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Hi-hi! I’m not dead, well pretty sure I’m not.

I hope everyone had amazing holidays because I know I missed a few. I’m so sorry for disappearing for so long. This year has been a fur matting mess and honestly I think I still have knots in my tail, but I miss being here and I really want to try posting again.

Due to some changes in my life I’m revamping my look online. Don’t worry I don’t think it’s major, but some new backgrounds for edits and a few other things. I’m still BlueFox, just have some new shades in my fur.

Anyway, the edits I’m going to post for the rest of the year I had already made and I think that they deserve to be put out. Kind of like honoring the past me in a way. Because it’s still a part of me.

I think that’s all I have to say. So, I hope you have a wonderlandiful day/night! Thank you so so much for staying with me if you did and for your patience!!

‘Til next from BlueFox.

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Rufflegs (Ruffnut/Fishlegs) - Fire In The Rain - Snoggletogg Log SPOILERS

First of all, the song choice was inspired by Chris Edward’s amazing hiccstrid video:

Homecoming was so cute and heartwarming and amazing, I am over the moon that Rufflegs is actually canon! :D

This is a tribute to the development of their relationship over the years.

Zephyr and Nuffink were spot on, too! :D

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Just watched Httyd homecoming and here are a few thoughts…

1. I was very apprehensive when they mentioned it was set before the epilogue to thw since it would mean that either Hiccup and Toothless didn’t interact or the epilogue would have continuity issues. Of course it was the first one which was still sad because the whole human-dragon relationship was founded by those two. Surely setting it after epilogue would be better as it could show them all celebrating together and maybe making a tradition of meeting up every year?

2. Okay the baby nightlights were very cute and I’m glad we got to see more of them, though admittedly, their design always feels “off” to me due to the weird square heads.

3. Don’t get the light fury hate. She likes Hiccup, but was trying to deter Toothless from visiting the humans because of the chance of putting her family in danger. She was drugged by Grimmel. She’s probably worried her family will bang into people like that on the way to New Berk, not because they might interact with the Berkians.

Also don’t get the argument that Toothless forgot about Hiccup (even mentioned by Dean himself). He was drawing his bud and pining for him in this short! Also, he wanted to come visit!

4. The nose touch scenes in the play and between the kids were amazing! I also loved Hiccups many lines which parrelel the other movies. If you know, you know!

5. The fact Hiccup still puts food out for Toothless on snoggletog eve broke my heart and I’m at least glad toothless came to eat some and do a quick fly-by so that Hiccup could see him!

Overall better than expected and the ending tied in well with the epilogue. I just personally don’t know why they didn’t set it in the future and have the dragons come visit properly so they could remind each other of the unbreakable bond they share that way! Also, you can’t convince me that the other riders dragons wouldn’t have followed Toothless since they loved their riders too! Dreamworks, I know you said this is it but please show us grown up hicctrid kids and night lights!

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Repost from @natebuzz ’s Instagram story from Sydney, yesterday #TheOriginals #Photography #Picture #Pic #TheVampireDiaries #natebuzz #akf #nathanielbuzolic #mikaelsonfamily #story #alwayskeepfighting #actors #TVDFamily #Actor #PhotoOfTheDay #home #vampire #homebound #homecoming #holidays #losangeles #sydney #australian #travel #summer (at Sydney, Australia)

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Via Instagram

tomholland2013 Yesterday @sub0mission came to visit us on set to talk about what they are doing to help the homeless here in Cleveland. We teamed up with @empowermentplan to give them some of their multi-purpose coats, which will hopefully make a brighter Christmas for people in need. This is one of the incredible charities we are supporting @thebrotherstrust go to the link in my bio to find out more ❤️ #theempowermentplan #thebrotherstrust

December 13, 2019

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Put a Little Love on Me (Joe Mazzello x Reader)

Summary & A/N: This fic was written for @acdeaky​ for the Secret Santa event, based on her request for a ‘homecoming, friends-to-lovers’ story.’  I selected our lovely lovelorn Joe.  The event was expertly planned and organized by @sohoneyspreadyourwings​ - Sabrina, Darling: so appreciate your clever idea and caring efforts to help us celebrate the holiday season!  And, MANY thanks and props to the amazingly creative – and supportive – @warriorteam1924​ for providing story and title song ideas!  Happy holidays to you all!  

Warnings:  Here at The Fluff and Angst…

There’s no place like home…Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz was right, you mused, as you pulled your suitcase, clutching your purse through Heathrow Airport with one goal in mind:  curling up in your own warm bed in your tiny apartment and falling into a deep sleep tonight.  A museum fundraising consultant, you just wrapped an exciting gig at Tate Modern, rushing out of your last meeting to get to the airport on time.  Security took forever, and once you grabbed your bags and put on your shoes, you felt panicked upon hearing your flight was boarding–you had to go to the bathroom-and of course, the gate was the last one at the end of a long corridor.

As you glanced at your phone to check the time, you saw a message on your screen from your oldest and dearest childhood friend, Joe, an actor, who was taping a new show in LA.  You and Joe had been through all of life’s benchmarks and vicissitudes together: graduations, career ebbs and flows, romantic ups and downs, friend drama – and every emotion under the sun.  You socialized with each other’s families and knew them all intimately.  As kids you set up intricate stories playing Pirate Ship and House.  Joe always added humor and mischievousness into the pretend games.  As college students, you travelled cross country.  Joe and you could always pick up where you left off, though these days, you often weren’t in the same place for very long.  It had been months since you had seen each other.  Nevertheless, you trusted each other implicitly.  You knew each other’s phone passcodes.  You served as each other’s emergency contacts. You had exchanged home keys in case of emergencies.  

You glanced at Joe’s message:


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