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#huion h610 pro

So, I use Krita, and only just updated it after a long time (and only just started using my drawing tablet again). I don’t quite understand layers on Krita all that much but I think I looked some today (I think being the key term). I’ve done most of my art on a sketchbook or on a phone app, only using the tablet a handful of times.

It still seems extremely touchy and the lines seem…idk scratchy, not smooth if that makes any sense. I’m not sure if I just need to adjust some things or what. This is still all new to me despite having the art program + tablet for a while…

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my drawing tablet broke so im trying to fix up my aunt’s old huion tablet

i thought it was the tablet itself but it turns out to be medibang paint pro

it delays the pen for a few seconds then it appears

and its really freaking frustrating because it works anywhere else

does anyone know why it does this and can help me out?

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I got a Huion H610PRO V2!

So far so good, still getting used to it! But look how big it is!


Its about the size of my 15″ laptop screen

Here’s a little test doodle!


After adjusting the settings and re-calibrating the area I’m already sketching away!

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