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#head cannon

My HC is that Kara never gets her period, or has to shave anywhere…

My other HC, is that if she gets too annoyed with someone while she’s in her suit, she’ll look them dead in the eye and say… “don’t think that I won’t throw you into space… because I can and I will.”

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Part One of this request:


-This is you and Harrison’s first Valentine’s Day as a Married couple

-You were planning to go out to a nice dinner to celebrate but it’s so cold outside you’ve decided to try to convince him to stay in tonight so that you don’t have to go back out in the cold

-You’re mentally preparing your argument to convince him to postpone your fancy dinner while driving home from work

-You walk into your apartment and take your coat off

-Harrison runs out to greet you

-“Darling you’re home!”

-You smile at how much he’s acting like a puppy dog

-“Hey!” You say as you walk into his arms and he kisses your forehead

-“Umm… Haz, would it be okay if we postponed our plans? It’s just so cold, I don’t want to go outside again. We could stay in and order pizza or something, watch a movie, cuddle, do more than cuddle…”

-A smile grows on Harrison’s face. “I’m way ahead of you.”

-Harrison grabs your hand and leads you to the kitchen

-You see that he is in the middle of cooking your favorite meal


-“yeah. When I saw how cold it was today I knew that you wouldn’t want to leave the house.”


-“now go change into something comfy. Dinner will be ready in about 10 minutes.”

-You run to your bedroom and change into some sweats and one of Haz’s sweatshirts

-When you come back, Harrison has the table set and some candles burning

-You eat dinner and then move to your living room to watch a movie

-“Before we start a movie I have something for you.”

-Harrison hands you an envelope

-Inside is a card that says “Happy Valentine’s Day Darling. I love you so much. Oh also, we are going to Hawaii next week.”

-“Stop. You’re telling me we get to leave this frozen tundra?”


-“Oh my gosh. I love you.”

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All i need is to cuddle dewdrop while alpha is hugging me from the other side and fire hugs dew. The ultimate heating blanket. Three fire ghouls 👏 the best cuddle pile. Untill dew doesn’t wanna share anymore..

Omg someone pls draw this for me! Message me if you wanna. That would make me so happy 💕

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Shit sorry I thought I said harry somewhere in the request 😂😂

“Ooh I’m excited, I love blurbs! Can I request one where you bump into him celebrating his birthday? Like you’re miserable and feeling lonely but him and his friends/brothers catch your eye and you have fun watching them? He realises this and he’s very seeet lmao end it howeveer you would like to :)”

Okay so when I wrote this I was picturing it as a scene from ‘Home Again’ with Reece Witherspoon and if you guys haven’t seen that movie you HAVE to. Also the character in the movie is also named Harry so… that’s a coincidence

-Your work day has been hell

-But at least it was Friday so you had a few days off

-You have plans to meet your friend at a local bar

-Unfortunately they had to cancel and now you’re all alone in a bar after having a terrible day at work

-You’re a few drinks in and you see a group of boys walk in

-While you’re miserable, they seem to be on the opposite side of the spectrum and are having a great time

-They seem to be around your age and are honestly all pretty attractive so you find yourself watching them hoping some of their enjoyment will rub off on you

-after a while one of them walks up to the bar right by where you’re sitting to order another round

-You hope he hasn’t noticed that you’ve been watching them, and do your best to avoid him taking notice of you at all


-Shoot. Now he’s talking to you and you can feel yourself blushing

-Also he has an accent, which isn’t helping anything


-“I’m Harry.”


-“It’s my birthday.”

-“Well then, happy happy birthday.”

-“you know what, y/n? I can’t help but notice that you don’t seem to be having a very good time tonight.”

-“It’s been a long day.”

-“You should join us in celebrating my birthday.”

-“Oh, I don’t want to intrude.”

-“See but that’s the problem y/n, you being all glum is really killing the mood. So, it would be very helpful if you’d come have fun with us. Think of it as a birthday gift.”

-“I could just leave.”

-“oh no, we don’t want that!”

-“well, who am I to deny a total stranger a birthday gift?”


-You follow Harry towards the group and he introduces you to all his friends and brothers

-You guys proceeded to get pretty wasted and ended up having a really great time

-“Thanks for saving my night.” You tell Harry at the end of the night

-“The party got much better once you joined, I assure you. You should come to all of my parties.”

-“Tell me when and where and I’ll be there.”

-“Alright, but that WILL require me to have your phone number.”


-So, you give him your number

-The two of you start hanging out more and more

-Eventually it gets to the point that you’re basically dating

-So you decide to actually date

-Who would have thought that having a pitty party at a bar would get you a boyfriend?

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It’s 8:30 am and I have like 14.5 hours to spend in various airports. SO please send me some Valentine’s Day HC requests!!! Give me something to do!




-Any MCU character

-(if you want another person, hop on over to my other account @maddub23)

PLEASE REQUEST! Or just pop on over to say hi, ask me questions, tell me about your crush, whatever! I’m bored!!!

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Head cannon:

Sam wanting Jack to have a some what normal childhood, he told Jack about Santa Claus, the Easter bunny etc. At first Jack was very confused on why a man in red showed up in the house to give presents or why a master rabbit would leave him candy, but after the first year of witnessing it, Jack really enjoyed it. He gets really excited to get candy and presents from the mythical creatures. Also Sam won’t let Dean tell him they aren’t real.

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SO I finally finished the Bleach and I’m on this Ichigo/Rukia roll. I actually really love how the anime ended, it was the best that they could do with this “non-cannon couple” (written, of course) but the anime made it almost extremely apparent that it was Ichigo and Rukia end-game, even without the kiss to show for it. I view them as a couple very much like Sasuke and Sakura, where understanding one another on a completely personal level is all the show they need to let you know that they love each other. With that said, I’m writing a little something for IchiRuki rn that goes between episodes 165-166. Honestly, there is so much open for interpretation with how much they didn’t show us from these episodes, and so much that Rukia shows with just her heavy emotions she has for Ichigo. Look forward to it, I hope. It’s going to be really sweet, and my perfect little ending to the anime :3

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He loves children

He wants to be a dad so bad.

•He talks of the idea of life growing in his s/o’s stomach when they are comfortable with each other and financially stable.

•Talk about him being a great dad in the future will bring tears to his eyes. (Of joy!)

•You can’t surprise him with pregnancy because he could hear the babies heart beat.

•Cue him reading articles/books about babies.

•He tells his mom everything and asks her about everything. He does talk to his s/o about the subjects and what he can do to help.

•He helps his s/o whenever she asks but sometimes when he’s worrying he will do everything so she relaxes.

•Morning sickness? He will carry you to bed and treat you like queen until you want him to go away.

•Talks to the stomach saying how much he loves the child and their mom. He reads his news reports out loud and if he gets a kick it’s good.

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* Cuddle bug

* He has beef arms so they are comfy to lay on.

* He likes when his s/o sleeps on top of him because he’s afraid he might accidentally turn over and crush them.

* Please hold this goof ball before he can get up to save another animal from a tree. The fire department is bored!

* He likes to let his partner sleep before him because he will starfish the bed if he gets to lay down first.

* He naps in random places so expect him to lay his head on your lap out of nowhere.

* Don’t eat on his side of the bed he will dust off his side and cuddle his pillow because you didn’t share.

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Head cannons?

~Public displays of affection~

•This truly depends if he’s in his Supersuit or his normal nerdy self!

~Nerdy self~

* He likes to surprise whoever he’s dating by giving them kisses on their hands/forehead.

* He melts whenever his partner holds his hand in public.

* He tries to keep it at a minimum because he doesn’t want to be seen making out in public by a stranger…

* He gets so embarrassed very easily this leads to him trying to hide his big frame behind his partner while he’s holding their hand to lead him to their destination.


•He tries to avoid it because other supervillain’s could use his partner to get him.

•He will use his super speed to give them kisses on the check.

•If he saves them from a building he will flirt with them, “Did you just fall for me?”

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Okay. Okay. I GET that it’s Kubo’s story and all…but also, seriously, fuck you Kubo. I hate how you set everything up for Ichigo and Rukia to be end-game, and then you decide that you don’t want to do that anymore and make it Inoue. Even up until episode 342, and ESPECIALLY in episode 342, it was very much Rukia and Ichigo. Why would you do that. This man is so cruel.

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I knew it was a bad idea wanting to go see that place at night. If you walk in this field that leads to these woods there’s a path. The path takes you to this little area with a pond and cherry blossom trees and weeping willow trees. Trees that i find beautiful. There’s even lavender bushes. It’s a beautiful and peaceful area but all places are scarier at night. It was only dusk when i took my walk and now that I’m at this place it’s too dark. I layed on the white sand near the beautiful dark blue pond. It was a very deep pond. 

As my eyes were closed i felt a bright golden light around. I opened my eyes only to squint them at the light. The light looked like a man then there was a man with the light around him. As it dimed the light turned into pink and purple mist around him. He was a ghoul. 

“Why are you crying?” He spoke. I didn’t realize i was but after he asked that i felt the tears on my cheeks. 

“It’s too dark and it’s cold.” I told him. He chuckled and sat next to me. I looked at him with wide wondering eyes. He chuckled at me. 

“I’m a ghoul, doll. And you are the cutest human i ever seen. Your hands are so cute.” He grinned at me. This ghoul just even had a charming presence about him too. He grabbed one of my hands to look at it up close. 

“I should go.” I spoke softly. But i know he could sense my fear of the dark because his eyes softened while looking at me. “I’ll walk with you. By the way, they call me swiss." 

He held me close. His arm was around me and he held on of my hands. He felt warm too. I looked up at him as we walked. He smiled at me again. Once he walked me back home i let him come into my room with me. 

"You’re still cold and scared. I’m here, love.” The ghoul layed next to me in my bed and cuddled me close. He layed his head on mine and sniffed my hair. “You’re a precious human." 

I smiled. I’m glad i met this ghoul. 

A lil something I’ve written

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Headcanon for Steve and edging? His SO edging him, and him edging his SO, would he be into that? How would that go? I absolutely love your headcanons!

Originally posted by pegsccarter

Steve wouldn’t exactly be into edging exactly.  Anything sex-related and really what he’s into is connection and the fulfillment of his partner’s needs.  He likes that he can give them something they desire and the fact due to his enhancements, he’s quite good at it.  But he himself isn’t particularly sexual.  Edging would be done at request, not because he thought of it.

He would do either but would find being edged easier.  One of the things he likes best out of sex is hearing his partner enjoy themselves, so stopping before the actually really get there, would be counter to his own needs.  However, knowing it was something you liked he’d be very, very good at.


When he was edging his partner he could read their body perfectly.  He’d know just where to stop so that they were right there at the edge of their climax only for him to take it away from them.  He could do it again and again and it wouldn’t matter how over sensitive they got, he’d still know just when to stop.  They’d never miss their orgasm either.  It would just be a perpetual state of frustration as he brought them to the edge over and over.  By the time he let it happen, they’d be so overwound, it would be like their orgasm tore them in two.

Being edged would definitely be something that fell under the umbrella of things he enjoyed.  He does like the idea of giving up control and as long as the edging that led to an orgasm, and not edging for the sake of edging, he’d love it.  He isn’t into degradation, but he does like being instructed and if he was told not to come, he would hold it until you gave him permission.  The one big problem with edging steve is he has a lot of stamina. Getting him to the edge takes a long time.  His partner would be in for the long haul and possibly a serious repetitive stress injury just edging him a few times in a row.


Originally posted by captainsamerica

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Hey there, what would it be like being in a poly relationship with Steve and Wanda?

Originally posted by nellie--crain

Being in a polyamorous relationship with Wanda Maximoff and Steve Rogers would include?

  • Extremely slow burn while people figure out their feelings
  • After all three of you finally admitting your feelings, it taking a really long time to get to anything physical
  • Neither of them really knowing how to proceed in a polyamorous relationship
  • Having to figure out how it works and what it means for the three of you
  • Romance being much more important than sex
  • Romantic dates that include, dinner, dancing, and long walks in the park
  • Wanda being extremely tactile
  • Steve keeping that to private
  • Steve being quite protective of you both
  • But not nearly as much as Wanda is
  • Gentle incidental touching
  • Soft kisses
  • You and Wanda puppy piling on Steve
  • Them being okay without sex
  • But if it does happen, it being about connection
  • Wanda knowing exactly when each of you has fallen in love
  • Her saying the words very quickly when she feels it
  • Steve taking a little longer to get there but showing it with everything he does
  • Then being very loyal to you and each other
  • But both of them constantly being terrified something will happen that will take you both away again.
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Headcannons for massages for Bucky and Steve? How about Sam? Would he be ticklish or more inclined to just cuddle?

Originally posted by marvelheroes

Sam is a very human Avenger who does a lot of very physical work.  Flying alone without the fighting on top of it would put a lot of strain on his lower back and shoulders.  Even as a single man he’d need to see someone for remedial massage and physio just to deal with that.  If a friend or lover wanted to massage him at home, he’d be incredibly grateful.  Even if it was just a half-assed shoulder rub.  The more seriously you took it, the more into it he’d be.  You could get him to make all kinds of noises with a good massage using oils.  If his lover took those noises to their next level and let their hands stray to his dick, well, he’s never going to complain about that either.  Though he will likely tease you and tell you how dirty and presumptuous you are.


Originally posted by nicolebehariewce

Sam is also very tactile.  He likes hugging and touching his friends.  So if a friend put their feet in his lap or asked him for a neck rub he’ll happily oblige.  Especially if they were both just like that.  Knowing they’d do the same for him would definitely be something he liked to reciprocate.  He is very strong and he has nice large hands and dexterous fingers, so he’d be able to get out that tension for you quite easily.

As a lover massage isn’t his favorite foreplay.  He’d rather just be spontaneous leading into sex.  But he is a very giving person and if his lover was tense and the wanted a massage he’d help them out.  Because he’s so playful though, those hands are going to go between your legs even if it’s just to tease you for a second before going back to working out your aching muscles.  The closer to those sex sounds you made the more he’d do it until one hand was still massaging you and the other was getting you off.

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I’m thinking about the flowering headcannon and decided to go deeper in depth with it,

During the spring is where some types of buga flower usually because they have moss growing on them or are part plant like the white lady and the vessels, they all flower.

a bug that flowers is often seen as beautiful and needs protection no matter how strong they actually are, it’s natural instincts. Flowering is also very healthy for bugs, it can replenish their body and makes the shell harder while also improving the mood of the bug.

A bug never stops flowering even after death, places where a lot of dead bugs may look a garden in the spring and summer.

The downside is you get flowers everywhere and you attract attention.

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