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#hizashi yamada

Hizashi and Oboro calling Shouta “Shou”, or more often, “Shou-chan”

Shouta not knowing how to react to nicknames and getting embarrassed

“My name’s Shouta”

“Whatever you say, Shou-chan

Hizashi going back to just calling him Shouta/Aizawa when Oboro dies

“Shou-chan” dying

Then, 16 years later, somehow, beyond all odds and miracles, the heroes win against the league

If only Oboro could’ve been rescued too-

“Shou-chan! Hizashi! That was incredible!”

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I feel like it’s entirely possible Hizashi secretly thinks poorly of himself as a hero, especially after the USJ arc.

He wasn’t able to save Oboro when they were kids, he wasn’t able to help Shouta, he wasn’t able to do anything when they needed him. That’s gotta rock your confidence. Then at the USJ, seeing the condition his best friend was left in, knowing he could’ve helped him this time. That he could’ve made a difference.

Being terrified that he was gonna lose Shouta too.

Knowing Shouta was going up against all these villains by himself. Knowing that’s not what he’s cut out for, that he needed him and he wasn’t there.

Idk I feel like Hizashi could so easily have a lot of frustrations within himself and regret a lot of things that were out of his control and it makes me sad.

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Alright so with my fallenangelofhades blog being terminated (for whatever god forsaken reason), I have created a new account for my multifandom universe… 


If you want to send me prompts, you can send them to me here (onedirectionymcmb) or over to midnightphoenixdream. midnightphoenixdream is going to be my main blog once I get everything settled. I’m already working on getting all my pages redone and my ask box is already open. I do accept prompts of any kind and I do have certain guidelines for NSFW which I have a page for on midnightphoenixdream. 

I’ve reposted all of my prompts from fallenangelofhades and I’m guessing cause I just made the account, it’s not showing up in the tags. I’ve never had this problem but oh well. I’ve had to create a new email and everything cause it’s telling me my information is already in use but the Tumblr Help Center said I could re-use it… yeah… right. 

I still have prompts to write for BakuTodo (which I had had done before this all happened), Chreon, Halzek, and Rhodestead. They will be done and posted to midnightphoenixdream. I’ve been able to message a couple of the people who had sent me these prompts and had let them know of the situation. 

So below I’m going to tag all the reposts of all my prompts cause they aren’t showing up yet… one again probably cause I HAD TO RESTART MY ENTIRE FREAKING BLOG FML… I still have a few that I’m working on. If you sent any to my fallenangelofhades blog anonymously… I don’t have a message for it anymore. I have them written down somewhere so hopefully I can find that notebook…

All the prompts have been posted to midnightphoenixdream and below I’ve linked them with the title of the prompt so you can find them while I get the tags sorted out. Which again I think it’s cause my new main blog is new..


It’s On - Erasermic

Cookie Dough - Erasermight

One Step Closer - DekuTodo

Just Like You - Erasermight

Safe and Sound - Erasercloud

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Voice and solid air or voice and explosion ;)

I mean I have to do the one with the two yelling blondes.

New Quirk Name: Decibomb

This Emitter type Quirk activates whenever the user yells. When this happens, a powerful explosion is created from their mouth, traveling along a straight line in front of the user. The power of the Quirk is based around the user’s volume outside of any outside amplification. So the louder the user yells, the more powerful the explosion becomes. The user can manipulate this explosion, by moving their mouth or placing their hands in certain positions, giving this one simple attack a little more variety. This gives the user a lot of destructive power, with some variation in how they can apply it, able to decimate opponents and obstacles with prejudice. This attack is based around the user’s throat, so any attack to the throat or anything that keeps the user from breathing or speaking will prevent them from using their Quirk. The frequent use of the Quirk can be painful for the user’s throat.

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Please remember, this fic is rated explicit and has warnings of sex, violence, and other possible triggers.

***If you prefer reading off AO3 here’s the link for that:

If you enjoyed reading this at all please comment and let me know. Since I post for free, think of it as nice way of leaving a tip.  And since comments are the only thing that encourages me to keep editing and posting, it’s also a benefit for you.

Thank you to those who have left hearts.  And a VERY special thank you to those who have recently left comments or re-blogged. They REALLY mean a lot.

As always, an extra special thank you to @inorganicone2230  for their encouragement and friendship.  This fic was my personal guilty pleasure, and without them never be getting posted. You can also thank them for the idea on what Hizashi would want for his roleplay.


“So. About that roleplay you promised.”  Hizashi said when they got home.

Her back to him, Teris stopped in the living room. Damn. She had promised him that, hadn’t she.

“Zashi, it’s–”

“Not Zashi, Babe.  Mic.”  Hizashi corrected.

It should be an easy enough thing for you to call me, he thought.  You have no problem addressing me so formally at school.  Just pretend we’re there.

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Hey everyone so this is a repost of my prompt fic from itsthefandommash. My blog fallenangelofhades for some reason got terminated so I’m reposting all my prompts! This was the first I received. 

Summary: So I went to tumblr and asked (begged xD) for prompts. This one I recieved from itsthefandommash (I love this username, I sang Monster Mash with fandom in my head) which as Erasermic with a simple prank war, like putting flour in a hairdryer.

The second the words, “It’s on.” left Shouta’s mouth, Hizashi knew he screwed up.
Or how Hizashi started a prank war with his husband and somehow Class 1-A gets to witness it all.

Author’s Note: So this was really fun to write. I’ve had a bad case of writer’s block with I Want It That Way (which is very infuriating) and hit up tumblr for prompts of fluff and not angst. I write so much angst. I’m actually really open to prompts, I do pretty much anything. (NSFW usually has to fall under what person I have for bottom/top or I just can’t bring myself to write it.) But like I need more fluff in my life and can never come up with anything xD So anyway on with the fic.

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