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to everybody who’s writing their board exams, good luck!!! and since i’m scared as fuck, here’s some wisdom from my mother:

“Remember, it’s only an exam, like all the others. You’ve done your preparation, and even if it isn’t all you could’ve done, there’s no going back now. It’s a waste to think about it too much. There will be questions you might not be able to answer and some you may think are tough. Park it. Just park it. Move on to the next one. Relax and try and find clues on them later. It’s all just a puzzle to solve.”


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Prioritise The Subjects That You Find Difficult

You probably don’t enjoy these subjects as much as others because you aren’t doing as well as you would like in them. You can change this!

I think it is really important to prioritise these subjects while studying because you will procrastinate them or avoid them all together. This means you will never get any better at them because you are not putting in the time!

Start your next study session with your least favourite or the most difficult subject you take and fully focus on it. You will see instant improvement!

Like and repost if you are going to give this study tip a try!


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Things found on the ledge on the wall in the French class:

-”yeet me off a cliff”

-”kill me now” “mood”

-”god save us all”

-”*teachers name* fuck off”


-French verbs

-”I fucking hate this”

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He started at Southfield Academy and 1 week later he moved to Chesnut Grove in Balham.  Hayden made it into the lauguage specialist program. 

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Vlog 39 na!
Lezzz Go!!! Feel free to check out my Youtube channel TripneyJof!
Drone shot by
Checkout their Youtube channel for more AMAZING drone shots!

Enjoy & have fun guys!
Nood na mga TOL! 🤙💯
#TripneyJof #Basketball #Roseans #PhilippineBasketball #Highschool #highschoolbasketball #vlog #vlogger #newvlog #Youtube #MRSCI #Philippines #ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines (at Mystical Rose School of Caloocan, Inc.)

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These are two of our 2020 Wood Turtle head-starts from @usfws. They are basking under an @exoterra Solar Glo UVA/B bulb. The correct wavelength of light is required for proper metabolism and growth of young turtles.
Hatchling Wood Turtles come to us each year from a national wildlife refuge in New Jersey. They will return to their home refuge in the spring to be released.
We have been working with this refuge for years and the results of this work is really beginning to show. (Watch for more on that to come.)
#conservation #bristolaggie #bristolaggienrm #turtles #turtlesofinstagram #wildlife #animals #vocational #highschool #reptilesofinstagram #herpetology #herpsofinstagram #herpetology #endangeredspecies #newjersey @usinterior #herpconservation #neparc #ultraviolet #metabolism #growth #2020 (at Bristol County Agricultural High)

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