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#honduran curly hair

Hello, your blog is adorable! This is my pet tarantula, Vex (and his shedding). He is a Honduran Curly Hair. Also we don’t know for sure if he is a he because the only way to tell is if he has these hooks on his front legs (used for sexy time with the ladies) and all the hairs kind of hide it so… hmm

Hello! Thank you! Whether Vex is a lady spider or a manbro spider I still love him and think he is perfect. Look at those lush leg locks. A++++++

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bug update:

Hiroshima is a sweetheart, as per usual. She’s not really interested in eating anything which is strange considering how permanently hungry she is normally.

Hoshi is… having a phase. Ever since their last molt, they’ve been acting up. At least they are eating alright. They seem to like the cute pastel flower pot, too.

Theodor is an angry jerk, but he let me pick him up, which doesn’t happen often. He’s making a mess of his water dish.

And finally, momma Pickle. She’s the sweetest little alien and I love her.

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