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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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The chambers of my heart

They all belong to You

Certain death won’t do us part

I’m one of the lucky few

One room was filled with incense

Another with past lives

Guarded by a high fence

They are my inner strives

A room was filled with light

The future is not set

It’s resident was to bright

I could not see Him yet

The room I live in now

This quiet place of peace

Where I toke a little vow

So my soul will increase

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I have come to realise that when I go and tell my friends why I’m mad at them, it’s not me strengthening the relationship. It’s me making one last plea, to not leave me.

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1. Give her your time. Don’t make her beg for your attention. Women equate love with time. If she means a lot to you, she should see that expressed by how much time you give her. Come home early. Take her out on dates

2. Compliment her efforts to look good; her new hairstyle, her body, her clothes, her sexiness, her cooking. It is your opinion that matters most to her. Appreciate her and she’ll do anything for you

3. Say sorry when you wrong her. Do so quickly. Don’t move on without addressing the hurt you’ve caused her. This shows you are responsible with her heart

4. Randomly buy her gifts: Jewellery, chocolates, flowers, a dress, perfume. It is not the gift that excites her, but that she is constantly on your mind leading to you buying her things as a manifestation of your love

5. Ask for her advice and perspective on issues. This shows her that you are a team and she is not a pretty escort in your life

6. Publicly show her love. Speak your love for her online, in public, to your friends, parents. This makes her feel secure. Defend her from attacks from your family, friends and the public. A secure woman will love you with no restrictions

7. Kiss her without warning, touch her like you know she is all yours, gently grab her bum the way she likes it, make her wet because you can, pin her to the wall and caress her lovingly. Make her feel wanted. She has preserved her sexy body for only you

8. Answer her phone calls lovingly, “Hi my love”. End phone conversations with her on a high note, let her hang up smiling. Phone communication with you are very special to her. Call her just to say “I love you”, be her number one chat mate

9. Don’t just tell her “I love you”, tell her why you love her, do this often. It gives her facts of love to hold on to. She wants to know

10. Treat her well outside of sex, when sex is not the agenda. And when it comes to making love, she will ride your hardness so good, she will drive your body crazy. Women make love with their heart. Take care of her heart, and her body will do wonders for only you

11. Don’t stay for long without addressing issues. This is how women often lose their peace, they start to nag and they over-think. Spare her the stress. Deal with issues quickly

12. Unstrap her bra, offer to oil her body, dry her with a towel, massage her. Make her feel special

13. Offer to pray. Many men shy away from praying. But a woman gets wowed by a man who gives spiritual leadership

14. Look at her when she is talking. Give her undivided attention. Never make her feel belittled or ignored

15. Help her out with house chores. She is the woman you love, not your house help

16. Silence every negative thought of hers when she feels defeated, when she doesn’t feel as beautiful, when she becomes self-conscious about her body, when she is too hard on herself. Remind her of her beauty, speak life to her, lift her spirit up, be her inspiration

17. Do parenthood with her. Be by her side as she carries your baby, be active in parenthood, be there, ease off the burden, give her the joy of watching you being a responsible father

18. Charm her, praise her, brag about her, say romantic things to her in front her friends. Let her female friends gang up and talk about how she has a great husband/man. Women love to talk when they catch up. Let her feel good when she’s catching up with her friends. Let her be called “blessed” because of you


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Hace 18 años se estrenó Smallville
I used to love the TV series 🧑🏻☄️ as many people near the Taj Mahal’s #architecture in #sweet Agra, IN; Petra in #healthy Ma'an, JO; Colosseum’s #life in #amazing Rome, IT; and Chichen Itzá in #hot Yucatán, MX.
Machu Picchu’s #swag in #fresh Cuzco, PE; Great Wall in #cool Inner Mongolia, CN; Christ the Redeemer’s #heart in #beautiful Rio, BR; and Acropolis in #old Athens, GR.
Alhambra in #lovely Granada, ES; Angkor Wat in #blessed Angkor, KH; Eiffel Tower’s #fashion in #adorable Paris, FR; and Hagia Sophia’s #light in #yummy Istanbul, TR.
Kiyozumi-dera in #nice Kyoto, JP; Moái’s #style in #blue Easter Island, CL; Neuschwanstein in #pretty Füssen, DE; and the Red Square’s #night in #white Moscow, RU.
The Statue of Liberty in #awesome New York City, US; Stonehenge’s #kik in #little Amesbury, GB; the Opera House’s #girls in #blonde Sydney, AU; and Timbuktu in #crazy Tombouctou, ML. (at Kansas)

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Excuse Me

Excuse me, sir? I can’t help but stare

The way you look, your smile, your hair

It’s something about you

That catches me, doesn’t allow me to move.

Excuse me, i apologize if i stutter,

But admiring you makes my heart sputter.

I know this is so cheesy you can probably smell it,

I honestly cannot help it.

Gazing you from your toes to you eyes,

Makes me let out the most heavy sigh.

For it is you that i absolutely adore,

And there is nothing i want in this world more.

Understand, my good sir, that it not only your looks i admire,

Your laugh, your attitude, and your deep passionate loving personality sets my heart on fire.

The way you light up when you talk about locks,

The hearty funny laugh when watching Tik Toks.

Excuse me sir? Youu, yes you,

I also want to thank you for all that you do.

You’re truly an amazing person, hell yes you are,

And together as a team, we can go so far.

So, sir, if you’ll join me,

Let’s make happily ever after a reality.

-original by ilike2eatbrainz

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When you write, when you sing, when you dance, when you paint…though you may do these things in the presence of others, do them first and foremost for yourself, for that thing which moves like a sonnet in your chest. When your heart spills forth onto that canvas, when your soul leaks through the pen in your hand, when you bleed, bleed entirely. Then, when you are ready, share these crimson words with your fellow men. Show them that the very substance that flows through your veins is the same as that which flows through theirs. Show them that the string connecting us is taut, unbreakable, firm, complete. Keep these thoughts in mind when you make, when you bleed, keep these thoughts in mind. You are what you make. So make.

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