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Since you're a whisky drinker, do you consider yourself having a high tolerance? And if so, how much can you consume before you've realized you've over done it?

“Yeah, I’d say I got a reasonable tolerance. I don’t count my drinks, I just drink ‘til I ain’t havin’ fun no more. ‘Course it don’t always work that way…” 

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What are you most fondest memories of your mother? Or your mother and father together?

“I remember she was very good at baking. I would wake up and most days, she would have something delicious in the oven. Like a muffin, or a brownie. And she would pack it for my school lunch. Her baking was so delicious I’m not sure how I didn’t gain twenty pounds, haha. My dad loved her baking too. I think half of the food budget probably went to flour and eggs.”

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Boyfriend! Kenma Headcanons

A/N: These are for my smol friend Finn @faelyndis, I hope you enjoy these, it’s been a long time since I’ve done headcanons! 🌸


Originally posted by mikaslut

  • Kenma is surprisingly protective of his s/o in public..? It isn’t anything super flashy, but if you are out in public he will subtly rest his hand on the small of your back or he will interlock your pinkies so he won’t lose track of you in crowded areas.
  • If anyone were to harass or tease you he would become a completly different person. Kenma can’t bring himself to see you be uncomfortable or sad, so he is quick to insert himself. And he will do anything to defuse the situation, and violence sometimes is not out of the question.
  • Your safety is more important to him at times than his own.
  • Will Kenma do almost anything for you? Yes. Why? Just because he loves you. And since he isn’t the best with expressing emotions sometimes, he uses his actions to show that he does care and think about you rather often.
  • Loves to help you with your homework or errands.
  • He just likes to… h e l p.
  • Very sentimental. If he receives any sort of gift from his s/o he will cherish it F O R E V E R. You gave him a cat plushy? You bet he’s sleeping with it every night. You bought him shoes? They are the only shoes he’s going to wear for the next few months.
  • Super proud of anything you achieve. If you both are in private he will praise the hell out of you for your most recent accomplishments. And he even will brag to Kuroo about how “undeniably talented” his s/o is.
  • Loves planning picnics to take you on in the springtime. He will find a beautiful, scenic and secluded area where you two can enjoy the afternoon relaxing in the perfect spring weather.
  • The first time he came over to your house he was so nervous and I mean,,, his face was just red the whole time and your parent(s)/guardian(s) were genuinely concerned that he might be sick or something.
  • He was very embarrassed after the fact for losing all of his cool
  • Kenma can locate you with ease, no matter the distance between the two of you. He will just show up out of nowhere sometimes and brush it off as intuition. It’s kind of scary, but also kind of cool?
  • Unintentionally cute text messages
  • Unintentionally cute pictures
  • Unintentionally cute actions
  • Kenma isn’t a fan of being physically intimate but when this boy gets tired he turns into t h e cuddle bug.
  • Like he won’t let you go. He holds onto you like he is going to lose you if he doesn’t.
  • Knows nothing about kissing, and is actually really bad at it at first. But after a few rough attempts in the beginning he becomes a kissing pro.
  • Nose kisses? Forehead kisses? Cheek kisses? Kenma will deliver all (when in private of course).
  • He loves to whisper sweet nothings to you whilst you two study together because he thinks you look cute when you blush.
  • Lowkey a tease.
  • Kenma likes that he can be vulnerable around you. He has never really had friends, so he finds it cool that you can show him how to be more open around people.
  • In conclusion, Kenma just silently admires you everyday. He feels very lucky to have you in his life, and he wouldn’t know what to do without you.
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Do you have any family? Where is your mother and father? Do you have siblings? Are you close with them or estranged?

“Sadly…they’re deceased. I was an only child.” Though the memory of her family didn’t provoke much sadness within her, she knew that it was better to pretend as such. The truth was that she still had some aunts and uncles up north, but they were all estranged from her. One way or another, she had managed to burn those bridges. She never looked back, in her view she didn’t need those people, but she wasn’t stupid. It was clear to her that most of them despised her, or at the very least viewed her as an outsider to the family. 

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When did you realize you were a lesbian? Have your ever been attracted to or involved with men?

“Most lesbians have been involved with men. They’re unavoidable. I won’t deny that they can be useful…sometimes.”

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You cannot tell me that when Bakugou and Kirishima are fully fledged heroes they don’t adopt pitbulls, they look terrifying and have a scary image like a certain someone, but in reality they’re total sweethearts like a different certain someone. this is my headcanon now y’all can fight me

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(anon) Do you bite your nails? Chew on your lips or the inside of your mouth when you're nervous? Do you shaking your foot to fall asleep? Do you hum to yourself when you're concentrating on something? What are your quirks?

“I keep these in the drawer under my bed! I never eat them of course! But the smell is nice. I love chocolate!”

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Jonathan Crane may be a disaster but he would never forget his keys or lock himself out of his apartment.

Instead he forgets where he put stashes of fear toxin until he goes to hide a new stash and finds out he already put a stash there.

And it’s been slowly leaking for 2 weeks.

Which definitely explains why there have been more cases of acute paranoia on the corner of Lotus Street and 5th.

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ahaha asking you the same question you asked me: 💠 dating for Aatos uwu
  • Reluctant to enter a relationship.
  • It’s important to treat Hellä Well, if the person is an ass to her it’s a no go, he loves his sister too much to share his life with someone who hates or dislikes her.
  • Extremely loyal.
  • Affectionate and loving.
  • Usually prefers partners near his age, but wouldn’t reject a younger one if they really got his interest. As long as they’re over 20, of course.
  • Does want kids, but puts his partners preference before his, as a child is not a must for him.
  • Would prefer someone move on the quiet side, but still someone who has humor, someone who shared his love for nature.
  • Would also need his partner whose patient, because even if he’s dealt with his trauma, arguably, better than Hellä has, he still has mild PTSD and the scars occasioanlly open up.
  • Wants someone who is independent, and doesn’t rely on him 100%f or their survival.
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(anon) Have you ever been in love? Have you always been attracted to women or were you attracted to men before? How does your family deal with you being a lesbian? Are they supportive or against it?

“Yes…I think so. Well, maybe just a crush.” Mallory smiled as she fondly remembered a crush she had on a classmate years ago. Nothing really happened between them, all they did was hug, but they spent one summer together seeing each other almost every day. Hanging out by the beach, going on walks through the forest, exploring, picking strawberries, crafting a hammock in the backyard…she wished she could go back sometimes. “I had boyfriends before, but it didn’t feel right. My parents, they don’t care. Well, they care that I’m happy, but…I don’t know, I think they’re more focused on my brother. He does well in school, you know.”

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1, 5, 14 ☆°•

1. How do you sleep? Peacefully, fitfully? What position do you sleep in? What is your typical bedding like?

Who says I even sleep.


5. Are you afraid of touch or do you actively seek it out? Is there a reason for this? What are the exceptions?

That’s a curious thing to ask, Joules. One might think you have alternative reasons and/or expectations. I don’t really mind. I don’t seek it out either, but physical attention has never been something that I’ve tried to actively avoid. 

14. What smells bring back specific memories to you? What are those memories like?

Remember that story I told you about the other crew mate who got me drunk on vodka for the first time. Somehow the smell of it, or lack of smell, brings back that exact memory. Also there is this flower on my home-planet that smelled incredibly potent and every time I smell it, it brings me back to our local teacher, who was a terror, an old lady who looked like she got one foot in the grave. She wore a perfume made from the flower, probably to cover up 

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Jack, what are some of your quirks? Do you crack your knuckles? Rattle your foot until you fall asleep?

“I don’t know if it counts, but when I was little I could walk on my hands. Oh, and I can also squirt milk out of my nose. A kid from middle school taught me how, a while back.”

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Anonymous requested: DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) Saeyoung, Yoosung and Saeran???

So, a big shit storm came over these writings. Once again I want to tell you that this isn’t reality but fiction. I’m not a medical either. I only wrote a part of what I read from my source and what I played in Ray’s Route. So, if you like it, thank you for supporting, if you don’t, please don’t. 


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17. What is your typical walking like? Do you speed-walk everywhere, do you take quick short steps or long paces? On your tiptoe, the sides or heels of your feet? How loud are your footsteps?

That’s a curious question. I guess I kind of swagger, unintentionally. And currently I favor my right leg, other than that, I’ve got no reason to walk faster than a regular human being. 

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“Fëanor and his sons abode seldom in one place for long, but travelled far and wide upon the confines of Valinor, going even to the borders of the Dark and the cold shores of the Outer Sea, seeking the unknown.” - The Silmarillion, Chapter 5: of Eldamar and the Princes of the Eldalië

That line up there is one that’s always really struck me, and more than that has always really informed me in my interpretations of Fëanor and his sons. They are wanderers, they are explorers, they have this need  to see and discover and this whole idea of boundaries? Psh. Boundaries  are meant to be challenged, to be pushed beyond. I like this line, it just speaks volumes on who the Feanorians are and honestly…I just kind of like this image of them as these Vagabonding Princes.

So. I’ve been thinking about Maglor today. About that line I quoted and about his own wandering, not the wandering of an explorer but that of an exile. His wandering is a self-imposed punishment, after all of the pain he caused and the evil he did in trying to reclaim the Silmarills, and all the while he is singing lamentations for himself, for his family and for those he has slain.

But…but I’m not sure, this ideas been kind of gnawing at my mind all day. Maglor and all of his family have always been wanderers “seldom abiding in one place for long.” On Valinor atleast. After the darkening? After the oath and the rebellion? That changed, obviously that changed, it had to. When they arrived in Middle Earth the  Fëanorians were fighting a war, and they thrust themselves right into the middle of things from the start. With the arrival of Fingolfin’s host, and the beginning of the Siege of Angband, the Fëanorians had their own realms in Eastern Beleriand, and they had to stay where they were. They had this duty, this responsibility to hold their lines now, lest the entire siege fall, and you don’t really hear about them moving around much unless their territories are being actively destroyed by Morgoth.  Did it ever grow stifling for them, now with this completely new world to explore, but being unable to do so because they were fighting against the literal embodiment of all evil in the world? Did they come to embrace he idea of going out to patrol their borders, or visiting one another as some means of escape from that feeling of being…suck, frustrated, trapped?    

Were they ever jealous of Finrod, hearing about his wanderings? About the year he spend just hanging out with a bunch of Men in the forest for a year, no big deal! (Yeah, no big deal, because your realm is on the other side of the continent, Findarato! You aren’t the one directly holding off The Dark Lord on his very borders!)  

Did they ever just want to run away? Plunge off into the wilderness and see what there was to see, and just….not look back?

Was that what Maglor was doing, when he finally reclaimed the Silmaril and it burned him to touch? Was he finally giving into that urge to just….go off, not necessarily consciously, but subconsciously? Was there some part of him that had come to associate their relatively stationary position during the past few centuries with the sorrow of them? Sorrow drives Maglor in his wanderings of Middle Earth’s shores, but…is there some distant sense of freedom as well? And maybe of being where he’s meant to be, doing what he’s meant to do?

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Being Alec Lightwood’s Twin Sister Would Include…


Originally posted by noonesstan

•Everyone being able to tell that you and Alec are twins when they meet you two because you look so similar

•You also have a very similar personality. Both of you are good leaders, grumpy sometimes, and rather blunt

•Nevertheless you are known as the slightly friendlier twin at times, which you tease Alec about

  • “We both know that I’m better at parties Alec”
  • *rolls eyes* “whatever [Y/N]”

•Both of you being very good at archery and practicing with one another

•Having funny little nicknames for one another

•The two of you being super protective of one another and the rest of your family (particularly Isabelle, Max, and Jace)

•Finishing each other’s sentences from time to time

  • “I think we should attack them-“
  • “From the east side?”
  • “Exactly”

•Being able to tell what each other’s thinking without ever having to say anything out loud

•You bring the only person who can make Alec laugh or get him to be a little nicer, even when he’s feeling his worst

•Knowing that Alec was gay for a long time but not saying anything to anyone

  • “You didn’t really think you could keep it from me did you?”
  • “[Y/N] please-“
  • “Don’t worry, it’s not my place. When people learn the truth it’ll be from you when you’re ready”

•Immediately noticing the spark between Alec and Magnus and playfully teasing your twin about how much he clearly likes the Warlock

•Despite your teasing you do encourage Alec to pursue his feelings for Magnus

•Being happier than anyone when Magnus and Alec finally get together

•You and Alec eventually co-running the institute together, side by side

•Defending each other when anyone even tries to doubt one of you

•Always having your twin brother’s back, and vice versa


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