithesis to the worthiness of Thor that she was the immovable force to his unstoppable object. She was without a shadow of a doubt certain of her supremecy, reveled in the death of the people, idolized conquest and control, and completely unwilling to sacrifice or compromise.

This is also why the other avengers could not wield Mjolnir. Tony is too prideful and believed his suit of armor was the greater good. He also could never turn on a loved one. (I would definitely believe he became worthy during Endgame but just didn’t consider it a possibility). Rhodey isn’t necessarily prideful but he does believe in the strict adherence to morals and law. (Again, Endgame would also make him worthy). My personal head canon is that maybe individually they couldn’t move it Endgame but together they could lol.

Bruce can not wield Mjolnir because he does not believe in sacrificing himself. Not in the sense of giving his life but in the sense that he would not sacrifice who he was to become Hulk, he would not sacrifice his mind and hated becoming hulk, often believing it was unnecessary and avoidable.

Clint could never turn on a loved one. Period.

I have a sneaking suspicion that Black Widow has been able to wield Mjolnir the whole time. She just never tried, being humble enough to not need to know, to spill her secrets and mistakes in winter soldier which is also when she puts people above government. In civil war tony claims double crossing is her nature, but that isn’t true. She honestly believes at first that the accords are the for the best allowing her to turn on steve and later tony. Finally Nat has always been willing to sacrifice her values and ideals ever since graduating the red room. That moment broke her and the reason it still effects her is because she realized she’d donanything for the mission, no matter the cost.

Just my thoughts on it.

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The B-List Avenger: A Hawkeye Fanfic

Series Masterlist

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Character Pairing:  Clint Barton x  F!Reader

Word Count:  1566

Rating:  E

Warnings:  Action, Injuries, Angst, Pregnancy, Smut (vaginal sex)

Synopsis: After an explosion in your building, it’s up to Hawkeye to get you and your daughter to safety.  There might be worst ways to get to know someone.


Chapter 4: Backslide

The first ultrasound he missed you were understandably upset.  You’d tried not to let it get to you.  He’d said he was sorry.  He said it was Avengers’ business.  You had known the chances that he’d have to miss appointments were high.  You’d opted into this life.  It might suck sometimes, but it was for the greater good.  Besides, it wasn’t like he missed the first one, or a big one.  It was just a small check-up one to makes sure the fetus was growing at the right rate.

So you smothered it.  You were a little upset.  He was still here.  He still came home every night barring being away on a mission.  He still made you laugh about stupid things.  Rubbed your feet.  Kissed you belly and talked to the baby.  Sat and had deep and meaningful conversations with Alexis even though she was only 4.

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Enjoyed thinking about Clint with long hair? Us too! Here’s some great work to give you even more thoughts!

Safe Zone by @crazycatt71 rated T

I Think I Need a Bandaid by @jstabe rated E

I’ll Hold Back Your Hair by @mormor-writes rated T

And a little something from LAST week’s prompt that features some of mod Clara’s favorite things (80s, Clint, Bucky, INXS… the good things)

Need You Tonight by @madrefiero rated E


Keep up the great work Winterhawklings and enjoy next week’s prompt!


-mod Clara

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Character asks: Clint Barton?

Hey there, thanks for asking!!!

favorite thing about them - His addiction to coffee and love for his dog make me laugh so much! I love seeing him chug an entire pot!

least favorite thing about them - Ahhhhh this is kinda excusable, he was having a crisis, but in the comics he ditched the Avengers because he wanted to work on his own…and then joined the defenders, in the process leaving a lot of people who loved him :c

favorite line - “I retire for five minutes and it all goes to shit”

brOTP - fsdhkdf probably… him and Wanda. I wish they had more time :c

OTP - Now I’m a sucker for splitting the difference and doing a Natasha/Clint/Laura combo!!!

nOTP - Hmmmm probably back to Clint and Wanda! I love them as friends!

random headcanon- Clint and Natasha helped Laura through the birth of all the babies <3 Clint was lowkey panicking, while Natasha was stable as a rock. Everyone cried though.

unpopular opinion - I didn’t hate Clint and Laura! Like, I prefer Nat and Clint but I thought Laura was sweet and didn’t deserve the hate she got.

Song I associate with them - Home by Josef Salvat from the Moomin Valley Soundtrack!

favorite picture of them- Here, quality sucks but it’s my fave!

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Originally posted by you-didnt-see-that-cuming

Summary: You’re an Operative for Hydra. One day The Avengers come looking for you. You don’t remember them but they remember you. They can’t get you out fast enough and then you’re getting your mind wiped and then your next mission. Kill The Avengers. 

Warnings: violence, language, brainwashing/memory erasing

Author’s Note: I didn’t proof read this because I’m tired but I wanted to post today so sorry for any errors that were made. 


You were lying on the cold ground while a puddle of blood formed around you when you heard the noises. You didn’t just hear them; you felt them. Loud thundering booms, swept through the compound and the singular yellow light that lit your small cell blinked on and off. The booms were so loud you almost had to assume that the compound was being torn apart by its foundation but you were in too much pain to care. 

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