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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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#i am confusion

i want to go through my followers and block all the bots but I can only see the first like fifteen (mobile and using my computer)… any tips/tricks to see all of them??

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last night my bank account was at $-60 because i had to pay rent, my phone bill, groceries and did some online christmas shopping for friends and family. this morning, i looked again and i have $330 ????? i didn’t get paid ??? i got paid on friday ???? it’s a goddamn christmas miracle (those money posts i’m always reblogging cause i ain’t got nothing left to lose actually worked akdkfjajdkxbwj)

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Soooo… She lives to 95, outliving all 7 of her siblings and one of her nephews, has been a famous author since she was 45 years old and was still writing until her demise, and yet “the pinnacle of her life” was becoming vice-president of her high school’s politics club???????


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not a request. more like a think of this?? but r!reader and roger breastfeeding kink. i cant help but thank about it and it gets me goig.

Please elaborate on this because I don’t know where to start Anon. No judgement or anything bad, just… continue? I’m listening. I’m open to it, what’s this about? 👀😳

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