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Type of Caregivers w/ BTS (DDLG)

~Surprise, she’s an army 🤠~

Jimin: He’s very playful, often wanting to make you joyful and exuberant throughout the day. However, his playful personality can go away in an instant if you push the right buttons. Once you misbehave, he’ll tightly grasp your neck and give out warnings. One time, you decided to ignore his calls, and he came home and spanked you until your bottom was tender for the next week. He’d definitely be a brat tamer, knowing your weaknesses and using them against you during punishment.

“Do you think I’m playing, doll? Answer me!” He says with one hand wrapped around your throat.

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Hoseok: He would be the strict type, believe it or not. He wouldn’t be demanding, but he’d have a set of rules posted around the house that he expects you to follow. He’s still bright and joyful, but you will only see this side of him if you behave. His punishments would include flogging, degrading tasks, and lectures. One trait that I think Hoseok would have is smiling when he’s angry. So, one time, he would probably give a strained smile when scolding you, scaring you even more. Overall, he would be the bright, but scary caregiver.

“Do you think I’m joking? That’s fine, I’ll just handcuff you to me for the next few hours, since you can’t behave.” He says with a large, passive aggressive smile.

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Yoongi: If you thought Hoseok was strict, Yoongi is ten times more. He expects you to strictly obey him without questions and warnings. He’s probably one of the more aggressive caretakers, but he’s filled with a lot of passion. He wants to make sure you are being the best person you can, so if you slip up, you get punished. You’d thought you could get around this rule for some time, but each time you misbehaved, you found yourself begging for mercy. For punishments, he tries to make you understand why you are getting punished and what you did wrong, then he’ll spank, gag, humiliate, and degrade you. He loves you more than anything and never fails to remind you.

“I love you idly, but if you keep misbehaving the punishments will only get worse and that’s a promise.” He says over your crying figure.

Originally posted by ariescults-moved

Namjoon: He’s the type of caregiver that offers guidance. He could take care of a bratty submissive with ease. Every time you throw a tantrum or do something that you know will get you in trouble, he gives you three warnings. A punishment that he enjoys is ignoring you when your attitude flares up. He’ll just continue on with his day as if you’re not there because he knows that the moment he give you attention, you will begin acting up. He gives every punishment meaning, with the hope that you will learn from it. Overall, Namjoon would be an intellectual caretaker.

“Sir, please~” You whined childishly while sobbing loudly. He continued to read his book with a blank face.

Originally posted by slapmon

Jin: He would be the overly caring type of caregiver. Like Jimin, he’s very playful with you, playing several games and doing activities with you. You realized that Jin was very generous with his warnings, giving out 5-10 warnings before taking action. One time, you decided to push his limits, throwing a tantrum and screaming loudly. At first, he’d tried to calm you down with care, but he saw that wasn’t going to work, so he yelled quite loudly for you to stop your madness. You stopped with no questions asked, face warmed due to his loud voice. The punishments that Jin gives are mostly verbal punishments and corner time.

“Baby stop, you can’t get your way.” He whispered. “Cut it out now!” He raised his voice, causing your screams to turn into whimpers. “Now let’s get back to coloring, kitten.”

Originally posted by ksjknj

V: Protective, protective, protective. He is over protective at times, but he just wants to know that you’re safe. If you leave the house, you must alert him in some way. I feel like he’s the type to pick out your outfits. I think he’d also like to leave marks on you, so everyone knows that you’re taken. He’s very touchy, often holding the back of your neck and waist in public places. He’s very laidback with rules, so to get him riled up is difficult. But if you do, his punishments are overstimulation and tying you up to the point where you can’t move without help.

“Daddy stop, too muc-“ You begged. “None of that, little one. You decided to not listen to me, so I won’t listen to you.” He growled.

Originally posted by mvssmedia

Jungkook: He would be the shy caretaker. You know you could ask him anything, but sometimes he could be timid. I don’t think he would choose to care for a brat, because he probably couldn’t, so his little would be behaved and naive. He likes when you come and shower him in kisses and cuddles while sitting in his lap. If you ever misbehave, he’ll only punish you for a good reason. For example, you broke the wax warmer lamp in the living room, spreading wax everywhere. When he came home, he grabbed the wax still left and slowly poured it down your arm and back. You knew it was supposed to be a punishment, but it felt pleasurable. However, you did learn from your punishment as you felt the hot wax trail down your body.

“Daddy, I’m sorry. It won’t happen again. Ouch!” You cried as the wax continued to get poured on you.

“I know it won’t.” He said with a strict tone.

Originally posted by nochuie

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Just broke 500 followers - whether you follow me for my fics or for the BTS related reblogs I do, thank you so much, here’s some finger hearts for you, from my 7 favourite people on earth! 💜

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— Так где же он сейчас?

Хосок подходил все ближе и ближе, в то время как ты уже врезалась спиной в стену.

— Хосок, я верна своему парню и никогда ему не буду изменять, — говоришь ты, пытаешься оттолкнуть его, но он даже не напрягается и не сдвигается с места, бросив все попытки, скрещиваешь руки на груди, недовольно смотря на него.

— Не хочу тебя расстраивать, но кажется твой парень не верен тебе и изменяет уже довольно давно, — он наклоняет голову вбок. Ты не понимаешь о чем он говорит, этого разговора ты боялась больше всего в своей жизни, ибо измену и предательство никогда не простишь.

— Что? О чем ты?

— Твой парень целовал другую девушку, —бред, полный бред. Не веришь ни единому слову, пропуская все слова мимо ушей.

— Ты лжешь.

— Ну тогда держи.

Он дает свой телефон, где был открыт групповой чат с каким то видео, которое было отправлено несколько дней назад. Включаешь его и видишь своего парня с какой-то девкой, обнаженных, на одной постели. Тебе хватило одной секунды, что бы потерять дар речи и начать взахлеб плакать. Ты его так любила, все была готова сделать ради него, а он развлекается с какой то шмарой у тебя за спиной.

— Неужели, он изменил мне? — бормочешь тихо, до конца не веря тому, что увидела.

— Уже очень давно, к сожалению. Мне очень жаль, что он так поступил с тобой за твоей спиной. Так что я бы хотел тебе помочь.

— Помочь? — смотришь на него снизу вверх, стирая ладонью мокрые дорожки слез.

— Помочь тем, что я докажу, что тебе этот придурок нахрен не нужен, — он наклоняется ниже, к твоему лицу, чувствуешь горячее дыхание на своей щеке, прикрываешь глаза, слыша его тихий шепот на ушко, — сделать так, что бы ты кричала мое имя, а его и вовсе забыла.

Это пугало и возбуждало одновременно, от слез не осталось и следа. Теперь ты уверена и знаешь, что делать дальше. Этот человек больше никогда не будет частью твоей жизни, он не достоин тебя.

— А знаешь что? — игриво спрашиваешь ты, — пошел он нахуй.

Целуешь его в губы, страстно, пошло, стирая все воспоминания, связанные с твоим бывшем парнем, тем падонком, что разбил сердце и заставил проронить слезу. Хосок сразу подхватывает тебя и снова прижимает к стене, что бы вы были на одном уровне. Ты улыбаешься ему сквозь поцелуй, благодарна за то, что он открыл тебе глаза, что он просто рядом.

— А ты напористая, мне даже нравится, —улыбнулся он и снова поцеловал.

В нем ты видела своего спасителя, он обязательно еще покажет твоему бывшему, что потерял. Улыбаешься ему сквозь поцелуй, радуешься за то, что он смог открыть тебе глаза, что он просто рядом.

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Bts & Park Jimin

Park Jimin. One of the sweetest men in kpop. I love him so much, that words can’t describe it. I care so much about him, and I want him to be happy. When he smiles, it makes my day better because I know he’s happy. When I have one of my spells where I break down and cry, I love to see him, to hear his voice.


I just hope that Bts is happy and healthy. I hope that one day they’ll have a significant other that loves them for them. I hope that they know that army loves them, their parents loves them, and their friends.


I wish that they didn’t have haters, but that’s life. People have others hating on them because they are living their best life, and the haters don’t like that.


But I love how they don’t focus on all the hate they receive, because at the end of the day the haters won’t help them. They won’t help them get to the top, or break records. True army’s will do that. Never the haters.

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can u make a lil drabble with jungkook about like cuddly/cute sex where he goes hard but hes laughing and kissing you, RIGHT AFTER HE GETS OUT OF THE SHOWER SO HE IS SOAKING WET AHEH 🤭 I L Y and i think ya now who i am ✨

 it’s hard to be cuddly and wet at the same time but u since u had that part IN ALL CAPS, what am i gonna do—say no? i’m even afraid this is quite long

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