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#i love dogs

It is a song of belonging

That makes you belong just by hearing it

It’s a song that will always take care of you and never leave you

If you have a heart, it breaks

If you have a heart that is broken, it fixes ❤️

Patrick Ness ~

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Hey dude, sorry to bother you but I managed to sneak on to the computer at work and get a better quality picture of Jack for you. I added wings and a halo cause he’s a sweet angel boy. I also added a line art one too.

Hope that’s okay.

Bonus dog number two.

Her names Barley and she’s a fluffy grump.

Loved the last A Little Nightmare update.

Take care.




UM THIS IS THE OPPOSITE OF BOTHERING ME??? I LOVE this drawing! It’s my boy!!! He looks amazing and I love it so much! 

Barley is a beautiful fluffy grump and she has 100/10 ears. She looks so fluffy. Would pet and love forever.

I’m glad you liked the update! A Little Nightmare is a really fun story to write :)

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