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#howard stark x reader

Warnings: ignoring the mcu timeline, minimum violence, bad writing

Genre: Fluff

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader, Steve Rogers x Sister! Reader

Moving all my old imagines from Wattpad onto Tumblr so I can organize my books :P

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Originally posted by kvndreil

As the newly recruited SHIELD agent walked through the underground base, she smiled at her friend, Peggy Carter. After her brother and best friend died in the war, she wanted to help fight the bad guys, so she joined forces with Peggy Carter and built SHIELD up from the ground together. They became sisters on the way.

You joined Peggy Carter down the corridor to her left as you both turned on your heels. “Any news?” You asked. She nodded.

“We have sources that have reported seeing someone sneak into their farm and sneaking about. He has been keeping dangerous equipment for us in his barn and he was afraid that someone would steal them. That’s where we come in.” She told you, her accent rushing out the information.

“That’s where I come in you mean.” You raised an eyebrow.

“Yes.” She shot you a look while your grinned innocently.

“Suit up Agent (L/N).”

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Summary: The reader and Steve dates in the 40′s but when Steven gets frozen she can’t take life without him. So she asks her friend Howard to freeze her until they can find a way to get him back. But what happens when she gets to the future and he’s dating someone new?


Originally posted by all-about-that-fandoms

“Y/n? As in Howard’s best friend Y/n? The one that he never stopped loving but just abandoned him that Y/n?” Tony said, his voice increasingly get louder by the minute. So this was Howie’s son. I get he got blessed with good genes the man looked like a goddamn fox. Age was definitely his friend, I wonder if Howie aged as well as his son. Speaking of Howard.

“Yes that’s me. I didn’t want to leave him he’s my best friend. I never meant to hurt him. Where is he? There’s so much he needs to tell me? Did they find Steve?” I rush and try to get up from the table but a as soon as my feet hit the ground a wave of nausea hit me like a truck and I flew to the nearest trash can, spewing out anything that would come out. Not like I had time to eat anything while I was getting a lifetime of sleep.

“Hey, hey, hey, it’s okay just get it out darling,” Tony said as he rubbed my back. Great just what I needed a hot guy watching me spill my guts.

“So where is Howard,” I say trying to get up but loosing my balance but before I could fall I felt two arms wrap around me keeping me from falling. I look up at the face those arms belonged to, and was met with the charming man that is Tony stark the apple didn’t fall far from the tree with the charm.

“You alright there, hon” he chuckled, smiling a smile almost as beautiful as Steve’s…. I said almost. 

“Yeah I’m fine” I said as I get out of his arms. “I just have a lot of work to do. Oh crap I still didn’t check in with the boss, he’ll want to know I’m back and Howard must have work for me. I got to go” I said rushing out.

“Wait I don’t think it’s like you remember! Mama! Y/N!” He shouted as Dr. Banner and him run after me.

“Ashburn! I need those papers on my desk. And Carter I need to see you for the briefing. Smith stop staring at my ass!” I yell walking around seeing as I was kinda the one who ran the building. I stopped after I realized no one was following my instructions. If fact not one of my team mates were even there. Not Carter not Howard not even Smith. It was just a room filled with people in funny suits. Did they make more super soldiers I didn’t know about?

“Who are you people and where is my team! Where is Howard? Carter! What’s going on?” I rush out as I get strange looks from everyone in the room.

“Mrs. L/N, I think you might want to take a seat” a guy with an eye patch said to me as he pointed at an open seat on the couch.

“That’s what I was trying to tell you babe” tony smirked as he led me to the seat. And I was continuing to get weird looks from everyone there.

“Who’s mrs daisy over here?” One of them snickered.

“Excuse me and who are you? I don’t remember giving you permission to talk. And all of you, you look at me you don’t talk to me unless I give you the right to do so I don’t know who let you up here. But I am the high ranking agent here. So I won’t take your bullshit do I make myself clear solider!” I shout in my Lieutenant voice.

“Ah yes sir… I mean mama” he stuttered and sat up straight. And everyone was either too stunned to say anything or trying to keep their laughs in much like tony.

“L/N” eye patch said again “do you know what time period we’re in?” He asked carefully.

“Well judging from the lack of respect and terrible outfit choices im gonna guess we’re not in the 40’s anymore sir” I said with my head held high and looking straight. We were never allowed to look our superiors in the eye, that was a like a big f u to the big man. He wasn’t our friend he was our boss.

“Y/n you can look me in the face. Like you said it’s not the 40’s anymore” he smiled.

“Sorry sir force of habit. We’re not allowed to look our superiors in the eyes it’s a sign of being to comfortable and we can’t risk getting too comfortable” I say.

“Woah she’s sounds like my aunt Peggy” someone said as they walked in and stood next to me looking me over and smiled.

“You know Peggy Carter? I must speak with her this instant she must be worried sick I didnt even say goodbye” I said to her.

“Mama that’s what I wanted to discuss” eye patch spoke slowly.

“Well get on with it sir. And please don’t call me mama that makes it sound like I’m 50. Y/N is fine.”

“Well Y/N were in the year 2013 and Howard and Carter… they’re dead” he looked down.

“What? I… you can’t be serious. I told Howard I would see him again. This isn’t real this is a joke Howard put you up to this didn’t he.. he had to hes always doing shit like this” I say sitting back down shaking my head back and forth I look around the room at all the faces trying to find a hint of doubt on them. But all I saw was pitty.

“It’s okay. Your gonna be okay” tony said as he sat down next to me and rubbed my back. I turned to him and hugged him as hard as I could holding on for dear life and he instantly hugged back whispering kind words into my ear. Everyone kinda looked at Tony like wtf.

“Wait your Y/N L/N? My Peggy talked about u all the time” the girl smiled at me once I calmed down.

“Yeah. She was my best friend. I could tell you so many stories about the shit we got into. She was the best” I smile remembering Peggy.

“Wait your the agent who punched a Nazi omg your like my idol” a red head said and looked at me with admiration.

“Yeah well how could you not punch one of those guys after spending a week under cover. It was hard not to do it sooner” I smiled at her.

After that everyone just kept asking me questions and I learned everyone’s names.

“That’s amazing. No wonder you ran this place back in the day” Clint said.

“Yeah well all the men here were completely useless. Except for Howie he knew what he was doing” I smiled at Tony as he held his head high with pride for his dad.

“Yep I got the smart gene from him.” Tony said sitting back on the couch with a big grin on his face.

“Yeah you also got the cock sure gene too. You know he once bet me 20 that he could get me to sleep with him within the first week we met each other. I won 20 bucks that day.” I laughed at the horrified look on Tony’s face.

“Okay I didn’t need to know about my dads sexual life thank you very much.” He said as everyone laughed.

“Y/N?!?” Someone from the doorway yelled.

“Bucks?!?” I shouted with wide eyes as I ran to him. He picked me up and spun me around a couple times before putting me down.

“So I guess you know Bucky” Rhodey laughed.

“Aye winter boys got a friend” Sam joked as Bucky flipped him off.

“Y/n Babe what are you doing here. I thought you were dead?” Bucky said stunned.

“Yeah well I just couldn’t live without Steve so I had Howie freeze me till they found him” I said still smiling.

“Oh” he said his smile fading and his head hanging low like he knew something I didn’t.

“What? What is it? What aren’t you telling? Is Steve okay?”

“Yeah yeah Steve’s fine. He’s great actually… but there’s one thing…” he begins but he didn’t get a chance to finish because someone interrupted him.


Tag list: @nerdybirdyfiz @koizorahana @japanslostchild @vogueworthy-barnes @thoughtfullyfurryangel @whatiswrongwithpeople @alexfayer @deaniebean@bruisedfaye @basicccbitchhh101 @mcu-is-yess @streetghostfighter07@dottirose

If I missed you in the tags just let me know. Also sorry i haven’t posted in a long ass time. Def more chapters coming just be patient with me guys.

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Jealous Howard X Reader ft Steve, Peggy, Dr Erskine and some random lady trying to flirt with your man.

When you arrived with Steve and Peggy to the underground lab where Project Rebirth would be taking place you wished Steve good luck then set off to find Howard your fiancé. You found him back facing you taking to some woman who was flirting with him so you ran and jumped on his back.

Y/n: *places a kiss on his cheek* Howie I missed you.

Howard: *chuckles* I missed you to doll. Did you know that I love so much?

Y/n: awww Howie I love you to. I’ll see you later on my love *places a kiss on his cheek and jumps off his back*

Howard: Of course, bye doll.

While this was happening the woman had rolled her eyes and stormed off when Peggy, Steve and Dr Erskine saw this they all started laughing knowing exactly what you were doing.

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Here, let me - Howard Stark x reader Oneshot

Concept: Just some domestic bliss with Howard, in which you help him fix his tie because I’m a soft bitch. This is pure fluff ahhhh.

Warnings: I think just some implications of sex and nothing else.

Word count: 1,443 words omg

Author’s note: I haven’t posted any works of mine in a long, long, long time but motivation took over and I had this idea for a while and wanted to write something for my darling dear, Howard Stark. Alsooooo, this is dedicated to my sister @thorsthot, she was a big part of my motivation, so thank you Tiy ily <3

Feedback is always welcome!


Originally posted by newyorkbellco

Lazy mornings with Howard were pretty much a vague dream, a probably unknown concept to the deeply asleep man beside you. By the dim sunlight that peaked through the long curtains, you knew that the dreadful sound of the alarm would break the peaceful atmosphere any minute; you wished you could turn back time just a few hours, and maybe convince Howard to go to bed a little earlier and help him get a decent rest.

You brushed some stray hairs off his forehead, and brushed softly his cheekbone with the back of your hand. God, how could he look tired yet terribly handsome? It was probably one of his many talents, but it’d never cease to surprise you. Suddenly, the annoying ring of the clock erupted from the nightstand, followed by a loud groan and a sleepy Howard, blindly hitting it in an attempt of turn it off.

You chuckled and buried your face in the crook of his neck “Is it dead yet?”

“Very funny” he mumbled against your hair. Howard placed a kiss to your forehead and circled your waist with his arms. “I need to get up.”

“Do you really need to get up?” You asked with a pout, looking up at him and running your hand down his body, stopping at his waistband. “Or just get it up? I’ll be very, very nice.”

“We both know that’s not a problem, not with those evil ways of yours” he said in a severe yet playful tone “But last time I heard that, I was two hours late to a meeting with the secretary of state.”

“Someone needs to teach him patience sometime” you complaint, tracing your fingers on his toned chest. “Come on, papi, just a little longer.”

He laughed and placed a hand to your cheek. “I’m a afraid it won’t work today, darling, even if I wanted to. I’ve got some tests programmed for the Titan, and they’ll kill me if I’m late.” He smiled at you and got off the bed before you had any chance of stopping him. “I’ll make it up to you when I get back”

You leaned against the pillows nested behind you and crossed your arms “Oh, really? What exactly do you have in mind?”

“I’ll think of something, in the meantime…” he said against your lips. Howard cupped your cheek, using his other hand for support and kissed you eagerly, but broke off the kiss to take out a black velvet case from his drawer. You were just about to protest when he handed it to you.

“What is it?” You looked at him in disbelief and ran your fingers through the soft material.

“I don’t want to spoil the surprise” he answered with a slight grin “Come on, baby, open it.”

You smiled at him once more before opening the case to reveal a beautiful diamond necklace that almost left you blind. “Howard!” you gasped.

“You like it?” He chuckled, taking a strand of hair behind your ear and looking at you with an amused expression.

“Oh, papi, I love it!” You said, placing the necklace in your lap and pulling him close to you. You kissed him again, tugging his hair softly and let out a sigh.

“Anything for you, doll” Howard gave you a quick kiss, before taking off his robe from the hanger beside him and putting it on, making his way to the bathroom “I’m going to shower, I don’t want to run out of time. I’ll join you for breakfast as soon as I’m done, sweetheart. Tell Jarvis that I’ll need him to join me today for the tests, please.” He said before closing the door.

Still admiring your shiny gift, you answered “Yeah, yeah, I’ll tell him.” Returning the necklace to its case, you grabbed your silk robe from the chair of your vanity, trying to tame your hair into a less ‘I-just-woke-up’ style and spraying perfume before heading downstairs. The moment you entered the kitchen, the smell of hot coffee and fresh baked bread kissed your nose and made your mouth watered.

“Morning Jarvis” you greeted the butler, pressing gently on his shoulder “How are you this fine morning?”

“Good morning, miss” He turned to you and squinted his eyes, giving you a knowing smile. “You’re on a extremely good mood, I see. What do we owe such honor?”

You shrugged and took out a stool from the kitchen island. “Nothing in particular, really. How’s Anna doing by the way? Last time I talked to her, she had an awful cold. ‘hope she’s alright.”

“She’s much better, thank you. Poor thing couldn’t even form a whole sentence without coughing.” He said, pouring coffee into two cups. He shook his head and took out a pink, carton box and placed it in front of you “Fresh pastries, courtesy of Lilian from the bakery”

“I don’t know if I’m too predictable or she just knows me too well” you sighed, taking a bite from one, almost crumbling on your fingers. You motioned the stool at the other side to Jarvis and pushed the box for his reach “Join my little feast, our beloved diva won’t be out of the shower in a while.”

“If you insist” Jarvis chuckled and took both cups with him. “Speaking of which, any requests or messages in particular?”

“Oh, yes, I almost forgot!” you exclaimed, placing down your cup and wiping your mouth with a napkin “Howard wanted me to tell you that he wants you to join him today. I think it’s kind of a big deal, he said something about testing the Titan.”

He nodded slowly and sipped his coffee “Anything else?”

“Nope, I think that’s it” you answered, shaking your head.

You talked with Jarvis for a while, just enjoying your coffee and powdered sugar delicacies. This little habit had become part of both of your routines since you started waking up at the same time as Howard, which was way earlier than you were used to. It had certainly made it easier to wake up and wish for something else rather than death. The things you do for love.

“Darling!” you heard Howard called you from upstairs. “Can you come up for a second?”

“I’ll be there in a second!” you replied, stuffing your mouth with the last bit of pastry. 

With hurried steps, you climbed the stairs and entered the room you shared, directly into his walk-in closet. Howard’s materialized splendor could be found in two places: his office and his ‘humble’ mansion, more specifically his closet. The only place all of those tailored suits, silk ties and leather belts could fit besides that grand room was the whole gentlemen section of a department store. You always teased him with that and he’d pretend to be offended, but you knew he was secretly proud.

“Yes, baby?” you said as you walked inside.

He was standing in the full-body mirror, holding to ties in each hand and with a despaired expression, which would have alarmed you but you already knew the question that followed up.

“Which one works better?” He asked, turning to you and lifting the first one, a silk red tie with blue stripes and the second one, a red tie from the same material and color, but with a small figure pattern. 

You leaned against the doorframe and pointed to the second one “I feel more drawn to that one.”

Howard stared at it for a second and nodded “Yeah, you’re right. See, you have the right answer for everything.” he said, before circling his neck with the cloth.

You chuckled, walking to him and taking the tie from him. “Here, let me do it.” You could smell his cologne, which you could tell was fresh on his skin. Warm and masculine. That fragrance could beat the smell of pastries every time.

Howard watched you with caution. He couldn’t focus in anything else but you; how your hands work the knot of his tie, how your eyebrows furrowed or how your tongue peaked from your slightly parted lips. It was a surreal sensation; his heart was near to burst out of happiness and adoration and in all honesty, he wouldn’t trade that feeling for all the money in the world.

“There, you’re all set” you said, breaking him away from his thoughts. “Wait-” you added, fixing the collar of his dress shirt “Now, we’re done”

He gave you a smug smile and pressed a deep kiss to your lips, holding your body flushed against his. “Thank you, sweetheart, what I’d do without you?” Howard said, before planting a kiss to your cheek.

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Prompt: Imagine being in love with Howard Stark back in the 40s…Only to meet his son nearly a century later. What will Tony think of you?

Word Count: 726

Warning: A few layers of angst later on

Note: I thought of this as I watched Captain America: First Avenger, I loved Howard’s humor and his wit. So I was inspired. It also prompted me to binge watch Agent Carter from start to finish. I realize this is sort of…out of my usual scope, but inspiration struck so I went with it! I hope you like it!

These chapters will be rather short.

Shout out to my beta @like-a-bag-of-potatoes

Forever Tags: @capsmuscles @cocosierra94 @essie1876 @magpiegirl80 @letsgetfuckingsuperwholocked @harleyquinnandscarletwitch @iamwarrenspeace @marvel-imagines-yes-please @superwholocked527 @myparadise1982sand @missinstantgratification @thejulesworld @rda1989 @marvelloushamilton @munlis  @bubblyanarocks3@thefridgeismybestie@random-fluffy-pink-unicorn @hardcollectionworldtrash @igiveupicantthinkofausername @kaliforniacoastalteens@feelmyroarrrr@kaeling @ijustwanttobepartofyourworld

AM Tags: @masha-meow01@mellsstark @devil-may-cry-11-blog @smi727 @james-heaven-barnes


You spent about six hours in the lab with Tony, admiring his suits, looking over his computers, learning what a computer was, learning what the internet was, discovering his monitors and his heads up display that responded to his touch. You were thoroughly impressed and proud.

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Prompt: Imagine being in love with Howard Stark back in the 40s…Only to meet his son nearly a century later. What will Tony think of you?

Word Count: 1123

Warning: A few layers of angst later on

Note: I thought of this as I watched Captain America: First Avenger, I loved Howard’s humor and his wit. So I was inspired. It also prompted me to binge watch Agent Carter from start to finish. I realize this is sort of…out of my usual scope, but inspiration struck so I went with it! I hope you like it!

These chapters will be rather short.

Shout out to my beta @like-a-bag-of-potatoes

Forever Tags: @capsmuscles @cocosierra94 @essie1876 @magpiegirl80 @letsgetfuckingsuperwholocked @harleyquinnandscarletwitch @iamwarrenspeace @marvel-imagines-yes-please @superwholocked527 @myparadise1982sand @missinstantgratification @thejulesworld @rda1989 @marvelloushamilton @munlis  @bubblyanarocks3 @thefridgeismybestie @random-fluffy-pink-unicorn @hardcollectionworldtrash @igiveupicantthinkofausername @kaliforniacoastalteens @feelmyroarrrr @kaeling @ijustwanttobepartofyourworld

AM Tags: @masha-meow01 @mellsstark @devil-may-cry-11-blog @smi727


After they discharged you, you rode in a strange car to a compound a few hours away. Everything looked so different. The cars. The clothing. The hair styles. You had so much to catch up on. What all had changed? What had stayed the same?

Steve rolled up to a very new looking building - at least it looked new to you, it could’ve been old and outdated for all you knew, but it looked nice and well kept.

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        You realized, the more you tell yourself to not get attached, the more you know how much you’re in love with him, and that it’s too late to go back. So you let yourself go; you just couldn’t fight your every emotion scratching at the surface, begging to come out- so finally, after much reluctance, you let go and you just let the situation handle itself.
        You knew that you were making the wrong choice here, but every time you tried to come up with a solution, there was only one that would actually work out: you would have to leave.

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Imagine Howard being able to recreate a single dose of the super soldier serum for you, Steve’s sister, as a way to help you connect with Steve after he crashes. Howard is overjoyed that it works, until he realizes that it completely stopped your aging process, and you’ll never age past 25


Originally posted by captainlovexmeblog


Originally posted by philkensebben

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Oh my my gosh I can't belive you are writing for Jack Thompson! Can I request promt 4 and 36 for him? I would be really happy if you write it but if you don't I would understand.


Pairing: Jack Thompson x reader

Words: 786

Summary: Where Jack and reader are pissed at each other because you wouldn’t stay off the field and put yourself in danger during a mission while Jack was being a total prick about it although the two of you refuse to admit you love each a little too much.

Prompt: from this prompt list

4. “Why did you two stop? Keep flirting.”

36. “Let them see. It’s not like we’re doing anything wrong.”

Note: I love and hate this as well? Not my best but I’ve been dying to write some Jack Thompson stuff. Hope yall love it! Requests are still open! (Request based on this)


“Piss off, Thompson.” you spat as you walked past him briskly. Jack blinked, feeling even more agitated than he already was.

“Piss off? Y/N, I told you to stay off the field and you did the exact opposite!” he raised his voice, trailing behind you as he followed you to your desk.

“And what was I supposed to do? Sit around and nothing?”you slammed the files onto your desk, rage boiling in you. Jack was being insufferable, and it genuinely pissed you off.

“For your safety, yes!” his voice boomed across the empty bullpen as everybody else were still on lunch break.

Although you didn’t earn yourself a suspension but Jack wasn’t making the situation any better. Yes, you may have disobeyed direct orders from the chief yet you strongly felt your actions were the right thing to do.

Did you mention that Jack Thompson was a total knucklehead?

You were about to snap back when the two of you were abruptly interrupted by Peggy walking into the bullpen. She had heard the whole argument and it was no surprise that the two of you were arguing at this time of the day.

“Why did you two stop? Keep flirting.” she simply said as she made her way towards her desk, your cheeks immediately turned red at her statement.

Peggy knew about the tension between the both of you. The whole SSR actually has been rooting for the two of you anyways.

You turned to Jack who looked equally as embarrassed as you were as he shifted uncomfortably, eyes darting everywhere but yours. Soon, your other colleagues began walking in after lunch break as the clock hand showed fifteen minutes to 1.

“I still stand by my point.” You said softly, eyeing him as he let out a sigh. “Can we at least talk about this? In my office.”he simply said, shoving his hands into the pockets of his trousers.

You huffed in return, “Fine.” and with that you followed him to his office, a small secluded glass room where Jack had been residing ever since the death of Chief Dooley. Jack being promoted to Chief of the SSR annoyed you in so many ways because you absolutely hated the idea of taking orders from the man.

Despite all that hatred you held towards Thompson, you somehow found yourself recognizing the beauty in him, behind that arrogant and bossy facade he wore. He was but rarely caring and gentle around people and if it meant saving others, he would instantly take the bullet anytime.

Jack was a good man after all.

Once the door was closed, your brain went blank. No snarky comment or comeback. Nothing.You just watched him make his way towards you.

“Look, Y/N..” he paused, you could see he was thinking.“ I know you want to be in the field, and I respect that. There’s nothing wrong with it. It’s just that I can’t bare to see you hurt or even dead.”this was the first time you had seen Jack being any close to sympathetic yet here he was, stood in front of you, being the exact opposite of the man you’d known.

“Jack, I get it. But I’m an agent and you have to remember that I signed up for this. I signed up to throw myself into dangerous situations like this. If you can-,” you were interrupted by the feeling of warmth against your lips. Jack had crashed his lips against yours. You were in shock, trying to process the whole situation as you stood there completely frozen.

However, you would be lying that you wanted to do that for a very long time.

You were also suddenly extremely aware that the blinds weren’t close all this while. Jack presumably realized that as well as he pulled back, your cheeks were in a deep shade of crimson.

“Jack, if you were going to kiss me, at least remember to shut the blinds first.” you managed to crack a joke although all eyes of the SSR were on the two of you, some with shocked and amused faces.

You merely turned to Jack to see his gaze still locked onto you, his glance shifted towards your lips once more.

Let them see. It’s not like we’re doing anything wrong.” he said softly before capturing your lips once again, and you promptly forgot about the whole embarrassing event that had taken place a few moments ago.

You may or may not have heard the muffled sound of cheering and clapping coming from the other side of the window.

“Daniel, you owe me fifty dollars.” Peggy winked at Daniel as he had undoubtedly just lost 50 dollars.

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Prompt:  The snap brings more people back then intended. 


Originally posted by moodbig

You slip out of your daughter’s room, now that she’s fast asleep, and you do a little dance. Lorelei hadn’t been sleeping well since Tony had come back from his battle with Thanos, nearly dead. She’d been nearly silent since the doctors had been forced to remove his arm. “Hey Tony, she’s down. She’s asleep. Deep asleep. And all it took was four lullabies and three chapters of the Boxcar Children.” 

You pause at the sight awaiting you in your living room and then you stare. You stare at the sight in front of you. Tony, your husband is standing stock still in front of his long dead father. His similarly dead mother is sitting on the couch. “Are these holograms or are we in the middle of a zombie apocalypse.” 

He lets out a haggard breath, “No. They’re very much alive. It turns out those fucking stones were more powerful than imagined.” 

“Tony.” His mother chastises.

Tony shakes his head and walks out of the room. You hear the screen door slam shut and you face your in-laws. “Hi.” You let out a nervous laugh, before moving forward and extending your hand, “I’m Y/N. Tony’s wife.” You shake his father’s hand and then his mother’s, “It’s nice to meet you. Both of you.” You realize you’re babbling, and back up, “Um. Our daughter, Lorelei, is asleep upstairs. I’m hoping she stays asleep. She hasn’t been sleeping well since Tony came back. It scared her. She’s been sleeping in our bed a lot.” 

You realize you’re babbling and that Tony’s parents are staring at you, judging you, and you need to escape. “Can you keep an ear out for her while I go get Tony.” 

His mother nods, “Of course.” 

You dash down the hallway and out the door. You just barely catch the screen door before it slams shut. You find Tony on the dock. Your eyes adjust to the dark and you walk up and stand next to your husband. After several moments of silence you say, “So, they’re really back?” 

“Would appear so. I just spent the past five minutes having it all explained to me by not only Banner but my father. In a very condescending tone I might add. Apparently me being Iron Man was one of the stupidest things I’ve ever done. The CIA apparently caught them all up on what they missed.” 

Your mouth opens and closes, “I have no idea what to say.” 

He rubs his eyes, “Me either.” 

You take a deep breath, “You know, part of your charm was that there were no in-laws to deal with.” 

There’s a moment of silence before Tony bursts out laughing, “Is that why you married me?” 

You smile, and wrap your arms around his shoulders, “No. I married you because I love you. And we’ll get through this. Worst case scenario, we move to a secluded cabin somewhere else in the world.” 

He wraps his arm around you and then he kisses you. You start steering him back towards the house. You’re on the stairs when he says,”I really need a beer.” 

“Me too.” 

You’re at the screen door when you hear Lorelei scream, “DADDY!” 

Tony’s gone a second later, with you behind him. You take the stairs two at a time, as Tony bursts into her room. Tony is already beside her, smoothing her hair back from her forehead, before pulling her into a hug. “It’s okay baby girl. I have you. Daddy’s here. Daddy’s here. I’m okay. Everything’s okay.” 

His gaze goes behind you and you turn to see his parents. Lorelei latches onto Tony, sniffles and says, “I want to sleep with you and mommy.” 

“Mommy and daddy aren’t going to bed just yet, but how about we go put you in mommy and daddy’s bed.” 


There’s a lot more tears before Tony gives in and says, “Okay. How about some hot chocolate?”

She nods and he stands with her. He slips by his parents and the three of you follow him down the stairs and into the kitchen. When he gets to the pantry, he stops, and stares before saying, “Hun, a little help.” 

You take out the premade hot chocolate packets, and start heating the milk on the burner. Tony takes a seat at one of the bar stools and rocks Lorelei until the tears stop. No one says anything. You look over at Maria and Howard to see them staring at Lorelei in what you can only describe as awe.

When the sniffles stop too, Lorelei looks through her hair and quietly asks, “Who they?” 

Tony stutters, and Howard steps in, “We’re your dad’s mom and dad. We’re you’re grandparents.” 

Tony’s eyes go wide, “Oh look, the hot chocolate is almost ready. Why don’t you go drink it in bed with mommy while daddy talks with Grandma and Grandpa.”

She slides off of Tony’s lap and waits for you. You grab two mugs of hot chocolate, and Lorelei grabs the loose part of your jeans. You take her upstairs, to your bed, and the two of you drink hot chocolate, and you read to her again. This time, you start Harry Potter. She hangs onto every word, until sleep finally takes her. You’re stroking her hair, snuggled into the bed, when Tony slips in. 

“My parents are in the guest room. My dad wants to discuss the company tomorrow, my mother wants to see baby pictures or Lorelei.” 

“Sounds about right.” 

He changes and climbs into bed. He kisses Lorelei on the forehead and then kisses you. “Those are problems for tomorrow.” 


You turn out the lights and you’re on the verge of sleep when Tony says, “I can’t believe they’re back. I don’t know what to do.” 

“I doubt anyone would.” 

“I feel like I should be happy, that I should be jumping up and down and crying tears of joy. Instead, I have a pit in my stomach.” 

You take a deep breath, “Those are problems for tomorrow Tony. When we might have the energy to deal with them.” 

He chuckles, “I love you Y/N.” 

“I love you too Tony.”

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Hi there! 😀 Can I request two sets of headcanons about Steve falling for: A) Bucky’s older twin sister (who was taken by Hydra as well + has Jean Grey-like powers) B) Tony’s daughter (who has a genius-level intellect, and is an enhanced super-soldier)

  • It’s no lie that Tony was a ladies man 
  • It was about to bite him in the ass sometime 
  • It came in the form of a one night stand who rocked up on the Stark’s doorstep with a baby she no longer wanted 
  • Tony was 18 and didn’t want her either 
  • But the Stark brand couldn’t take that hit 
  • So they took her in 
  • Tony was scared and distanced himself 
  • His parents cared for her as if she was their daughter, she was the image of Tony after all 
  • Y/N loved her grandparents 
  • Shopping with Maria 
  • She taught her piano 
  • Doing science with Howard 
  • It wasn’t long before he started experimenting 
  • The super serum had been stopped in trials but not for good
  • Tony didn’t know 
  • He found out when going through his father’s notes after they died 
  • Now he had a 3-year-old to raise alone with god knows what powers 
  • He had the company too
  • Tony didn’t deal well with grief 
  • He threw himself into work and partying 
  • Leaving Y/N to nanny’s, Pepper, Rhodey and Happy’s care. 
  • ‘Daddy! You got me a new mommy!’ *cue Y/N hugging  Tony’s latest conquest  who looks stunned* ‘Stop winding her up Y/N’ 
  • Y/N didn’t mind 
  • She missed her dad but she had enough of a support system  
  • She grew up relatively normal 
  • The super serum enhanced her physically but her intelligence was all Stark 
  • As she got older Tony started to realise what he had done wrong 
  • He tried to mend fences
  • ‘I’m a screw up’ ‘You were a screw-up, now you’re a dad’
  • She worked in the company for him 
  • She was part of the Avengers 
  • They became close 
  • She also became close with another avenger 
  • ‘You think you can take me, Rogers?’ ‘I feel sorry for you being delusional to think I couldn’t’
  • It was heavy flirting
  • Tickle fights 
  • Rough kisses
  • Tony didn’t notice until it was too late
  • They’d been together over six months 
  • ‘If you hurt her Cap’ ‘I know I know she’ll kick my ass’ ‘Well…actually yeah’
  • Steve took weeks to build up the nerve to ask Tony if he could marry her 
  • ‘You know I don’t have a say in what she does’ ‘She’s her fathers’ daughter’ ‘That’s for sure’ 
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I’d be the first one to say that I’ve never been a huge bucky fan. However, I so wished I could write this story idea that I have. I picture Tony having a little sister by little I mean my age 28 and she and bucky secretly like each other. Tony finds out about it and tries to keep her away from bucky. Hydra also finds out about it and come up with a plan to kidnap both bucky and Tony’s sister. Once they do this, hydra forces them to have baby, bucky being brainwashed of course. Because what better way to make winter soldier super serum babies then with a stark? However, I lack writing skills to pull it off 😡😡

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