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Nightmares are what Dreams are Made of
by SilveRanger

Yagi Toshinori is the top detective at the Musutafu Police Station. His job is usually pretty boring, until one day he is asked to find a runaway teenager- Izuku Midoriya. As it turns out, Izuku is the one who’s been looking for him. Izuku is convinced that he is trapped inside of a dream and that Toshi is actually a superhero named All Might from what he calls the “real world”. Of course Toshi doesn’t believe him, until the evidence begins to pile up at his feet. Could Izuku be telling the truth about this superhuman society he comes from? Or is he just as crazy as everyone believes?

Words: 954, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

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Asked by: @mewwitch

Prompt List:


Hisashi and Inko’s marriage has been shaky since the very beginning of their supposed relationship then marriage. Hisashi refuses to acknowledge it, putting all his attention to the Agency and wanting to become Japan’s Number One Hero. Things only got worse as the hero rankings will be done, and he’s never close to his goal to being number one hero. At times, blaming Inko for not doing her part on the business side of hero work.

Things didn’t need to get physical for Inko to already know her marriage is borderline abusive with threats and constant belittlement. So, when Inko found herself pregnant and finding Hisashi is cheating on her, she drew up divorce papers with the threat that if he doesn’t sign, she’ll ruin the agency. The papers were made and not even months later, Inko heard that Hisashi married the pregnant mistress.

The complications when it comes to Izuku was that, Hisashi needed to have a good image. A public image at that. He played the game to the best of his abilities to make his ex-wife suffer. Who could get mad in getting Izuku into a private school? Which results having Izuku staying more often with his father. Hero Events? Izuku has to attend them all, even it’s Inko’s turn to have him. So many similar events that caused Inko to massively resent Hisashi. More so after Izuku has told her about how he’s treated at his father’s home by the man himself, stepmother and stepbrothers.

Hisashi did whatever he could to undermine Inko every chance he could get, but Izuku never took the bait. Grew too terrified of the man to fall out of line. Izuku knew he’s a pawn in this stupid game and that his mom is losing… and only won by default when it was found out that young Izuku Midoriya is quirkless.

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Send in a prompt or number from the list as an ask, and I’ll write it. It’s all related to my AU, Number Three Hero. 


Bold: It has been written and posted.

Italic: Has been asked to write.

  1. Summary: Brief insight into the life of the Todoroki Family before the Attack.
  2. Summary: Inside look of the drama between Hisashi and Inko.
  3. Summary: Izuku, Katsuki, and Shoto misadventures of being babysat by Toya or Fuyumi.
  4. Summary: Izuku staying with his father, step-mother and half-brothers.
  5. Summary: Katsuki first getting his hearing aids or glasses.
  6. Summary: Enji and Rei falling in love.
  7. Summary: Masaru and Mitsuki falling in love. (Masaru unknowingly getting a girlfriend, engaged, and married in a short time span.)
  8. Summary: Masaru (low-key) threatening Hisashi.
  9. Summary: Inko and Mirai Sasaki(Sir Nighteye), falling in love.
  10. Summary: Sir Nighteye taking Izuku to his Hero Agency.
  11. Summary: Izuku calling Sir Nighteye father/dad for the first time.
  12. Summary: Hitoshi hanging out at his sister’s apartment.
  13. Summary: Shota and Emi relationship progressing.
  14. Summary: Hitoshi taking Quirk Training classes.
  15. Summary: Katsuki’s day at his Quirk Training class.
  16. Summary: The direct aftermath of learning Izuku being quirkless.
  17. Summary: Izuku’s old friend from his old school.
  18. Summary: Katsuki training alongside of Ochaco.
  19. Summary: Ochaco getting used to her family finally having wealth.
  20. Summary: Ochaco meeting Katsuki’s friends.
  21. Summary: Someone other than Izuku’s friends, standing up for him and not being a bystander.
  22. Summary: Izuku first meeting All Might.
  23. Summary: Sir Nighteye conversing with All Might with the possibility of Izuku becoming the next holder of OFA.
  24. Summary: Mirio Togata joining Sir Nighteye’s agency and meeting the Hero’s son.
  25. Summary: Izuku becoming the ninth holder of One For All.
  26. Summary: Katsuki, Shoto and Hitoshi finding out their friend has a quirk… after knowing the fact he had no quirk to begin with.
  27. Summary: The Todoroki children being trained under their father.
  28. Summary: Mirai, Inko and Izuku moving into their new home.
  29. Summary: Izuku slamming the door at Hisashi’s face.
  30. Summary: Izuku overhearing his parents arguing on whether he should keep his birth father’s surname.
  31. Summary: U.A. Entrance Exam.(Pick the person you want me to write.)
  32. Summary: People finding out Izuku has a quirk.
  33. Summary: Toshinori Yagi first meeting Inko and Izuku
  34. Summary: Izuku’s training before or after receiving One For All.
  35. Summary: Fuyumi’s dating troubles
  36. Summary: Toya getting used to his… new look.
  37. Summary: Izuku dealing with his brothers.
  38. Summary: Ochaco and Momo visit the boys.
  39. Summary: The Day that Japan found out Izuku has a quirk. (Read Prompt 26 before reading this one.)
  40. Summary: Did the media have a field day after finding out on Izuku got into U.A.?
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Summary: Izuku officially got the worse news he could ever get… and his best friend was there to witness the fallout.

  • Izuku, the day he went to the doctor to see whether he was going to have a quirk, both his parents were there. It was one of the few times he has seen both his parents in the same room… acting civilly. To a massive degree.
  • Playing in the kids’ area by himself, Izuku wondered how much longer until he had to go see the doctor. Something he was not looking forward to. He already knew what the doctor is going to say to him, that he’s quirkless. It was just a confirmation that could very well seal his fate.
  • While waiting, in came in are the Bakugo’s. Izuku watched with amusement seeing Uncle Masaru ignoring Hisashi to talk with his mom. Auntie Mitsuki waved at Izuku before pushing her son towards his direction. Katsuki shot his mother a glare before he grinned at the sight of his friend. The two played with one of the games that was in the kid’s area.
  • Katsuki explained that he was at the doctor’s to see if he needed glasses. Something about his school sending his parent a note before he started to go off on a random topic.
  • This was the first time Katsuki actual saw Hisashi Midoriya, The Number Three Hero of Japan. After hearing many stories about the man from his parents, the Todoroki’s, and Izuku himself… he was not impressed. He did not like how the man kept staring at his son, that look mixed with anger and disgust.
  • Luckily, Mitsuki had brought along a bag filled with Katsuki’s action figures and the two boys play Hero’s. With Izuku playing as All Might and Katsuki as Endeavor.
  • Hisashi hates the game, the fact his both boys were playing as his rivals. He was going to speak up against the game but was shut down when Masaru made an underhanded comment that caused him to freeze. Inko isn’t the only one that is capable of using underhanded tactics against him.
  • Katsuki pouted when he saw his friend being called in to see the doctor. Having to play by himself until he was called up to see his own doctor. When Katsuki was called up, he and his parents walk through the main door that lead out of the waiting area to the long hall that had multiple doorways. Walking down the hallway, it was quiet at first before they started to hear someone yelling that was followed by screaming and crying.
  • The Bakugo’s watched in semi-horror as a nurse open one of the many doors to now hear the screaming and crying in full blast and saw her running back towards the main desk area. The room the nurse ran out of, the door was left wide open for them see Inko yelling at her husband, as she held a crying Izuku tightly to herself, for him to stop yelling at them both along with the doctor.
  • Masaru and Mitsuki watched in complete horror at the event that was happening in front of them and their son. Masaru had his wife take their son towards their assigned room before he marched into the room before shutting the door behind himself. Katsuki flinched when the door was shut closed. It wasn’t for the fact his father was shut with loud bang or anything of that manner. It was methodical. He could count in just one hand the number of times he had seen his father act in such way…
  • Mitsuki attempted to pull her son away from the scene, but Katsuki stood frozen in his spot. She had to carry him into a room away from the scene and attempted to console him. There were streaks of tears running down Katsuki’s cheeks, and dread filled within her. When she heard the word, Quirkless, coming out of her son’s mouth, she knew he understood what had happened in there.
  • Quirkless. A word Katsuki knew held great distaste to many. He heard the word mix around multiple times and had witnessed discrimination against those without a quirk. His parent’s support company employ people who are quirkless, and he had witnessed other employees harass them. Along with said people no longer working there after his parents found about the unsavory behavior.
  • Katsuki’s best friend is quirkless, he just witnessed said friend behind yelled at for something he has no control over. He wanted to yell, scream,  something… however his mother has a tight grasp on him, preventing him from running off.
  • After several minutes, Masaru opened the door where his wife and son are in. He was still tense and sweaty. He watched as Mitsuki let Katsuki go for him to hold onto his father. Katsuki muffled into his shirt, stating how unfair life was. Going on how unfair Izuku was treated by his own father and not understanding how a father could treat his own son in such manner.
  • Katsuki was heavily reminded of the time he watched his father being berated for his useless quirk. This only intensified his urge to become a hero even more. In his eight-year-old mind, he started to come up with a plan to help his friend to become a hero in his own accord.
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Warning: Mention of Abuse

  • Hisashi Midoriya is Japan’s Number Three Hero under the alias of the Flame Hero: Flame Blazer. He grown up watching the rise of All Might and the hero irked him to no end.  
  • Hisashi has a very similar outlook of being a hero like Endeavor has in the canon timeline. Prideful and extremely ambitious. He wants to become a top hero and has a belief that being a top hero should be based on merit and sheer ability alone. Fame should have nothing to do with being a hero, it’s all about the power.
  • His main problem, Hisashi’s attitude is only just as furious compared to his quirk. Anger always getting the better of him to the point it made people not wanting to get close to him.
  • He only had two friends during his time at U.A. and even then, he couldn’t call them friends per say. Said friends, were Rei Yukimura and Masaru Bakugo. Hisashi grew alongside with the both of them, but it was more of a one-sided friendship with the both of them up until they all entered U.A. Even then, things were strained.
  • Hisashi tolerated Masaru for the most part, if only as the latter oversaw making his support items. There… relationship is extremely similar to canon Katsuki and Izuku. With Hisashi being the aggressor and Masaru being the primary target. However, Masaru did put his foot down at their last year at U.A. when Hisashi berated his dreams of becoming a hero with how useless his quirk is when it comes to heroics.
  • Rei on the other hand… Hisashi saw her as someone that has massive potential of becoming a hero. They grew up as next-door neighbors and were in the same classes for the majority of their schooling career. It was a one-sided tale of supposed love…
  • In shorter words: Hisashi had grown to harbor feelings for Rei but she only saw him as a friend… then acquaintances as their paths separated them. Even so, one still harbored feelings…
  • Despite not being well liked, First Year Hisashi was looked up to for his strength and ability. The only problem he had mainly came in the form of Third Year Enji Todoroki. It was the fact their personalities were similar, and both had the belief that when it comes to be a hero, it’s all about merit and ability one has. The main difference, Enji fully understands why All Might always smiles. Enji had taken an apprenticeship in All Might’s upcoming Hero agency and even had taken the chance of working alongside of the hero. This was one of the main changing factors for the Todoroki. However… This shift of mindset caused a once friendly rivalry to an all-out rivalry.
  • At this point in time, there was peer tutoring and Enji was assigned to Hisashi. Enji and Hisashi had a once friendly, mainly one-sided for the most part, rivalry. Rivalry you might ask, it has to do with their quirks. There has yet to be a top hero who has a fire-related quirk. That and wanting to prove that it should all  be because one one’s strength and not fame.
  • Hisashi met Inko Manaka, from the business course, when he was a second year and she a first year through Rei and Masaru. Masaru knew Inko due to someone knowing someone that resulted with them becoming friends. Rei adores Inko and the two got along rather well to the point they hang out whenever it was possible due to their busy schedules. Hisashi on the other hand… He knew that heroes that wanted to build an agency needed help with that…
  • Hisashi’s temper began to go on a rise as he watched how the world began to change around him. Watching on as All Might becoming Japan’s Number One Hero, Endeavor, aka Enji Todoroki, rising through the ranks despite just graduated U.A. just the year before. He did not like feeling second best.
  • As Hisashi trained relentlessly to become a hero at this point. He hated All Might’s signature laugh and hearing how Endeavor, a recent graduate from U.A., soaring through the chart of being a top hero. He hated how his friends were moving up ahead of him while he felt he was in a massive rut he can’t get out of. 
  • Things went ahead for him at his final year of U.A., Hisashi and Masaru were no longer in speaking terms. This caused their circle of friends to split up or did their best to get along with both parties to the best of their abilities. Hisashi was no longer speaking with Rei at this point as their path’s no longer connected as they were in different hero classes along with as she started to grow romantic feelings for someone else.
  • At this point, Hisashi and Inko had… more or less started seeing each other. No one knew how this came to be or how the both of them got together. It just… happened. Many could see how the relationship was at times, one-sided. With Inko putting in more into the relationship than Hisashi. Slowly but surely, many began to see how she begins to withdraw from many.
  • When Hisashi graduated from U.A., he wanted to create his own agency, but he did not have the funds, support, or knowledge of opening one. He had to work under several heroes who’s views he did not share. It was only when Inko had once graduated from U.A., and with the vast knowledge the heroic business she plans on helping Hisashi open up his own hero agency. Things began to grow tense between them when it was announced Pro-Hero Endeavor No. 8 Hero had publicly asked upcoming Hero Glacial to be his partner, in heroic terms, then romantic and getting married later that same year. This had prompted with Hisashi and Inko getting married that same year.
  • Inko did not know whether or not she ever fully loved Hisashi. She doesn’t even remember how she even got into a relationship with him, let alone getting married to him. Oh… wait… all she could remember is Hisashi speaking to her parents and that resulted with them planning a wedding. Never once did they asked her opinion on the matter, she was expected to follow through with it. Despite how much she hated it, she put on a smile as she attempted to make the best of things.
  • It was clear that to Inko that Hisashi still had deep romantic feelings for the now Rei Todoroki and a deep hatred for Enji Todoroki. She had to cut ties with Masaru as Hisashi was no longer in speaking terms. The shame at the fact her husband attempt to humiliate their now ex-friend caused her to cut so many ties with many. Inko had already stopped speaking with her parents at this point as they were the primary reason, she was put into that position in the first place.
  • Inko knew her husband just needed assistance with creating the Flame Blazer Agency. He had her running the agency from the background and to ensure she was unseen. Things only got worse at the topic of children always came up. Inko wanted children but did not wanted to bring them up in such… cold environment. The main problem was that Inko was never able to fully carry full to term and it only caused her to fully realize that she needed to leave. Especially finding out her latest pregnancy…
  • During those months, Inko began to write up divorce papers. She knew that the divorce could not occur until the birth of her child otherwise it would not happen. She had got in contact with her old school friends, Rei and Masaru, and the both of them were more than happy to help her.
  • Rei and Masaru’s wife, Mitsuki, were both also pregnant at around this time and wanted to do everything they could to help Inko. Mitsuki wanted to help her husband’s friend, especially hearing what Hisashi Midoriya was like back in their High School years. Enji was more than happy to help, any friend of Rei is a friend of his. That, and he knew something has been going on in the background of one Hisashi Midoriya.
  • At this point, the marriage between Inko and Hisashi was strained massively. Hisashi left Inko along for the vast majority of the pregnancy with the excuse he had better things to do. Inko, for the most part, was grateful for this as the pregnancy was… not a good one. It reminded her of her previous pregnancies and the fear of losing her baby once more, it’s going to be the end of her. Her doctor recommended that she went directly into bedrest for the duration of her pregnancy and the only place she could go is the hospital to ensure not to rise suspicion from Hisashi if she were to stay with friends. Considering he ensured she had no friends she could call her own.
  • It was half-way through her pregnancy, Inko found her Hisashi was having an affair with someone from the agency. This infuriated her and this prompted her to redo the divorce papers. Originally, she had planned to have a clean break and not asking for much from him. Only getting the last of her paychecks from working in the agency along with everything else that came along with resigning from her position there. That should help her getting a small apartment and help her with her baby once they come into this world. Now, she planned on getting even. She planned on getting what is rightfully hers, half of the agency, home, properties and so much more. Luckily for her, Hisashi hated dealing with paperwork and had her do everything for him. Something she plans on exploiting of.
  • The day of the birth of one Izuku Midoriya, Inko handed her future ex-husband with divorce papers as she held her infant son. When Hisashi exclaimed he will do no such thing, Inko simply pulled out a file which was produced from a lawyer that stood by her side during this exchange. Said lawyer is one of the top divorce lawyers in the country and is doing this as a favor for the friend of his favorite niece, Mitsuki. In said file contained documents and pictures that could very well ruin Hisashi’s reputation as a hero and as a supposed married man.
  • Hisashi did not want a divorce. He did not want a divorce. This was the last thing he wanted to happen. However, he knew it was bound to happen. In his own way, he did care for Inko, but his plans always came foremost to everything else. Who to blame her as his anger always got the better of him and she’s the only one that got the brunt of it all? But he did not want Inko leaving him in such state and finding out she knew about the… affair. It was just supposed to be a onetime deal, nothing more and nothing less. But things just got out of hand and he enjoyed it. He knew that what he was doing was wrong and ended it with the woman right after Inko checked into the hospital for  24/7 care. Hisashi did not visit as he felt far too much of a coward and felt he did not deserve it.
  • When he got the call that Inko’s water broke, he attempted to make his way there, but a hero’s job never ends. Which resulted with where he is now. The first time even seeing his son is in the arms of his mother while he himself, getting served with divorced papers. Despite it all, despite how he wanted to fight for his family and everything he ever built up with Inko, he went back to his long-time goal and deciding this shouldn’t deter him. If Inko wanted a divorce, fine. Long as everything was kept under wraps to ensure his reputation is kept in good graces with the public, fine. He simply threw the file that could very well end his hero career to the lawyer and keeping a tight grip on the divorce papers stating that he will not sign anything until he gets his own lawyer.
  • Later that month, Inko and Hisashi divorced in impeccable terms. Hisashi finally knew how much control Inko had over his assets and life in general up until now. Inko ended getting many of the properties changed into her name or getting full control over them, that including the agency. In order to keep the agency, the matrimonial home had to be sold and all proceeds are to go into an account for their son, Izuku. Which brings up the custody of Izuku… in order to make things run more smoothly, it was agreed to a joint custody of Izuku with Inko having him majority of the time due to Hisashi’s duties as a hero.
  • It wasn’t even a month after said divorce that Hisashi found out he was going to be a father again with the woman he had an affair with and in that same year, he got remarried.
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The heir
by tireddiver

Midoriya Izuku is the son of Inko and Hisashi, two loving parents who want nothing but happiness for their young son. As Izuku strives to be a hero he learns some hard truths about the world and about his father. What will he do now that he knows? Will he follow in his father’s footsteps or will he break away and forge his own path?

Words: 2538, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Read Here:

More Izuku Stories
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The heir
by tireddiver

Midoriya Izuku is the son of Inko and Hisashi, two loving parents who want nothing but happiness for their young son. As Izuku strives to be a hero he learns some hard truths about the world and about his father. What will he do now that he knows? Will he follow in his father’s footsteps or will he break away and forge his own path?

Words: 2538, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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Resentfully Missing You
by mynameis152

Every time the season changes, Hisashi flies into Japan to visit his family.

Inko is always excited.

Izuku knows he should be, but that doesn’t change the fact that he feels distanced from his father. He wants to be happy about his return because he misses him.

But he’s feeling something else he just can’t put his fingers on.

Words: 1219, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Read Here:

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The Greatest Breakthrough In Japanese Policing
by ScottishSunshine

The All For One has managed to get their hands on a hard drive belonging to the fearsome villain! What could be on it?
Secret plans?
Financial records?
Medical reports?

(Based on an idea I mentioned back in chapter 18 of All For One’s Guide to a peaceful retirement.)

Words: 1284, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 6 of AfO’s Guide To A Peaceful Retirement

Read Here:

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Bitter Endings
by knightargents

On a rare occasion, Mina managed to get Bakugo to come with their group of friends out for ice cream. It was a good day too. For once in his life, Bakugo felt himself relax and simply enjoy being a teenager out with friends.

Until he sees Izuku’s dad, who should be in America, with his arm around a woman. A woman who wasn’t his wife.

Words: 677, Chapters: 1/2, Language: English

Read Here:

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Okay quick question but for Hisashi I need to make a choice. I need to decide just how much of a shitty guy he is.

Its already implied that he’s a shitty father and that some fucked up shit went down when he was around (more will be explained once I write the story of Izukus past). But I wan to add more. So these are my choices:

1.) Hiashi is actually AFO

2.) Hiashi is just a general villian

3.) Hisashi is just a shitty guy who abused his family then left when he found out his son was quirkless

4.) Hiashi is a hero overseas, but no one but his family and the Bakugos know about how shitty he.(I don’t really like this option but its still an option.)

Let me know what option you like. The most liked options will be picked :3

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