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Yk how Year 7s are just stereotyped to be faking depression. I believe this now as a chick from my school who is in year 7 posted on her ig story “ how depressed ru” with the bar you slide to show how depressed you are.

I unfollowed her and cringed fora while.

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So a few months ago I was at a tournament and before the round I asked the judge if partners were allowed to talk during each others’ speeches.

He said no.

I was doing my final speech, when my partner turns to me, and tries to tell him something. I tell him to be quiet.

After the round, he tells me that I should have let him speak, as it looks letter for both partners to be on the same page.

Well I finally got around to checking the rfds (reason for decision) about a week ago, and the judge wrote “asking the judge if you’re allowed to speak during each other’s speeches, and doing it anyway is not appropriate behavior.”

Needless to say, we lost.

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WAUKESHA – Franklin/Muskego/Oak Creek/Whitnall (FMOW) gymnastics team took center stage in a showcase of the area’s best gymnasts on Thursday night.

FMOW was the top scoring team at the Classic 8/Southeast Conference Gymnastics Meet at West. The team finished with a winning score of 145.500 and placed first in three of the four events. FMOW also had the top individual all-around scorer in senior Emi Dalamangas, who also had the best score in uneven bars at 9.40. Dalamangas finished with a final all-around score of 36.575.

“It was a nice way to cap off the hard work,” FMOW coach Katie Moore said. “The conference and sectional meet are what we focus on all year. Not being able to go to state this year is just something we’re working at as a team. We just do our best and put our final performances there (at conference and sectionals).”

“I just knew that I needed to stay in the moment and focus on one thing at a time,” Dalamangas said. “I really felt that if I got too far ahead of myself, I might get distracted, so I just really stayed in the moment.”

Senior Grace Menzia and sophomore Emilie Rochon also stood out for FMOW. Menzia was the top scorer in the vault with 9.40 points. FMOW had four of the top five vault finishers, with freshman Hannah Hawk finishing second, sophomore Anna Lauber finishing fourth and Dalamangas in fifth. Rochon was the winner in the floor exercise at 9.50. Hawk finished fifth in that event. Sophomore Brielle Lauber finished tied for third in uneven bars.

“Grace has been kind of up and down on vault and today, she just was in the right state of mind,” Moore said. “Emilie had one of the best floor routines of the year. She just really had fun with it and nailed all of her tumbling passes.”

“I’m really proud of my team,” Dalamangas said. “We put a lot of effort in at practice. We’re always working hard, always pushing ourselves. I’m really happy with how everything turned out today. I feel like we really put forth what we can do.”

Waukesha (combination of West, South, North and Catholic Memorial), the host team, took third at the meet with 137.900 points. The team’s best performance was on the balance beam, where they took second behind Kenosha. Waukesha had the top individual finisher in the event, as senior Gracie Moran scored 9.525 for first-place honors. Moran also finished second in uneven bars.

The team also won the sportsmanship award at the meet.

“We had a phenomenal meet,” Waukesha coach Allie Planton said. “We’ve had injury after injury this season. This is Gracie’s first meet back in a month. We’ve lost girls, rehabbed girls, so they did a phenomenal job today. The important one is that we won sportsmanship. This is our third year in a row, and that’s the most important thing to us. They treat others with respect. They show support to their team as well as their opponents. Everything else is just icing (on the cake).”

“They (her teammates) definitely motivated me to keep working,” Moran said. “I’ve had a lot of injuries in the past. Bouncing back started off hard and it kind of gradually got easier. Having the motivation of my teammates definitely helped me.”

Senior Erin Wagner was the top all-around scorer for Waukesha. She scored 35.025 total points to finish fifth at the meet. Her best individual finish was in vault, where she was tied for sixth at 8.85 with Arrowhead junior Isabella Sirianni.

Arrowhead placed fourth at the meet with 137.625 points and was second in vault. The Warhawks’ best finishes came from junior Nina Morrison, who took third in floor and beam and was the third all-around scorer with 36.025.

Mukwonago/Kettle Moraine (MKM) was the fifth-place squad, scoring 129.825. Their top score was in the floor exercise, with 34.525 points. Junior Lizzy Meszarosch was eighth in floor and all-around, with a total tally of 34.000.

Oconomowoc rounded out the meet in sixth with 126.950, with the vault being the team’s top event at 33.800. Sophomore Paige Eicher was the Raccoons’ top performer, as she took sixth in floor and was 10th all-around at 33.150 points.

Kenosha junior Maggie Losch and freshman Maya Rios finished second and fourth all-around, respectively.

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So, at my high school we only have about 40-ish lockers. They haven’t been used since the early 2000s because of how many kids go there now and all of them are locked but one (1). I heard a rumor that there was a Danny Devito shrine located in that one locker. I wasn’t sure if it was true, but I wasn’t disappointed.

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Originally posted by worldoro

Have a long shower, get a good night’s sleep, eat a ‘brain food’ breakfast, and set off to do whatever tasks need completed. Personally, this is my favorite way to get motivated for a Saturday. This method is so much better than randomly deciding to buckle down. 

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hi everyone! i made a group chat called “canadian studyblrs 🇨🇦” specifically for people studying in canada but even if you aren’t feel free to join! i’ll try to be on the group chat pretty regularly.

if you want to be added, just respond to this post

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