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#i love him

You consume my mind

Trying to concentrate but all I can think about is your body

Our skin touching as we press together

The desire to have you closer

Everything with you is more intimate

Your arms wrapped around me

Holding me close, letting me know that everything is okay

Your lips whispering what I need to hear

Then you leave my presence but not my thoughts

The distance between us bigger then ever

The fiery heat reduced to ice

Passion has turned to indifference

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ensina-me como amar-te devagar, porque só sei querer-te com urgência.

não mais tarde, não amanhã, hoje! quero-te hoje para sempre.

teach me how to love u slowly, bc i only know how to want u urgently.

not later, not tomorrow, today! i want u today forever.

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“Goodnight my sweet little pumpkin, I could whisper sweet nothings into your ear for all time.. but right now, it’s sleepy time. So, close your eyes and drift through the spaces of here and your dreams with a smile on your lips.. cause even happiness should find you in your dreams.”

Go to bed and when you wake, it will be to a coffee and a sweet, sweet kiss - eUe.. for the #LateNightPillowTalk

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i thought he figured it out when i just suggested the carlsbad caverns as a honeymoon destination but then i realized im always Like That

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