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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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#how it feels to write

I think my favourite thing about being a writer is being able to make people feel.

I just think it’s such an amazing thing. You write a story and then someone tells you it made them laugh, or cry, or want to punch something. Like, I did that? With words?

And it’s just such an incredible feeling to know you can impact someone so much through a story.

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[Part 1][Part 2][Part 3]

ft. @velarishiku


With exhaustion from overwhelming emotions and the journey settling deep into their bodies, the two half-elezen retreated to their inn rooms, Vel joining Jade in hers, with plans to get one together after sleep. Sleep which found them easily after having been reunited. 

It was afternoon when they awoke next, and both of them began donning combat viable attire. While they weren’t senseless enough to take to combat in Kugane, they weren’t entirely sure where the journey would take them. Jade had an air of nervouness to her that she tried to brush aside. 

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my only exposure to czech is moravian dialect so the level of culture shock i get on a daily whenever i write in czech is insane. like half of these words aren’t spelt right for me. i follow a czech horror narrator on youtube and i dont even recognise half of what he says because he speaks in standard czech.

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Hello, I'm sorry if I bother, but do you accept asks? You understand HLITF guys so well. I love everything you write. Thank you so much for this. If you are accepting requests or suggestions, you may write a follow up to "post letter to MC from MK". How would Kaga deal with her MC who would be hurt and feeling inferior. I think MC would be quiet and a little isolated. Thanks a lot again馃尭

i am accepting asks again but it’ll take a while to fill cause i’m a slow writer haha. thanks for waiting! 

COMPLETED: i won’t

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Hello from another member of the team Older than Even Goddamned Nie Mingjue (and therefore like a half of the cast feels like they are still halfway back in kindergarten). But do you know what's worse? When you realise that the characters themselves were as young as the actors or even younger when the whole Sunshot Campaing and Yiling Patriarch thing happened.... and now I gave myself feels again.


Okay, ngl, I also took note of what age Wei Wuxian was when he came up with his ghost cultivation, I don’t know what it’s called. So yes, you are absolutely right, what in the world have I done with my life? Otz

It definitely takes some getting used to, growing within fandom and slowly being, uh, everyone’s older sister. I have moved on from crushing on the characters and on to the more wholesome desire to adopt them as my sons, lmao. (Lord, why…) I try to remind myself that Lan Wangji and the other sect leaders are supposed to be in their 30’s, but I barely remember that especially when watching CQL.

But yes, hello, fellow member of Team Older Than Dust Respected Member of Tax-Paying Society! (Listen, idk anymore how to diplomatically call us these days.) It is always good to see us around, and equally funny to see we all stop at, uh, “30-ish” when we’re declaring our age in fandom, LOL.

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Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader | Friends to Lovers AU

Summary: One impulsive, debatably insane, problematic, life-altering kiss that has to come and fuck everything up. A CLOWN’s mission to not fall in love with your best friend.


Warnings: swearing™️. fluff? future fat maybe to smut but definitely smutty mention, drinking, DRAMA, angst angst angst, yeah

Word count: somewhere between 700-800

A/N: Alright, I’ve had pieces of this series written for forever but I haven’t actually finished anything and the idea has been in my head for like 8 months so a bitch is holding herself accountable and posting this so I actually have to write it!!! 

(GIF by notpetertingle)


You inhale deeply, breathing in the nighttime air with all the excitement of the evening running through you as you walk home. You steal glances at Tom, admiring the way his face is painted by the glow of the streetlights. Giggles and half-coherent sentences are passed between you as you walk and you’re just amazed. Amazed at your best-friend before you who can make you feel this bubbly inside.

Bubbly is nice.

A cool droplet falls from the stormy clouds above, landing square on your nose as you reach your house. Your face scrunches at the contact but quickly contorts back into a giant grin as the roadway quickly speckles. Rain! 

You turn to Tom, eyes mischievous as he raises a brow in return.

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mmmm I’m gonna say this here bc idk where else to but

you probably shouldn’t listen 70% of those writing tip posts. ESPECIALLY not the ones abt writing style. There are some things that should be done, like paragraph breaks with dialogue and such, but there are some things that…. you really shouldn’t listen to.

For example, if anything tells you to describe emotions in a certain way??? probably don’t listen to it except for ideas that would work for you. If everyone had the exact same writing style, reading would be Really boring. Use your unique style to your advantage!! It’s yours!! Your voice!! You don’t need to sound like someone else to be good.

That being said, always try to find ways to improve! Do this by reading, finding what styles really stick with you, and just start writing! I know I’m not the same writer I was when I started, and I’m glad. You can always improve and change your style, just do it because YOU want to! Not because some post told you exactly how to write.

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