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Define siblings

The power is currently out in the house and my sister and I have this giant battery powered fan in our room. I was coming out of the kitchen and saw my brother taking it into his room, followed by a few screams seconds later. I witnessed my sister carrying this giant fan over her head like a caveman sprinting towards our room being chased by my brother running after her while tripping over cables. I didn’t have time to process what was going on so decided to barge into the room and do the force on my brother. My sister threw the fan onto her bed and dramatically threw herself ontop of it, shielding it with her body while hissing at my brother and she yells out “HE IS TRYING TO TAKE THE FAN”. I didn’t even realise I heard her but suddenly found myself on top of the fan with her hissing at him aswell. After a small wrestling match, he realised he is no match of us and walked away defeated as we chanted “It’s not for boys, it’s not for girls, it’s mine!” from lazy town. And if that doesnt define what having a sibling is like then idk what will.

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