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#hot take

hot take that should be common sense: if someone doesn’t want to have sex with you, FOR ANY REASON, and you have sex with them against their will- that IS rape. no matter what!

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the stars in us

I look at the stars,
but do they look back at me?
all these dreamers saying we’re made of
stardust—carbon and nitrogen and calcium and things—-
the same stuff as stars.
still, do they recognize us as their own?
I think they do. I think the night sky
calls to the stars in us.
the stars in us make us want to fly.
the stars within us make us wishers, and dreamers,
and give us fires for our souls.
the stars in us can be seen in our eyes
when they twinkle just so, when they’re
sharing a secret.

we do not long for the stars;
we are the stars.
they see us, they know us.
we are the past and the future on fire
and tucked away beneath skin and blood
and heart.

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I think that the political aspect of Miss Americana is going to deal exclusively with LGBT+ rights & I think that it will invoke the same response that You Need To Calm Down did instead of something even close to positive. Taylor is a flawed human being, she entirely lacked the self-awareness to realize how she mishandled YNTCD & I think she has likely done the same with this documentary. I think this documentary will bring her the ire of the LGBT+ community at large & lose her more LGBT+ fans.

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hot take but most parents who constantly complain about the fact that “parents are too lenient these days” are shitty parents who don’t want to show their kids affection because they cba

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Tank main pet peeve: seeing stories of tanks in level 80 content refusing to tank because they are “new.”

Level 80 is not new. And tbh outside of perhaps Ultimate fights, the mechanics you’re going to see at 80 aren’t anything you haven’t already seen. Besides, what’s the big deal if you wipe? It was everyone’s first time once.

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Let fictional girls be hot, goddammit

“it’s unrealistic” yeah it’s fiction

“it’s sexist” it’s literally not though. The strong girl that’s kicking ass has some revealing clothing and you think that’s sexist???

Anyway, you can’t change my mind

Fight for your right to draw hot ladies

Fuck it, hot men too

Fight for your right to draw hot people

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okay, i have been really advocating for the renewal of anne with an e. but do we really want disney to pick it up? they’re notorious for cash grabs and dragging on the story, for glossing over or ignoring important issues that anne with an e addresses. i’m afraid that if they pick it up they’d ruin the spirit of the show

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Hot Take

I recently rewatched Shrek 2 for the first time in years and I was so excited to watch it because I remembered it being the perfect sequel. Great contrasting plot to the original, new characters with dynamic goals and personalities while also further developing the established main cast. You can understand my dismay of course when upon renting the film, I saw the most uninspired animation with the cichiest jokes all for the sake of making quicker money. It seems like there was a strong division for funding between the animation team and the writing team and it’s just tragic because Shrek 2 has so much soul and potential that falls short due to how the entire thing looks. I promise the 15 people who see what I post that when I’m rich and famous I will pay a team of animators to reanimate the film with the same love and care as Shrek 3 so that the next generation can experience the film as I remember it.

Also I’ll cut the farting scene at the beginning because it just goes on too long for so little comedy

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