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*I blush deeper, thinking for a moment before pushing him suddenly, not quite landing on top of him, nor is he on his back, more on his side on the bed, I push my body closer to his, making sure he stays inside me as I hump my hips forward into his slowly, wanting him to set the pace again, I nuzzle into his neck then, working on more marks* Mmm... T, this okay? (Shinsou Anon)

*lays down and pulls you on top properly* This is perfect… - Shinso 💜

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Ohhh... Oh God... You f, feel so nice!~ *I purr, a lazy smile on my face as I buck my hips up into him slightly, slit throbbing and tensing around him from being so sensitive, I bite my lip, watching him* T, the marks I g, gave you, they l, look good o, on you~ *I whine as I quiver* I'm g, gonna get y, you even more m, messy f, from cumming. (Shinsou Anon)

I wouldn’t mind a few more, Kitten. - Shinso 💜

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Heccie I love Shinso so damn much, this is gonna be so damn cute! Thank you, @winterssoldierrs​ x

You can find the whole series under the tag #ua sweet as candy !

Thank you so much for requesting ^^ -Yaomomo-chi xx


Hitoshi Shinso: Mint chewing gum


Originally posted by naty-js

Shinso almost sarcastically chewed the refreshing gum between his teeth as he watched some of Class 3A’s boys oogle over you in your cheer-leader’s uniform, his eyes fixating themselves upon your sweet face. You were clearly uncomfortable. Hitoshi’s body trudged over to you, his partner, grabbing your arm and pushing through the small crowd of teenage boys in order to get you out of harm’s way.

“Toshi, I can take care of myself,” You protested to no avail, his grip slightly tightening around your wrist, his pace quickening and a scowl upon his face.

“Just let me look after you, (F/N), … damn it,” Shinso grunted lowly, little chewing noises mingling with his words as the minty flavour flushed through his senses. The purple haired boy turned his head around to meet his deep indigo eyes with your own, “… you’re mine…”. His face was almost unreadable, cold and as unimpressed as he always was whilst he continued to chew his sweet treat.

The pair of you eventually arrived at the general studies dorm building, his hand still holding you closely as you were led up several flights of stairs to his room. The door slammed behind you both, neither of you caring about the loud bang of the wood as Shinso sat you down upon his futon, his muscular arms snaking around your waist and his face growing ever closer to your face. The sweet smell of mint meeting your senses, eliciting as smile on your lips as your boyfriend lay a minty kiss upon your mouth, returning the smile.

The cool mint flooded your mouth even after he pulled away from the kiss, leaving a light tingle upon your lips, his gaze fixated on your mouth only adding to the refreshing buzz on your soft lips. Shinso placed a hand underneath your chin, a thumb brushing against your cheek as he kissed you again, the sweet mint once again making your head whirl slightly in the passionate exchange.

“Kitten,” Hitoshi purred lowly, his lips only inches apart from your own, minty air fanning over your mouth, “You’re all mine, okay?” His deep magenta gaze fixated upon your delicate features, all of his adoration focused upon you. He was very much like the candy that he continued to chew upon: Cool and plesantly intoxicating, surprisingly delicate through his sweet words and gentle kiss whilst still leaving your lips hot and itching for more of his passion.

“Always, Shin.”

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Y, you're... You're bigger t, there... Then your fingers, and I'm r, really swollen from c, cumming so much. Y, you surprised m, me when you pushed I, inside me s, so suddenly. *I wrap my legs around his waist again, pulling him down to nuzzle and kiss him, looking at the marks I left on his neck and shoulders again* I, it feels good t, though. (Shinsou Anon)

*moves slowly making sure you’re feeling everything* - Shinso 💜

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Ah, mmm... I, I don't know what makes me m, more shy, your voice o, or your body... *Teasing and pleasing me like this, complimenting me, I squirm, licking my lips, I whine, not expecting him to push back inside me again, he's so hard and warm* Ahh! A, ahn! O, oh Shinsou!~ (Shinsou Anon)

hngh… yes? - Shinso 💜

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Woah hey reader friend! This is adorable, thanks so so much for your request ^^

I hope you enjoy the writing - I had so much fun writing it, I just adore Shinso so much eee he is a hero and he deserves the world. Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

Super quick author’s note: (L/N) stands for last name! 

ALSO, there are several different suffixes here so I’ll list them: 

  • ‘Dono’ = My lord; Overly formal.
  • ‘No kimi’ = My beloved, refers to someone who acts like a princess/ prince, Overly formal, romantic, very rarely used.
  • ‘Danna-san’ = Husband, non-formal, commonly used.

Love from Yaomomo-chi! xxx


Hitoshi Shinso:


Originally posted by memeheroacademia

“You should look where you’re going … silly girl,” the purple haired boy grumbled, his harsh gaze trained upon your face making you stutter over your words and the blush on your cheeks reddening by the second. Hitoshi’s eyes were so beautiful, but, his mauve irises boring into your own were admittedly intense in the summer’s heat. The noise of the continuing sports festival glared somewhere behind you as you still stared upon Shinso’s expression in the student’s waiting/ preparation area. The moment between you both lingered, neither of you knowing what to say or do as the time slowly ticked by.

“I’m sorry, Shinso-dono, I didn’t mean to stare I just wanted to let you know that your fighting was incredible, even against Midoriya-kun you held your own and proved your strength. You have the potential to become a powerful pro someday, Hitoshi-san, please don’t doubt that!” You rambled before turning to leave in your deeply blushing state, though, you couldn’t move due to his sudden grip on your wrist.

“(L/N)-san, right?”

You nodded in response, gulping at his ever intensifying gaze.

“… Thank you,” he handed you a small piece of paper covered in his cursive handwriting, “You can find me in my dorm room if you … wish to discuss quirk use further …”. He turned around and left, leaving you stunned and still.

You chuckled, holding onto Shinso’s shoulder as his deadpanned face arose in a slight blush: Did his wife have to tell this story everywhere that you went together? Japan’s number 6 pro shifted his deep purple gaze between his beautiful wife and her giggling friends, sipping the last of his smooth red wine. Hitoshi found dinner occasions to be a bore but, he’d put up with anything for you: His entire beautiful world. You.

“(F/N)-No Kimi, shouldn’t you keep that to yourself,” He grumbled, placing a kiss atop your soft hair, “I’m sure your friends don’t want to be pestered by our romance.” Hitoshi sighed, paying the bill after your friends had shared goodbyes and taking you to your comfortable shared home.

You lay awake in the dark, feeling Hitoshi’s warmth across your back, smiling. You were sure he wasn’t already asleep so, the question arose:

“What’s with the ‘(F/N)-No kimi’, danna-san? I thought you didn’t do all those old fashioned romantic chivalry things.”

He huffed softly, nuzzling his nose against your back, smile settling on his lips, “My beloved … It suits you so well, (F/N). And besides, it’s my revenge.”

“What for?”

“Do you not remember? ‘Shinso-dono’,” He teased, laying a kiss on your shoulder, “If you’re allowed to be that formal, I am allowed to be too.”

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*I finally wrap my arms around him, pulling him into a deep kiss, my teeth rubbing against his lips gently, nipping, brokenly moaning my next orgasm into his mouth as I gush on his hand, tightening around his fingers again, clit pounding along with my heart, I whine as I pull away from his lips* Oh... Oh f, fuck... (Shinsou Anon)

Hmmm… so perfect, kitten… *pulls hand away and pushes his member inside you again* - Shinso 💜

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part twenty four - a denny’s parking lot

— you’re a youtuber known for your chaotic yet wholesome content and shinsou is a gamer who keeps getting accused of being an eboy. one day you upload a video trying your hand at gaming and shinsou tweets out about how much you suck.

series masterlist

a/n: yeah i really just named shinsou’s ex akuhei which means evil in japanese bc i’m straight up like that 😌 i hate her and hope she and y/n throw hands at a denny’s parking lot so y/n can pummel her ass 🤭👊🏼👊🏼 as always, pls let me know what u think and any predictions u have 👀 thank u for reading xx

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*I'm so swollen, and I've never been this wet and hot before, I jerk, stomach muscles clenching as I grab at him, at the blankets, at thin air, body twitching as he touches that good spot inside* Ah! Ahh! F, fuck! *I whine as I nuzzle him* G, gonna c, cuuuum!~ (Shinsou Anon)

Good, Kitten. Give me everything you’ve got. - Shinso 💜

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Now Available: Todoroki Shoto

No Longer Available: Ojiro Mashirao

Currently Seeking: Todoroki Shoto, Mirio Togata, Tamaki Amajiki, Shinso Hitoshi, Uraraka Ochaco, Yaoyorozu Momo, Jiro Kyoka, Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu, Kuroiro Shihai, Inasa Yoarashi

+ many more!

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*I kiss him back clumsily, heart pounding, cheeks crimson, I can feel sweat dripping down my skin now as I keep writhing and squirming, I gasp and go wide-eyed at him when I feel his fingers inside me again, I moan loudly, head lolling back* Ah! S, sensitive!~ O, oh fuck!... Please, oh please move your fingers! (Shinsou Anon)

*rubs your sweet spot repeatedly* - Shinso 💜

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*My clit is so swollen and tender, I squirm and writhe like mad, trying to keep the eye contact up but the sensations are too intense and I'm too flustered, I whimper loudly, twitching and making little gasping mewls as I lean up* T, too... S, sensitive!~ Oh, oh goodness... I, I've never c, cum this m, many times i, in one go b, before... (Shinsou Anon)

*chuckles and leans down to kiss you* Well, we’re not done… *pushes fingers inside you* - Shinso 💜

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