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#himuro tatsuya

I am sorry for posting late just because I am quite distracted and I can’t seem to finish this fic lol. But without further ado, I present to you the fan fave pairing, KagaKuro <3

Many thanks to @vanilla-daydreams and @theuglycrybaby for the prompt ( ˘ ³˘)♥


Originally posted by atsu-san

Day 6 Prompt: Stars/I’m flattered, you’re jealous. (KagaKuro side MuraHimu)

Title: Valentines’ Wish

Summary: Kuroko doesn’t know whether to get pissed or be happy when Kagami-kun finally has the balls to ask him for a date with a catch, of course. 

Rating: T for cursing

Also on Ao3

The sky is glowing hues of red and orange as the sun is beautifully setting off and Tetsuya, of all his sixteen years of existence, has never felt so content. He might not show is on his facade but he knows his feelings better than anyone. Well, maybe, except for Kagami-kun. After all, he is his shadow and he is his light. 

The truth is, they have been going out for more than two months after they play Yosen in the quarter-finals. For the most part, they don’t actually make it obvious that they are together, save for those few friends that actually know. In the Seirin team, only Furihata-kun knows because he accidentally walks in on them in the locker room after practice when Kagami-kun is about to kiss him on the lips. He feels a little bit guilty because the poor guy couldn’t look at them in the eyes for two weeks straight. When asked if they’re together, Tetsuya just gives him his usual poker face but he neither deny nor admit. But it is so evidently obvious though.

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KnB Valentine’s Day Challenge 2020 Day 4

I’m late! Didn’t have this one ready in time, was busy, and it was hard to write. Hope you guys like it even if it’s so rushed! 

Will have two posts for Day 5, I’m looking forward to sharing those 😉

Day 4: Love Song/Wish you were here prompts by @vanilla-daydreams​ and @theuglycrybaby

Himuro x Reader


Some days you really miss him. It’s hard not to. 

It’d been so long since Tatsuya had left for America. Although you both make time for calls and text on the regular, it’s not the same. Especially on days like today—Valentine’s—you can’t help but wish he was here. Or that you were there

The phone screen glares into your face. Happy Valentine’s Day! Wish you were here. I miss you, the light blue bubble reads. 

Above that, his last message dates to a while ago, and it worries you. 

He hadn’t sounded like himself. You know that the last year and a half he’s been under intense training, the differences between Japanese and American basketball have been a hard transition back for him. He often calls you after practice, and you know it’s the after, because he’s always quiet. And because it’s him, he’ll always ask you how your day was first, and just listen. 

You let him, because you know it takes him a while to warm up—and also because he genuinely cares and wants to know—so you inject as many jokes as you can and keep it light until he finally chuckles. That’s when he’ll sigh. And you find it’s the right moment to ask him how his day went. 

And it’s always difficult to hear how crestfallen he sounds. Although he grew up playing basketball on the streets in LA, the latter years of his schooling and basketball in Japan has changed his style, his speed, his strategies. And it’s hard on him. 

There are biological limitations, which skill could make up for, but Tatsuya’s struggles have always been mental. With him, there were boundaries he felt he could and would not ever be able to reach. You’ve never known how to convince him otherwise. 

Usually, when he was still here, you’d just peck his cheek. He would blink in surprise, and ask you what for with a chuckle. 

It’d always be easy to answer him. With a shrug and you’d tell him you didn’t need a reason to kiss him. Just like how he didn’t need a reason to love basketball. He just did, and although he wanted to be better, to push at those doors he was always denied entry, it didn’t make him love it less. And neither would anyone love him less for that, either. 

And Tatsuya would smile, the one you love so much where the corner of his eyes crinkle, and then he’d lean in and touch his lips gently against your temple. 

The memory makes your eyes water as you feel the ghost of his lips against your skin. Damn it, you really miss him. 

You wonder what it feels like when the world no longer feels split between here and there.

Usually, you could at least look forward to a video call dinner, like you’d both done for Valentine’s the year before, but this year he’d told you that he had plans and wouldn’t be able to. 

And to add insult to injury, you hear the strums of a guitar begin from the apartment hallway. It was the newlyweds that had just moved in next door. And even through the walls, you recognise the soft tunes of a ballad you and Tatsuya had listened to on one of your first dates. 

Warmth pricks at the back of your eyes and you throw an arm over your face with a sniffle. It’s early morning and there was still at least nineteen hours to go before the day would just end. It’s not like you to feel so lonely, but there was something off about your last call with Tatsuya. He’d sounded rushed. Distracted

Long distance relationships were hard, every around you had warned you two about it. But you’d both managed. Right? 

You check your phone again. But still, there’s nothing. Not even a ‘read’ notification. Was he ignoring your messages? Maybe he had a grueling practice session during the day. Maybe the plans that he had, started a day before. Maybe he was just too busy. 

Yeah. Too busy for you, the snide inside your head says. 

Your next breath sticks on its way out of your throat, and you decide you weren’t going to spend the rest of the day like this. No way. 

Throwing the covers off yourself, you sit up on the bed and cross your legs beneath you. You’d just make plans. You had friends. Unless, they also had Valentine plans… 

No, you wouldn’t think that far. 

Raising your phone, you open your message app to find the names of your closest friends, but something else catches your attention instead. 

A new message. 

It’s a number you haven’t seen in a long time. Because it hadn’t been used in a long time. 

I’m here, the message reads. Been here for a while. Wake up, beautiful. 

You freeze. Looking up, you register at the back of your mind that the strumming of a guitar has started again. And that’s all it takes for you to jump out of bed. 

Your heart is at your throat by the time you throw your front door open. 

It takes two seconds.

One for gray eyes to meet yours, a smile wrinkling their corners. And two, for you to throw your arms around the familiar curves of his shoulders. 

Tatsuya’s chuckling, and he only pulls back slightly to put down the guitar he’d been playing in front of your apartment door. 

“What?” is the only thing you can mumble into the space between his neck and his collarbone that’s always been just for you

“Surprise?” His chest is rumbling with his laughter, and he wraps his arms around you equally tight. 

“How?” You ask, pulling back to smile up at him. His eyes are bright as he leans down to touch his forehead to yours. 

“A very long flight. Very long. But I’m here,” he grins then, and you reach up to brush the hair away from his face. 

“Happy Valentine’s Day,” he says, his gaze as soft as his tone. And his lips meet yours just as gently. 

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A lesson for entertainment ft Murasakibara Atsushi and Himuro Tatsuya.

Sorry for the slight hiccup on my Day4 just because it is exceptionally long and I finished the Day5 first. But bask yourself in the awesomeness called MuraHimu for now <3

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Hey hey hey! This time is the turn of MuraMuro, which is one of the hardest pairings for me to write. But I love them too much not to write something about them XD


Contrary to popular belief, Himuro Tatsuya did not enjoy being called beautiful. He did when he was younger and more arrogant. When the obvious superiority of his acclaimed brother in the sport he loved so much was so frustrating that he was constantly searching for other way of validation. His looks were the easy option because everyone who ever saw him for the first time always said the same.

Wow, you’re so handsome.

Himuro-kun is the most gorgeous man I’ve ever seen.

That mole is so sexy.

However, it got boring after as the praising could not cover the void of skill he felt between himself and the rest of the players. So now the mere comment of his appearance made him turn down whoever approached him. Was it too much to ask for someone who would look at him at himself and not just a pretty face?

Not even him expected that person to be Murasakibara Atsushi.

Because when he met he giant purple man he only saw another genius who did not need to do anything to excel. The same one who took everything for granted but at that moment Himuro decided this time he was going to use it for himself. So he befriended Murasakibara because he was his teammate and that meant if he won he would win too, right? But then Murasakibara happened to be actual good company and Himuro saw himself spending more and more time with him. Because he might be lazy but what people usually did not see in him was his inherited kindness.

So far Himuro had seen Murasakibara give his precious candy to a kid whose ice cream had fallen on the floor. He always helped the old librarian putting the books on the top shelves. Also, Himuro was pretty sure it was him the one who watered the plans next to the court. And he never once called him beautiful.

Which did not mean he did not show his affections in other ways. Contrary to popular belief, it was Murasakibara the first one who kissed him. After all, he was too scared of ruining their friendship to do something until the purple giant decided “waiting was boring, Muro-chin”. So right at that moment, after a million dates and two years together, Himuro felt the sudden need to say it.

“You’re beautiful, you know that?” he said to Murasakibara.

“Muro-chin is saying weird things again.”

“But it’s true, you are. I know I don’t say it much, but for me you are the most beautiful person in the world, Atsushi.”

Murasakibara closed the space between them, his tongue licking the trace of sweets on his mouth leaving Himuro breathless.

“And Muro-chin is the most delicious candy.”

Himuro had never received a better compliment.

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— Day 1 of KNB Valentine’s Week hosted by @vanilla-daydreams​ and @theuglycrybaby​ 

A/N: This was a little rushed so it may not be the best but I hope you all like it anyway^^ ~Lily

Summary: Y/N makes some chocolate and gives it to Murasakibara on Valentine’s day


You looked at the recipe again. 

3 tablespoons honey

In your mind, honey and chocolate didn’t really fit together other than them both being sweet but, well, what’re you supposed to know about baking or pastry-making or anything sweet for that matter.

You continued to follow the rest of the instructions as best you could, pausing at times to wonder if the end result would actually taste good. When you finished mixing all the ingredients together, you carefully pulled out the special heart molds that you got especially for these chocolates. 

Initially, you didn’t want to make the chocolates heart-shaped. 

“Pfft as if I’d do something that cliche and cheesy” was the excuse you gave to Himuro when he had suggested the idea. Somehow though, with the help of St. Valentine’s spirit, he convinced you otherwise. 

Now here you are in your kitchen, filling the heart molds with the creamy chocolate you had just finished making. You sighed in exhaustion as you put the molds in the fridge to chill. 

Hopefully, they’ll turn out alright.

You cleaned up the kitchen and took one more look at the chocolate before calling it a night and heading to bed.


Beep. Beep. Beep.

You glared lazily at your alarm before seeing the time and jerking awake. You quickly performed your morning routine and headed to the kitchen to grab a quick bite and the chocolates you made last night. 

As fast you could, you popped the chocolates out of their molds and put them into a small cute box Himuro also encouraged you to get. You didn’t have time to try them but was confident enough with how they looked. 

Glancing at a nearby clock, you decided against having breakfast and instead rushed out of your house to school.

You arrived with a second to spare. “Cutting it a bit close today aren’t we Y/N?” Himuro commented the moment you entered class. 

You gave him a glare and hastily scrambled to your seat next to him. 

“How’d the chocolates go?”

The bell rang, interrupting your response, and the teacher walked in. 

“I’ll tell you later.”

Class started and your mind slowly shifted from the chocolate hearts in your bag to the lecture and words written on the board. 

The bell rang again, signaling the end of class. As you kept your books and started preparing for the next class, you caught Himuro’s eye. 

“So?” he asked curiously.

“I didn’t destroy the kitchen so I guess however this goes it’s still a win for me.” you answered cheekily.

“You’re really nervous huh?” he replied, seeing straight through you.

You sighed in exasperation, “Of course I’m nervous Himuro. I don’t even know if the chocolates will end up tasting good. Heck, I don’t even know if it’s all melted yet. I mean he’s pretty picky with what he eats too so maybe he won’t even try them—“

“Y/N,” Himuro interrupted as he placed both his hands on your shoulders. “You’re panicking a little too much over Murasakibara Atsushi of all people. And don’t worry, you and I both know he’s gonna eat whatever you give him and love it anyway. So do yourself a favor and calm down.”

You shook your head, “You’re right. This is stupid. It’s just some chocolate and it’s just some giant crush on some idiot giant. I can handle this.”

“Aww look at you all sweet and in the valentine’s mood. I’m sure it’ll turn out great Y/N.” Himuro said with a smile.

You returned his smile as the teacher came in and class started once more. 


Lunchtime came and you and Himuro left the classroom to find Murasakibara. You finally spotted his figure in one of the hallways and let out a nervous exhale. 

“Deep breaths Y/N. You can do it.” Himuro reassured. “Now go.”

He practically pushed you away before disappearing, leaving only you and Murasakibara in the hall.

Murasakibara hadn’t spotted you yet, so before you let your nerves get the better of you, you called out to him.

“Eh? Y/N-chin?” 

He turned and you could see now that he was holding a snack in his hand. 

“Umm, I have something for you.”

He merely looked at you with curious eyes as he popped another snack into his mouth.

“Is it food?” he asked eagerly.

You let out a small laugh. “Yes it’s food. I made it myself too.” 

You held out the box to him. “Here you go. Happy Valentine’s Day Mura-kun.”

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Decided to participate just because I feel inspired. Thank you so much @vanilla-daydreams and @theuglycrybaby for making this possible. So yeah for Day 1, I have decided to do my ultimate ship, MuraHimu. Also, thank you @tastytatsu for your support *cyber hug* <3


Originally posted by reginanoctua

DAY 1 Prompt: Chocolates/I don’t remember having these many hickeys, but I don’t mind.

Summary: Atsushi is at lost on how to make Muro-chin happy this coming Valentines’ Day until a certain baked good catches his attention.

Word count: 3, 855 words

Rating: T

Atsushi is lost. Why, you ask? It’s because v-day is approaching fast and being in a relationship with the one and only pretty boy, Himuro Tatsuya is enough to make his knees go jello but he is totally lost on how to please him. He may appear to be a monster on the court but he must admit that he is at lost on how to make his Muro-chin happy. After all, he is in his first-ever relationship with a guy, and a pretty one at that (did I say it twice?). He has this gut feeling that once v-day comes, Muro-chin is gonna be swarmed with lots of delectable chocolates that he won’t even notice his. He sighs in defeat as he put his hands on his pockets. He is currently loitering around Yosen’s hallway after class, trying to think of something to do. He knows that Muro-chin doesn’t really like sweets so giving him a chocolate bar or any sweet confectionaries is out of the picture. And now, he is more than reduced to aid in his dilemma. 

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Went on a hunt through the whole city’s anime shops for these recently. It’s so dead 😭 But I can’t believe I found these, especially Tatsuya 😳

The animal friends keychains were blind gacha, and there were only TWO left of series B (the one Tatsuya’s in). I shot all the shots I could take and got Imayoshi and Mura! Not Tatsuya… but I’m not mad ☺️

PS: every time I found any KnB merch, I’d tear up 😢

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FINALLY UR BACK!! Is it ok to request Kagami, Hanamiya, Himuro and Aomine headacanons of them reacting to their black fem! s/o´s deep curly hair care routine?? Thanks a lot, darling!😂💋💋🧡🧡

Hello, there, sweet human! Of course! Ah, chocolate colored readers, I love them! 

I hope you like it; I apologize if this is not what you expected :)



Kagami Taiga 

  • He’s lost since the second step; even if she’s explaining, he’s just lost in so much hair and fragrances, and bottles, and brushes, and combs, and… What was that creamy thing she just applied?
  • He likes the feeling of her hair between his fingers and, after learning how much care is behind it, he will appreciate and love it even more. 
  • It amazes him how she’s not tired nor lost among so many care steps and products. 
  • If she asks him for some help, he gets anxious and nervous because he doesn’t want to screw things up. 
  • He’s very focused seeing everything she does. 
  • Later on, he comes to the conclusion that seeing her caring for her hair relaxes him. 
  • Asks her what each bottle and product is for, though, he forgets later on and ends up asking every time. 

Originally posted by hanamiyaslips

Makoto Hanamiya 

  • Even though he doesn’t really mind nor cares much about beauty stuff, he’s surprisingly respectful when it comes to her hair. 
  • It takes him to watch her caring for her hair once to learn the whole routing and process. 
  • Unconsciously learns all the products names and, when he goes to the store with her, he’s the one to remember all the list of stuff she needs. 
  • Likes to touch her hair, though, sometimes she will have to remind him not to be too rough. 
  • Every time she’s doing her routine he’s watching really focused and, when she turns around, he pretends not to be watching. 
  • Throws some mean comments but compliments her afterwards. He really likes her hair but he will never say it. 

Himuro Tatsuya

  • Absolutely loves and appreciates every second of it. He finds it amusing, the amount of care behind every strand of her hair. 
  • Always asks before running his fingers through her hair. Also, he always cleans his hands before doing it. 
  • He’s very curious around her stuff, and asks her all type of questions regarding hair care. 
  • If she asks him to give her a hand, he´ll gladly do it. 
  • Loves to smell her hair and can tell when she changed her shampoo or hair mask by the smell. 
  • Always compliments her hairstyles. 

Originally posted by ibgdragn

Daiki Aomine

  • He gets screwed up 24/7 for touching her hair with his hands dirty. 
  • Touches all her stuff and likes to sniff the bottles and creams, Sometimes, his s/o screws him up for mix up all her stuff. 
  • Loves the curls and the smell, he just doesn’t get why she needs to do so many things and takes quite the time. 
  • He gets confused with the steps and stuff she uses while doing her hair care routine. 
  • He falls asleep every time while she does her hair care routine; it relaxes him way too much. 
  • He always compliments her hair by saying that he doesn’t think she needs to do that much since her hair is already beautiful. 
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Of course, anyone and everyone experiences feelings of jealousy. Including Tatsuya.

But I’d like to think that he’s above possessiveness and petty passive aggressiveness. He’s used to fans and the spotlight, and he knows the ins and outs of being independent from that kind of attention. Ultimately, he’d trust you, and know it’s possible to be flattered without being attached.

Because you’d chosen him after all.

So he’d completely be cool with you meeting up with close friends or old friends of your preferred sexual orientation by yourself. But not without making sure you remembered you were with him, of course.


It’s a long time coming when you finally make a time to meet up with your old childhood friend. Several years have passed since you’d last seen each other, and out of respect and excitement, you spend more effort to make sure you look extra presentable for your meetup.

Tatsuya notices.

As you walk down the stairs, gray eyes light up at your descending figure. A smile graces his face when you reach the bottom.

“Hey,” he greets as you come to a stop in front of him.

You smile in return. “Thanks for taking me there today.”

“What else would I be doing?” he asks with a soft curve of his lips.

You both walk to the front door to put on your shoes. You’re wearing nicer shoes than usual, and he halts in place when you hold onto his forearm to keep your balance as you’re putting them on.

You pretend not to notice his eyes on your shoes, and his travelling gaze when you’re done.

“Have you eaten?” he asks, when you both make your way out of the door and toward the station.

It’s always sweet whenever he asks, and some days when you’re absolutely starving, he even has snacks in his bag. You know they’re for Atsushi, but he always manages to have some spare for you.

You shake your head and remind him that you’ll be having lunch with your friend anyway. “Have you?”

“Yeah. Atsushi’s been wanting hamburg steak since last night. We went as soon as the shop opened this morning.”

You laugh. Of course. “Sounds like a great time.”

You feel grey eyes on your face, your hair, your shoulders… and everywhere else. Your legs keep moving forward, but you feel a quick fluttering in your chest that sends heat to your cheeks.

“So,” when he finally speaks, his voice is lower. Smoother. “Who do I have to challenge to a duel for you today?”

He’s teasing, and the corner of your lips twitches as you slide your gaze up to him. “This?” You gesture to your apparel, playing along. “You think it’s for my friend?”

He’s still smiling as he hums.

You shake your head. “It’s for myself.”

His lips press together as he pretends to consider it. “Reasonable.”

You throw another side glance at him as you decide whether or not to say the next words on your mind.

Whatever. You feel the back of your neck flush as you come to a decision.

“And if it was for anyone else… it’d be you.”

He stops walking, which makes you stop too. “Is it?”

The gleam in his crinkled eyes sends a jolt to your stomach.

“I don’t know. Is it?” You hope your reply is in the same even tone.

Before you know it, he’s close. You feel his breath on your lips before he leans in, and when he pulls away, there’s a sly curve on the same mouth that was just on yours a second before.

It surprises you because he’s never one for PDA, but you register at the back of your mind that he must’ve already confirmed that the street was empty.

“Have fun,” he says, his tone brighter than normal. And just like that, he continues walking. When you don’t move, his fingers weave into yours and pulls you forward with a gentle tug.

Grey eyes glance down at you for a second and the only thing stopping you from sending a light thwack to his shoulder, is the faint tinge of pink on his cheeks.


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Posting another throwback.

Kuroko no Basuke; Immaculate Anime Winter Cup.
I believe the original Panini America Immaculate design is still the best. I’m surprised I only did 5 of these.

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(Reina) "It's okay, senpai." Reina smiled, albeit her face a bit red when doing so. She sighed in an attempt to calm her racing heart, and turned to look at his injured foot. "Um... would you... n-need me to help you get to class? Wouldn't it be hard to walk in those crutches" That sounded very awkward. 'Darn it, Reina.'

“N-no! You probably can’t even handle my weight.“ He notices how bad and mean that sounded and he blushes in embarrassment. “I-I mean like I’m probably heavy for y-you so um…“ He looks up at the ceiling and tries to think about what to say next. Why does he find it so hard to talk to girls? Maybe if he’s not looking at you, it’ll help. “Kise just said that to sound cool or something. You don’t need to take care of me. Uh… thanks for the offer though.“

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