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This rare footage shows what life was like in all-Black towns during the 1920s. Click the link in our bio to watch the full report 🔗⁠

#BHM #ThinkingInColor #BlackHistoryMonth #blackownedbiz #blackownership #blacktowns #1920s #1920sfashion #blacklife #blacklifestyle #blackbusinessmatters #blacklivesmatter #melanin #business #history #blackhistory #mondaymotivation #rare #rarefootage #cotd #votd #unity #love #peace #supportsmallbusinesses

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Dunn, J. 2003. Jesus Remembered: Christianity in the Making. p. 339.
The crucifixion is one of “two facts in the life of Jesus [which] command[s] almost universal assent” and “rank[s] so high on the ‘almost impossible to doubt or deny’ scale of historical facts”
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Could you explain to me what dark academia is ? 🥺

Here is a great post containing a multitude of DA things!

I love getting asks but 99% of my asks are essentially “What is dark academia” I am unable to respond to all of these, so instead I offer this post which I think captures it perfectly

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I always wondered what was wrong with the world and why it was fucked up. First awakening was in sixth grade realizing the European went everywhere and caused havoc, including my home country. Then wondered why so-called Black People got it the worst out of so-called People of Color. When I found out about #NobleDrewAli and the connections to #Moors and #America. It all made sense to me. Growing up in the Public School they made sure you never heard the word #Moor. I was always drawn to #Moorish Culture and Islam once I learned about them. Even found out that my people have Moorish roots in Philippines and were #Islamic. The Aborigines there lost their knowledge of self as well. The so called Black Indians are Moors. If you look closely to the American Indian culture, it’s Islamic roots become apparent. I found this #history very important to learn because my son is a #MoorishAmerican. I am Father and if can give him anything is knowledge, most important knowledge of self. He will be Nationalizing soon.
#love #self #freeman #moabites #misnomer (at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

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James Bishop
The crucifixion is independently attested in no less than 11 independent sources from both within and outside of the New Testament: Pre-Mark Passion Narrative, Q, John, Paul, Hebrews, 1 Peter 2:24, Clement of Rome, Ignatius, Martyr, Josephus Flavius, and the reliable Roman historian Cornelius Tacitus. Pre-Mark and Q are very early dating to within years of the actual crucifixion.
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