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16. 01. 20.

Today was actually a good day. For once.

(don’t mind me drinking my vanilla-caramel creme on the hardwood floor of my room and threatening the life of that poor library book… I’m sorry, but I had to do it… for the photos…)

m y  d a i l y  r a y  o f  s u n s h i n e :

- I aced today’s physics quiz!!! (I’m somehow still maintaining a perfect score in all my classes this quarter?!?!)

- My science teacher put me in honors biology for next year (high-school placements this week eeek) and showered me with compliments :)))

a f t e r - s c h o o l  a g e n d a :

- health assignment (stupid worksheet)

- track my nutrition for the day (and calculate all my calories, protein intake, carbs, etc. for health class… ughhhhh… it’s gonna take FOREVER, considering I don’t really eat any packaged/labeled foods)

- algebra one hw (nineteen word problems due tomorrow morning?! now she’s really begging me to slit her throat)

- Duolingo (I’m fluent in German and English and am currently learning Spanish. What languages do you guys speak?)

- work on memorizing my lines for the play (done with scene one!!! so proud of myself)

- smart music vocal lesson (as if I would actually do that)

- read ahead for my social studies class

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