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#hope pym

Characters: Hope Pym x Reader
Warnings: Swearing 
Synopsis: You’re the newest lab assistant, Hope’s mad about it 

AN - Tester Fic, you like this character let me know and I’ll keep writing for her! 

“You two finish loading these up for me, I’ll be right back” 

You watch sadly as Hank leaves you alone with his daughter, Hope. It wasn’t that she was a horrible person, or that you even disliked her, you admired and respected her for her abilities. But she hated you. Ever since you’d been hired she’d suspected you of ill intentions, you’d been accused of stealing her father’s inventions more than once. 

You move back and forth from the lab table to the storage fridges on the wall, the quicker you got the particles put away then quicker you could excuse yourself and leave. If you were somewhere else then there was less chance of being accused of theft. 

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How do you think the Avengers would react to Black Friday?

And don’t tell me Tony wouldn’t bother because we all know he’d be the first one up at 4 AM already standing in line outside his favorite stores

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(Sunday, November 3, 2019)

Ant-Man 3 has been confirmed!!! And Peyton Reed, the director of the first two Ant-Man films, will be back to direct! I love the Ant-Man franchise, and I wasn’t sure a third Ant-Man movie was happening, so this is exciting.

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Future Marvel movies will have you all crying/angry

To those who don’t read comics or don’t have the time to read about certain characters, some of your beloved side characters and main heroes may end up as villains. *cough* *cough* Ned Leeds *cough* *cough* M'Baku *cough* *cough* possible Hope Pym aka the wasp *cough* *cough* Man I need to see a doctor

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“Scott, you sound too nice. You have to be disappointed, or angry.” Scott nodded. The two of them sat in the driveway, rehearsing what they were going to say to you and how they were going to punish you. They weren’t really sure what to do, or say. You weren’t the type of kid to get in trouble. You brought home good grades, never stayed out past your curfew. The only thing was, you wanted to join them. You believed you were old enough, and responsible enough, and if Peter Parker was allowed to, so should you. When they said no you took things into your own hands by stealing their suits.

“Okay, okay, but I can’t stand to see their little face so sad!” Your mother sighed, deciding again she would have to be the bad cop, and Scott would be the good cop. “How can we be mad at them? They saved the day!” He wasn’t wrong. You’d been able to fight off one bad guy with your minimal training, something you inherited from your father called dumb luck. You could have been killed, she worried, or you could have gotten others killed.

“They went behind our backs, stole our suits, and put themselves in danger.”

“Oh yeah…”

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the best grandparents in the world

Summary: (requested by @steampunk-archer) Cassie calls Hank and Janet grandma and grandpa for the first time

Wc: 830


“No candy one hour before bedtime and she should be asleep before 10. Cassie tends to sneak out of her bedroom to grab snacks in the pantry within the first hour of going to bed if you don’t check on her. Other than that, just make sure she stays happy and healthy for…” Scott checked his watch (the fancy one that he brought out only to impress Hope) for the time before continuing.  “5 hours, give or take. Hope and I will be back at around 11. Thank you so much for taking care of Cassie.”

“Not a problem at all. It’s our delight to be babysitting Cassie,” Janet smiled and Hank nodded in agreement. Hank and Janet had been kind enough to offer to watch over Cassie while Scott and Hope went on a date. The couple rarely had time to spend together and Janet had encouraged them to take some time off to go on a date, insisting that she and Hank would take care of Cassie for Scott.

“Good luck. She’s tough to take care of,” Scott joked, laughing as Cassie stuck her head out of the kitchen with a fake pout on her face.

“I heard that!” Janet smiled affectionately at Cassie’s remark. Janet had been absent for the majority of Hope’s childhood and taking care of Cassie was going to bring back a lot of memories of her and Hope. Janet did feel guilty for not being there but the past was in the past and Hope had forgiven Janet. The best Janet could do now was take care of Cassie as if that could make up all the lost time.

There was a knock on the door and Scott stood up, running his fingers through his throat nervously and clearing his throat. “That’s my cue to go! Have fun taking care of Cassie!”

Before Scott could step outside of the door, Cassie quickly ran over to Scott and hugged him, wrapping her small arms around his waist. Scott smiled and kissed Cassie on the top of her head before Cassie pulled away, grinning widely as Scott opened the door. She waved to Hope, who was standing outside the door in a fancy dress, and the couple left. Janet closed and locked the door as Cassie ran upstairs to her room.

Hank followed her up to her room, already worried that something bad was going to happen but to his relief, Cassie was sitting on her bedroom floor, taking out a box from underneath her bed. She opened up the box to reveal a small pile of Legos and an unfinished Lego structure. Hank sat across from Cassie, watching her sift through the loose pieces of Lego. “What are you building?”

“It’s a gift for Dad. Don’t tell him, okay? It’s a Lego structure of his suit. It’s kinda hard to build because I can’t really remember the details of his suit,” Cassie admitted, frowning a bit as she cast a glance over at the unfinished structure.

“I can help you. I designed his suit,” Hank informed proudly and Cassie’s eyes widened at his comment.

“Really? Great! Can you help me build the belt?” Hank nodded, scooting over to sit next to Cassie. He instructed her on what pieces best resembled certain parts of the suit and Janet had stopped by the bedroom to take a look at how Cassie was doing. When she saw that Cassie and Hank were getting along well, she went to the kitchen and began to make macaroni and cheese for dinner. After half an hour, Janet called Cassie down to eat dinner and she put down her Legos, hurrying down the stairs to fill her empty stomach with Hank trailing behind her.

Cassie practically wolfed down the mac and cheese, claiming that it was the best mac and cheese she had ever had in her life and politely asked for a second serving. Of course, Janet obliged and Cassie quickly finished off her second serving as well before returning to her room to work on the Lego Ant-man suit with Hank. They worked on the Lego suit until 9:30, when Hank noticed Cassie’s yawns. He helped her clean up the loose Legos before she put the almost-finished model into the box and let her change into her pajamas.

Janet decided to tuck Cassie in and sat on her bed, reading her a bedtime story. When she finished, Janet stood up and reached over to turn off the light.

Cassie looked up at her and smiled sleepily but happily, “Goodnight grandma. Tell grandpa I said goodnight too. You guys are the best grandparents in the world.”

Janet was surprised but managed to reply, “I will. Sleep tight.”

She slowly walked out of the room, carefully closing the door behind her. Janet told Hank what Cassie had said and they both ended up grinning like idiots. Cassie really did have a positive effect on everybody around her and Janet had never wanted to protect somebody with her life more.


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