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[au] jung hoseok as your dance teacher

  • practice, practice, practice
  • he’s really strict but once he saw you getting tired, he will turn into a soft person
  • “are you okay?” “here, drink this.”
  • usually after practice he would ask you to eat dinner together
  • pizza as dinner, as always
  • “it’s okay, i believe that you can do it.”
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Originally posted by yccnseok-archive

(I have no idea what this gif has to do with anything, but I think it’s funny so…meh)


 When he came home and found you lying on the floor, purse on your shoulder and phone flung across the room, he immediately panicked.  

He would rush over to your side and checking your pulse.  

When he concluded you were still alive, he would calm down (but only slightly).  

He would then pick you up and lay you back down on your bed, then do whatever was necessary to make sure you were in a position where you could breath and you were comfortable.  

And I feel like when you woke up, he would want to have a conversation right then and there. He would not let you do this to yourself again.  


Originally posted by sugagifs


After Yoongi got a call from one of your coworkers saying that you had collapsed, this would be one of the only times his bandmates had seen him panic.  

He barely managed to put a jacket on before rushing out the door (even though it was the middle of winter).  

He would arrive at your office looking like he had run a marathon. Chest heaving, swear pouring off of him.  

But he would pay his own condition no mind as he ran over to you and knelt by your side.  

He was aware that you had been working longer hours than usual and barely getting any sleep. But he wasn’t any different, was he? 

He had though if he didn’t bother you about it, it would go away eventually. He was wrong though, he had let it go on for far too long.  

Since he knew that it was only exhaustion and nothing more serious, he had one of your coworkers gently place you on his back and he secured his hands behind your knees.  

After he thanked everyone who had helped, he quickly made his way back to your shared apartment and let you rest on a proper bed.  

Rest assured that once you woke up, he would let you know what he thought.  


Originally posted by yourpinkpill


You collapsing would scare this poor man half to death.  

One minute you two were having a nice conversation about some movie, and then the next minute, your eyes rolled back in your head and you fell off of your chair and onto the dining room floor.  

Because he didn’t know what was going on, he called an ambulance in a panic.  

On the way to the hospital, he could barely keep still for longer than two seconds, pacing around the vehicle.  

When you arrived at the hospital and the doctors checked up on you, they let Hoseok know that you had just passed out from exhaustion, and that once they had given you the proper fluids, you should return home and rest in bed for three days straight.  

Once you two did return home, he followed the doctor’s instructions to a T.  

He did not let you leave that bed for anything but going to the bathroom.  

And he didn’t even have to say anything, just seeing him in his panicked state made you not want to do the same thing twice. 


Originally posted by jung-koook


This sweet, dimpled man would surprisingly be calm, I think.  

He had known that you were working later nights and longer days, and kind of expected something like this to happen eventually.  

He had kept telling you to stop doing this to yourself, but you being your stubborn self would have none of it.  

So when you collapsed outside the door to your apartment, he just gently picked you up and carried you inside, laying you down on the bed.  

When you woke up, he would first make sure you were alright before giving you a stern ‘I told you so’ speech and making you promise never to do that again.  


Originally posted by jungshiii


This sweetheart would be so startled that he would nearly fall down himself when you slumped down onto him as you were walking hand in hand down the beach.  

Once he was properly carrying you, he would immediately call for help from anyone walking by, which only encouraged a crowd of people to gather around the two of you.  

When the paramedics arrived, they did a quick check of your vitals, and once they confirmed you just had a fainting spell, they informed Jimin that this was caused due to your problem with heat and overworking yourself.  

Then they advised him to take you home and run you a cold bath once you woke up.  

And he did exactly that.  

And I can assure you he kept a close eye on you from now on to make sure you stayed healthy.  


Originally posted by earthsignboys


This man is such an angel, I swear.  

He hadn’t noticed that you were working later days than usual due to his own erratic schedule, so when he received a call from the hospital saying that you had collapsed, it would take him by surprise.  

He would rush to the hospital, demanding that he be taken to your room immediately.  

When he got there, the doctors assured him that you were all right, but you just needed more sleep. 

 When you woke up, he let you lean on him as he gently led you home and into your comfy bed.  

And from then on, he made sure to come home at a decent time so in turn, he could guarantee you got enough sleep.  


Originally posted by seokjinite


When you fainted, I feel like Jungkook would not know what to do, but not completely panic at the same time.  

Instead of calling the hospital, he would enlist Jin’s help in ensuring you were healthy.  

He did as his hyung instructed, laying you down on the bed and placing extra pillows under head to make sure you could breath.  

When you woke up, he would ask you why you did this to yourself, and when he decided that your answer was not adequate, he would make you promise to get proper sleep in the future. 

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Stealing their Clothes

Yoongi pretended to not care about you wearing his clothes but he was secretly soft for it. He would purposely leave a hoodie on the end of his bed when he knew he would be home late so you could curl up in it until he was home to cuddle with you. One night he came home late from the studio and spotted you curled up on the couch buried in one of his oversized sweatshirts. He couldn’t help but blush and smile at how tiny and cute you were in his clothes sound asleep. It helped him relax knowing little pieces of him could comfort you when he wasn’t able to be there.

Jimin would literally throw clothing at you, what was his was yours. You almost exclusively wore his sweaters now. He was obsessed with the way they were oversized on your frame and gave you sweater paws. He just couldn’t get over how cute you were in his clothing. Sometimes he would buy two of the same thing just so you could match. Though you would own the same thing, he would still leave his favorite jacket or sweater at your place knowing having something that was exclusively his made it more special to have.

Namjoon would be very practical about the clothing he gave you. It’s going to be cold? Here take one of my sweatshirts. Need to sleep over? Steal one of my t shirts. Joonie would have something ready for you whenever you needed it. That also meant when you missed him. Whenever he knew he would be gone for a long time he would wear a sweatshirt a little more often and then leave that one with you, giving it an extra spritz of cologne before “accidentally” leaving it at your place. It warmed his heart when you sent him pictures while he was away curled up in his clothes.

Jungkook would be playful about you stealing his clothing. If he saw a sms post and you happened to be wearing a black bucket hat. Or the time you just waltzed into the dorm with one of his long sleeves on. He wouldn’t notice at first, but he would do a double take. “Excuse me, where did that come from?” “Oh I don’t know.” “Are you sure?” He asks hugging you from behind and tickling you. He wouldn’t let you go until you admitted it was his. He would spend the rest of the day with a smug look on his face knowing the rest of the world knew you were his and how cute you looked in his clothes.

Similar to Jimin, Hobi loved to dress you. When you would go out he’d give you things from his closet he thought would compliment your outfit, picking out things he thought looked amazing on you. You’ve collected quite an assortment of accessories from him. But hoseok also knew how much you loved to sleep in his comfy T-shirt’s and sweats. He kept extras lying around your apartment and the dorm for this reason. Though he still often found other pieces missing from his wardrobe from time to time, smiling when he finds they’ve made their way to you.

Though Taehyung tended to wear designer labels and fancy clothes he reserved special clothing for you to steal. Not that he wouldn’t let you steal some of his more expensive clothes, he just felt closer to you when he saw you walking around in that old T-shirt he’s had for years or when you threw on that jacket he’s had since he came to Seoul. Whatever clothes you decided to steal from him he immediately melts when he sees you, Wrapping you up in a hugs and burying his face in your neck.

You adored the way Jin’s sweatshirts fit you, almost reaching your knees and the sleeves falling past your hands so that you had to roll them up. He loved it too. He loved coming home to find you walking around the house wearing one of his sweaters as a dress. He loved the way they fell across your frame. Once when he asked you to come to the studio to bring him something and you arrived wearing one of these sweater dresses he blushed when you walked through the door. You could hear a comment or two from the other boys saying your outfit looked familiar. Jin only blushed and smiled thinking how great you looked.

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‘BRING THE SOUL: DOCU-SERIES’ Official Trailer ver.2
Es hermoso verlos tan felices, ya quiero verlos 😘💜

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