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Meme Master Hank (2/??)

Genre: Social Media/Written

Pairing: Hope Van Dyne x Scott Lang

Word Count: 2K


Warnings: Nothing really

Description:   When Hank sends Scott a meme Scott isn’t sure what’s going on. He didn’t know Hank even knew what memes were. Will Scott figure out his own daughter is involved.


Originally posted by pam-beesly-jim-halpert

As soon as Scott got the message from Hank he dialed Hope’s number.  “Scott, you are so lucky I love you because if I didn’t I would have killed you by now,” he could hear the exasperation in her voice.  “What were you thinking sending my dad that gif?”

“Okay, well it was an accident.  I hadn’t meant to send it to your dad, but here we are.  And second, since when did your dad learn about memes?”

Hope furrowed her brows in confusion, “What do you mean when did he learn about memes?  My dad isn’t into the youth culture.”

“He is now,” Scott told her as he paced in their shared kitchen.  “He sent me that meme of John Krasinski looking into the camera on The Office.”

Hope chuckled, “You’re kidding me right?  This is just to distract me from the fact that you told my dad that I make you scared and horny?”

“No, it’s not, here let me send it to you,” Scott quickly took a screenshot and sent it to Hope so she could see her dad’s message in response to his.  “See?”

Hope checked her messages and saw that Scott wasn’t joking.  “All right, strange, but not particularly concerning.  Maybe he just wanted to freak you out, and by your reaction it worked.”  She couldn’t understand why Scott was so worked up over this.

“It’s just weird,” Scott was telling her.  “He’s so… I don’t grouchy and old school.  Seeing him using a meme is offputting to me.”

“More offputting then the one you sent to him?”

Scott sighed, “You’re not going to let that go are you?”

“Not for a very long time, Lang,” Hope definitely wasn’t going to let this one go so easily.  “I need to get back to work, just try not to tell my father any more embarrassing details about our relationship while I’m gone.”  She said goodbye and hung up the phone.

Cassie shouldered her backpack and headed out of the school, she had expected Hope to pick her up from school so that they could have some bonding time together.  She really liked Hope and thought that she was perfect for her dad.  The two of them seemed to balance each other out and Cassie enjoyed seeing her dad so happy.

When she walked out of the school she saw Hank Pym sitting in his car on the curb.  Cassie had gotten a text from him a few days ago asking for help with a meme to use on her dad.  She had been surprised to say the least since she and Hank had never really discussed that sort of thing before, but she just rolled with the punches.  

Opening the passenger side door to Hank’s door she got in with a bright smile on her face, “Hey Hank, where’s Hope?”

“I asked her if I could pick you up today.  I wanted you to teach me more about this meme culture you kids have going on nowadays.  Apparently, I really freaked your father out when I sent him the one you gave me.”

Cassie had remembered that her dad had been troubled that day, but she hadn’t confessed that she had been the one that had helped Hank.  “Okay, I’ll help you, but can you help me with my science homework?  I’m not getting it and I figured you might be able to help me.”

“Sure thing, Cassie.  Just don’t tell your father that you’re the one tutoring me,” the deal was struck and off they went to Hank’s home to begin their lessons for the day until Hope could come get Cassie for their scheduled girls’ day.

Janet was in the kitchen making dinner for her and Hank when he came in with Cassie.  She smiled at Scott’s daughter, “Hello Cassie, I wasn’t expecting to see you today.”

“Hey Grandma Janet,” Cassie walked over and wrapped her arms around Janet.  

“How come I’m not Grandpa Hank?”  Hank arched an eyebrow as he took a seat at the table in the kitchen.

Cassie grinned at him, “You never asked.”

For the next several hours Cassie and Hank helped one another as Janet sat back and smiled at them.  She was glad to see that the two of them got along so well.  Hope entered the home and saw Cassie and Hank huddled together as her mother watched.  

“What’s going on?”  She leaned in and whispered to her mom.

“Oh Cassie is teaching Hank about meme culture,” Janet whispered back.

Puzzle pieces started to fall into place for Hope as she realized that Cassie was the one that gave her dad the meme to send to Scott.  “That actually makes a lot of sense,” Hope said as the lightbulb went off over her head.

“Ah Hope, you’re here,” Hank said as he looked up and noticed his daughter standing next to Janet.  “We were just studying.”

“Memes?” Hope smirked and Cassie giggled.  

“We’ve been caught, Grandpa Hank,” Cassie slid her phone into her pocket and stood, getting ready to go with Hope.

Hank pointed a finger at his daughter, “You can’t tell Scott, I want to mess with him.”

Hope held up her hands, “He won’t hear it from me.  You ready to go, Cassie?”

“Yep!”  She walked over to Hope who wrapped her arm around the younger girl’s shoulders.  “See you later Grandma Janet, Grandpa Hank!”  She waved as she and Hope disappeared out the door.

Janet looked at her husband and said, “You’re so mean to poor Scott.”

Hank snorted, “Gotta keep him on his toes somehow.  So what’s for dinner?”

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Meme Master Hank (1/??)

When Hank sends Scott a meme Scott isn’t sure what’s going on. He didn’t know Hank even knew what memes were. Will Scott figure out his own daughter is involved.

@i-need-a-doctor-run and I came up with this idea and I decided to turn it into a little mini story 😂

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Peter Parker x reader (both 18+) → Bucky Barnes x reader


Originally posted by underoos-tom


Summary: You first meet Peter Parker when you’re both 16 right before his interview with your step-dad, Tony Stark. When he moves to California two years later for his internship, what will become of the two of you

Warnings: language, mentions of teen pregnancy, eventual smut 18+ (chapters will be marked as such), EVERYONE  is 18+ when the story starts, and that’s all I can think to mention rn

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

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Tony’s cabin. Morgan plays with Steve and Wanda, sitting on his shoulders while they do the trick where she shoots out her powers for him to jump up and land on. Happy watches on looking close to having a heart attack, but they promise they won’t take her up too high.

Scott and Hope arrive with Cassie in tow. Morgan chats Cassie while Scott is once again star struck by Steve, making Wanda and Hope share knowing looks.

Clint and Natasha are in the living room, watching a movie that Clint has put on, dozing off. They’re awoken by Sam’s laughs and turn to see that he’s dared Bucky to jump in the lake, and Bucky -not one to back down- has obliged. Pepper shoos him into the bathroom, rummaging for a towel, before going back to the kitchen to finish dinner.

Bruce and Thor are poring over Bruce’s latest science book. Thor listens intently to Bruce’s explanations of the different scientific discoveries, nodding along enthusiastically despite not having a clue what Bruce is talking about. Carol joins them and they start an animated conversation about space, with each of them chipping in their own findings and stories.

Tony, Rhodey and Nebula are in the garage, fiddling over Pepper’s latest ‘anniversary gift’.Rhodey tells Tony he’s nitpicking, and it’s perfect already, but before they can answer, the door swings open and Morgan tells them dinner is ready.

A long table is set out with a place for everyone, and they take their seats as Pepper begins to serve with Bruce and Wanda’s help. The food comes out looking glorious, earning Pepper praise from everyone at the table.

They sit down and eat together. They chat, not shop talk about the Avengers, but funny things that have happened since they last saw each other, and little anecdotes from their days.

Life is good.

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