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Credit © 🎬🖋 ✅@ihijinx

Don’t look at me!
The whitetip reef shark is a species of requiem shark (Carcharhinidae) and the only member of its genus.
It’s a small shark usually not bigger than 1.6 m (5.2 ft) long. These pretty sharks have a slender body and short, broad head, tubular skin flaps beside the nostrils, oval eyes with vertical pupils, and those gorgeous white-tipped dorsal and caudal fins.
They spend most of their days resting inside caves. Requiem sharks have to constantly swim to breathe but this shark is able to pump water over its gills and lie still on the bottom - called Buccal Pumping.
Whitetip reef sharks hunt in groups at night and feed on bony fishes, crustaceans, and octopus.
This species is viviparous - the Mother gives birth to live young.
Whitetip reef sharks are rarely aggressive towards humans and are caught for food. Although cases of food poisoning have been reported. Preventive efforts include not eating reef fish… duh!

The IUCN lists the whitetip reef shark as Near Threatened. The usual disastrous reasons apply - increasing levels of unregulated fishing activity across its limited habitat and spread; and these guys have a slow reproductive rate which makes this species vulnerable.
#oceanphotography #underwaterworld #hijinx #scuba #diving #ourplanet #loveourplanet

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1. I had many LOUD reactions
2. I love how much geno says “oh my god” 
3. and it’s a BIG number three GENO TALKS JUST LIKE MY BEST FRIEND’S HUSBAND WHO IS NOT RUSSIAN BUT BRAZILIAN/SPEAKS PORTUGESE. It’s uncanny, clearly I gotta start uh…writing Geno like he’s best friend’s husband apparently. IT’S SO WEIRD. 
5. “Hey I’m Sid” “And I’m Gena.” 
7. “Good luck G.”


I’m dead

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Not sure if I mentioned this at all but I’m going to be making Hell High Teacher OC’s - if you look in the HH clip Inside of every demon is a rainbow if you pause at 1:50, or around that time, you’ll see Hell High in the background. I know in the video its called Hell School, but I think Hell High has a nicer ring to it

Anyway meet Hijinx! The headmaster of the school!

More info coming soon…

Hijinx - me

Hell High - Vivziepop

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Since Stinky is gettin’ a bit of attention from a recent post, I figured she deserved a good post. This is “Queen Jinxy the Stinkiest of Stinky Butts, Esquire III” or Jinx for short. She’s a rescue kitten from Denver, and we got her at about 2 months old. (As of writing this, she’s about 5 months old!)


“Blep.“ - From her first Vet visit, she got to hang out in the car for most of it cause the clinic was full of Doggos and shes not a big fan of them. (That’s a fun story for later..)

But Kiwi! Why oh why is she called Stinky? Stinky Stinkerton? The Smelliest Baby in the World?

Because she literally stinks. No matter what food we put her on, no matter what treats, she’s got enough firepower in that stinky butt to clear a room no problem. (We DID check her out with her Vet to make sure she’s okay because of how bad it was when we first brought her home, but she said Jinx is okay, if just stinky.) With keeping her food regular, it’s helped a bit, but there’s still those moments where she’s aaall cute an snuggly on your lap, and then suddenly you’re gagging for air from her silent farts.

Because of this, she often gets showers to help with the smell. Kiiinda the cutest thing ever though, even though she hates them.


Cryptid Gerblin!!



She’s adorable, and I love her, even if she’s stinky. <3 

So there you go, a mini blurb about my awesome cat. <3

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A little bird told me today is @theroachsankles birthday! :p I fell in love with her OC Hijinx from the very first moment I saw him, so I knew I had to draw him someday in a LL style. And I think this is the proper time!

Happy Birthday Hannah!

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Ladies and gentlemen
My #bassnectar experience at #hijinx
Im incredibly surprised that any of these videos happened/are at all watchable. I was very excited that this up-and-coming festival had the sound production, light production, and balls to let @bassnectar throw down a few days before 360.
@bassnectar @hijinxfest
#Illtalian (at Pennsylvania Convention Center - Philadelphia, PA (Philly))

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