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<You acquire a Bitty Duck Bill Minion>

I am spending my centurio seals on nothing here’s one of my purchases. The Duckbill is so cute!? She slides along her belly sometimes?! sdfghjkl ;_;

(also featuring: my new Samurai glam from lucky Dun Scaith rolls. And actually using this Ala Mhigan katana i thought i was gonna throw away)

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Casual Fishing

For whenever I actually to decide lvl Fisher seriously again lol. I actually like her in shorts but I think she needs more leg protection!

  • Endless Summer Glasses (Void Blue)
  • Black Moonfire Happi
  • Hempen Halfgloves (Soot Black)
  • Spring Bottoms (Ink Blue) or Survival Halfslops (Soot Black)
  • Spring Shoes (Ink Blue)
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Waves that Bear, Winds that Guide
Navigator’s Gaze Rests Upon Me
Lone but not alone in these Churning Waters,
May the fate she descries be ever 
In my favor, realm shaking or no.
Though Fair Skies, and Stormy Seas
Guide Me ever on My Life’s Voyage
Till Sea Swallows All

- Prayer to the Navigator

*Modified from the opening Lominsan Scene

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Turquoise Steps - DNC 70

  • Yafaemi Turban of Aiming 
  • Brightlinen Himaton of Aiming (Turquoise Green)
  • Brightlinen Sleeves of Aiming (Jet Black)
  • Expeditioner Pantelettes (Soot Black) 
  • Republican Sagittarius Caligae (Turquoise Green)

I wore this while doing FATEs in Amh Areng. I should have used those tall Smilodonskin Sandal Boots instead cause i think sand would get in the caligae wings but oh well lol

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