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The Talon Comes To Town

Everyone’s favorite Talon, William Cobb is back to his shenanigans. His favorite thing to do? Why, abduct Dick, of course! Let’s see how the Bats respond.


The venerable old butler will guard his eldest grandchild with the eye of an eagle and the rifle he kept from his days in the British secret service. His trick? Aim for the eyes. After running the Talon off, he resumes his dusting, his duty dispensed nobly.


Seethes and lifts weights to be so buff that gre can punch a hole through the son stealing slug’s head. He keeps Dick close by, and takes him everywhere, to the point where Dick gets no privacy to wank, even. Bruce has also definitely sown trackers into Dick’s underwear.


Tries to convert Talon to the light, and gets abducted in the process, because he has a virulent need to spread kindness and love in the world. Don’t worry, Dick escapes before they reach Talon’s hideout, wriggling his perfect little ass out of his bonds and straight into Jason’s unwilling arms, the unfortunate brother being the one sent to save his fluff headed sibling.


Keeps getting called to save Dick. He is annoyed to the point that he kidnaps Dick himself, and while Dick is happy to spend time with his Little Wing, and Jason has someone who will do the housekeeping like a 50’s suburban wife, everyone else panics and when discovered, yells at Jason.


Willing to end the Talon. She eliminated the entire Court of Owls, she can eliminate one more. What do you mean I can’t eliminate people!? Oh come on Bruce, just a little elimination, you won’t even feel it! Ok, fine, be that way. But Cass is definitely planning to push Talon off of a building the nest time they cross paths.


Sneaky and slippery, Tim sets his oodles of surveillance and his vast independent spy network on the Talon. Now he can’t even go to the bathroom in peace. Tim creates an anonymous persona and hires Dick’s, ahem, admirer Deathstroke to guard his brother, something Slade is all too happy to do, and raises Bruce’s blood pressure.


How dare some two bit Talon try to take Grayson! Damian is the heir to the Demon’s Head, he eats Talons for lunch. He calls his grandfather and asks for a contingent of ninjas to guard Grayson - so many people volunteered - and spend the rest of his time either sharpening his swords or nestled in Grayson’s lap like an angry guard puppy.

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