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@protectpresentmic this is so cute oh my god so I wrote two little drabbles of them doing this I hope you like them


Hizashi was overwhelmed with nerves. Excitement too, in fact he was primarily overwhelmed with excitement. But he couldn’t shake the anxious feeling his show would be a complete failure. Radio had always been something he loved- had he not gotten into U.A., it would’ve been his primary career choice. Thankfully he did get into U.A. though.

Plus, he discovered, he still had enough free time for his own late-night radio show.

You really can have it all.

He changed from his street clothes into his hero costume- Hizashi wasn’t the one running the show after all. It was Present Mic’s show -and made his way down to the station where he’d rented out a booth. The building was mostly empty, the hallways seeming to carry an echo as each step carried him closer and closer to his booth.

He waltzed into the room and took a quick pass over all the controls. Radio had been his passion for such a long time- he knew how most of this stuff worked already from reading about it as a child.

Then his eyes fell on the base of his microphone. A yellow post-it note was stuck to it with black writing scribbled across. Hizashi sat in the swivel chair and spun around, gliding to the microphone and picking up the note.

Good Luck Tonight, ‘zashi. Don’t deafen your listeners.

Hizashi grinned at the note, beaming from ear to ear. Even if his show failed- which it very well could -he knew he had at least one supporter.

He turned on the microphone and connected himself to the airwaves.

“Yeeaaaah—Hah! What is up my late-night radio fans! You’re all about to be a part of history! Welcome to the first ever Put Your Hands Up radio broadcast!”

The show turned out to be a rounding success. As Hizashi returned the following night, this time prepared with a whole new selection of music, he once again noticed a yellow note stuck to his microphone.

Great job it said, in Shouta’s familiar penmanship, with a little smiley doodle scribbled underneath.


It was completely illogical for him to miss work. He could walk, couldn’t he? And he could talk. So there was no justifiable reason not to attend his job.

The Nomu had done a number on him and he was still in a good amount of pain. But that wasn’t going to stop him from doing what was necessary.

He strolled into U.A. the first morning class was back in session and made his way into the teacher’s lounge, fellow instructors milling around the coffee pot talking about their weekends. Some had their days free from hero’ing, others worked the full 48 hours.

Shouta walked to the cabinets where the faculty had stored mugs for their drinks and swung the left side open. Perched right in front was a little white slip of paper, leaning against a navy blue mug.

“Aizawa, are you sure it’s a good idea to be back working so soon?” Kayama’s concern was supported by the other teachers.

“I’m fine to teach.” He replied, his tone sounding bored. He fished the scrap of paper off the mug and took the cup as well, pouring himself some coffee with cream and sugar added in. As he stirred his drink, he unfolded the paper.

There was a smiling cat’s face drawn right at the top. It looked like something a child would do, with the features bearing almost no similarities to an actual cat besides the pointed ears and whiskers. The triangular nose appeared to be that of a cartoon.

Beneath the unrealistic doodle, Shouta found a little message.

HEY SHOUTA, glad you’re okay!

take it easy today!

Shouta smiled at the note and folded it back up, sticking it in his pocket and making his way to class, fresh coffee in tow.

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Hizashi and Oboro calling Shouta “Shou”, or more often, “Shou-chan”

Shouta not knowing how to react to nicknames and getting embarrassed

“My name’s Shouta”

“Whatever you say, Shou-chan

Hizashi going back to just calling him Shouta/Aizawa when Oboro dies

“Shou-chan” dying

Then, 16 years later, somehow, beyond all odds and miracles, the heroes win against the league

If only Oboro could’ve been rescued too-

“Shou-chan! Hizashi! That was incredible!”

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I feel like it’s entirely possible Hizashi secretly thinks poorly of himself as a hero, especially after the USJ arc.

He wasn’t able to save Oboro when they were kids, he wasn’t able to help Shouta, he wasn’t able to do anything when they needed him. That’s gotta rock your confidence. Then at the USJ, seeing the condition his best friend was left in, knowing he could’ve helped him this time. That he could’ve made a difference.

Being terrified that he was gonna lose Shouta too.

Knowing Shouta was going up against all these villains by himself. Knowing that’s not what he’s cut out for, that he needed him and he wasn’t there.

Idk I feel like Hizashi could so easily have a lot of frustrations within himself and regret a lot of things that were out of his control and it makes me sad.

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BRO I’M HYPED TOO! I’ll just add that i have dyslexia (it’s basically where reading words, letters, and other symbols are really confusing to me) so having someone that can help me out with that would be nice.

Aww, but of course!! Oh man, I’m so excited because I believe, your parent could very well be 




- ohohohohoho this is going to be an epic father/son match

- where you have all the chill, Hizashi essentially has none of it

- At least, out in public anyways. When you’re both at home, he’s less yell-y at least lol

- Always in a conversational mood, expect to have chats whenever he’s home. He asks how your day was, if you met anyone new, even if you just saw a dog across the street, he wants to know. And then he’ll dive into his own life too, making a few jokes here and there.

- the atmosphere is almost always light with him, that’s for sure.

- Gosh he is just such a doting father, it’s crazy. Loves you for like everything you do, and will absolutely brag about you to everyone.

- Now, the guy is juggling three jobs, so he’s not always home. And he always feels bad about it, because he really feels like you deserve a present father (heh, puns), so whenever he is home, he makes the most of it.

- Which is why he’s always talking your ear off and spending so much time with you. And on the rare times he doesn’t have to be anywhere at night, he’s a mean cook and you can practically smell it the entire way to your room.

- Laughs as he dishes it in front of you and every time he goes “Dinner’s served, my little listener!”

- You really didn’t know how much Hizashi talked about you until one day Aizawa dropped by. Hizashi wasn’t home so you answered the door and he walks in like “Mic forgot some of these papers at his office, I’m returning them.” And then he’ll look at you. “So, you’re the kid he won’t stop blabbering on about?”

- “Woah, what?”
- “Yeah, all he ever does is talk about you and what you’re up to, and he practically shoves his phone in the entire staff’s faces of all the pictures he has. It’s really annoying.”

- “Huh..”

- Also, this works out perfectly, because he is an english teacher.

- He’d totally be up to helping you out with your dyslexia and make it easier on you.

- He proofreads every essay you write to help out and make sure you didn’t misword anything

- and oh boy, someone help the poor, dastardly wretch whoever, and I mean ever is transphobic, homophobic and/or rude to you in his presence.

- He gets so passive aggressive and protective over you. Now, he’s not gonna like, throw fists or anything, he’s a hero after all. But you know that crazy face expression he gets from time to time where he smiles and his glasses fall off a little to show his crazy eyes? That’s what he’s got the entire time he’s low-key threatening this person to never speak to you or anyone else in the LGBT+ community like that again.

- Then he does a total 180, back to his normal dad self and puts a hand on your shoulder and asks if you’re okay before taking you off to do something that’ll cheer you up!

- Loves your doggies, they absolutely live in luxury, he spoils them rotten. He always goes on walks with them and you whenever he can.

- Lmao and you can go to him for all of your romantic endeavors, he’s seriously so proud of you for being able to be as upfront and open with your feelings as you are and does nothing but encourage it. He takes you to any pride fests/things you want, supportive dad for the win!

- Always asks questions about the trans community and your personal dysphoria, never ever does he want to do something that might hurt you.

- And expect dad jokes, sooooooo many dad jokes. Lol good luck~!

- Overall, this is amazing, he’s so proud of you, and he will often cry about how much he loves you as his son.

I… went so overboard, but this is what happens when I’m excited, I hope you enjoyed, friend!!

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What if the reason Hizashi works 3 full jobs is because he can’t stand down time because his mind will start wandering and he’ll start thinking of his work study and the day he tried to fight Garvey but instead his quirk wound up being amplified against his best friends and he couldn’t do anything to help them fight.

So he just never gives himself the chance to have enough down time for his mind to start spinning.

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“They were meant to be a trio”

I’m sorry but it has been several hours now and I cant stop reading @deafmic’s rant about the 3 of them and what Oboro’s death did to Shouta and Hizashi. But that one sentence is killing me to no end.

They were meant to be a trio.

They were meant to open their own hero agency.

They were meant to save lives, together.

And then they lost everything.


ps @deafmic I am sorry for spamming your notes the last couple hours but also I’m not because your rooftop boys analyses are a blessing

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Yk what I love? Nemuri being an older sister to them 3. (Moreso Shouta and Oboro, but that’s just because they were interning at the same agency so she spent more time with them. If Hizashi were part of Team Purple Revolution though-)

I just love how she spent so much time with them when she could, how she treated them and how much she enjoyed being around them and watching them grow, helping them even. How she doesn’t say anything about them breaking the rules every day to hang out on the roof because she likes to hang out there too. How she dubs them the “rooftop boys”

I also like to think that she tried her damn hardest to help Hizashi and Shouta when they were all mourning Oboro’s death, like she tried to stay strong and be a shoulder for them to cry on. Not sure if they would tbh- I could see it both ways. But she definetely was there for them.

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Absolutely No one:
Everyone minding their own business:
A normal human minding their own business:
People: …wtf…
Me: *now gets a little nervous* we could be friends and brainstorm and be cute and have headcannons and find fun RP people….*hides* Sorry

**But seriously if anyone is up for a Present Mic group please please let me know. plus I want friends…also I apologize anyone I tagged is bothered by this…yeah Im hella awkward… sorry**


Originally posted by sixcorrupted

@shangaii-chan @dorky-bird @aizawas-thicc-thighs @hizashis-quirk @nartothelar @ponpox @zashiart @jeanscigarettes @lambojet @deafmic @lemonmutt @sleepysenseis @shoutinghobo @shout-and-mute@corndog-patrol@theyellmanfan@sunshinexxinxxyourxxsmile@natexxwrites@awwmiight

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Shouta accidentally gets himself desperate and Hizashi’s like 👀👀👀👀 oh? Time to relentlessly tease my husband??? But like, Shouta is way more desperate than he’s showing bc they’re in public even though there’s like one (1) other person there (it’s Toshinori don’t @ me) nd Hizashi goes to poke Shou in the abdomen but Shouta flinches so violently that he gets kinda worried and he’s like ?? Shou are you ok??? Shouta just goes quiet and grabs himself just as he loses it. Hizashi’s just like oh fuck!! And goes into protect husband mode and swoops him away from other people to take care of him

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Does this mean Eraser AND Mic are your arm candy?

If I understand the question right, you’re implying the three of us are a thing.

I’ll let it up to your imagination whether or not the three of us have a relationship. 😏😋😘

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