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Ballet au winteriron

Natasha says an old friend is coming to work for their company. 

“Who?” Bucky asks. 

“A friend,” Natasha answers, forever cryptic. “You’ll know him when you see him.” 

Bucky nearly falls over when he sees Tony Stark entering the studio with red ballet slippers, an easy smile, and enough good looks to probably make Bucky cry at some point. 

Natasha grins wickedly. 

“I hate you. So much.” 

“I know,” she says smugly. “Still doesn’t change the fact that he can do those tight turns and you need someone to lift up for the next show.” 

Oh fuck. 

Meanwhile, Tony feels like he can’t stop staring at the guy in the corner brooding and tying up his shoes. 

“Who’s that?” he murmurs to Natasha. 

“That would be your new partner, Bucky Barnes. Like what you see?” 

“Who wouldn’t?” Tony quizzes back. “Let’s get started.” 

The rhythms are familiar to him as they get warmed up, and he falls into line quite easily at Natasha’s firm instructions. 

They have a break later, and Tony is introduced to the team. 

“Nice to have you on,” a woman named Jen says, grinning. “We’ve heard so much about you.” 

“Hopefully all of it has been interesting,” Tony responds, winking. “Anyone wanna tell me what the performance will be? Natasha’s very unkindly kept me in the dark.” 

“You baby,” Natasha teases. “It’s a new piece, written by one of Sharon’s old friends. You and Bucky will lead, it’s romance.” 

Tony blinks. Usually, something like that was more of an off-Broadway type of feel. But this…this could be good. 

“Well then, we better get started,” he says. 

Dancing with Bucky Barnes is like a dream. They don’t talk much throughout it except for notes on placement of limbs and jumps and all of that fun stuff, but Tony has a good time. 

It’s after practice when he catches up to Bucky. 

“I was wondering something,” Tony says. 

“Wonder away,” he responds, smiling. “What’s up?” 

“Since we’re both the leads, I think it’s only proper if we get to know each other better,” Tony says. “That, and you’d be amazed what I can cook that fits into the caloric intake.” 

“Like a date?” 

“You call an egg an egg, don’t you?” 

Bucky grins, picking up his gym bag. “I’d be honored, Tony.” 

“Here’s my number, text me so I know you have it and I’ll pick you up when you’re ready.” 

Bucky nods, barely able to believe that Tony’s the one who likes him. 

Natasha sends him an “I told you so” text message, but Bucky ignores that in favor of texting Tony a little message and hurrying home. 

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Ya know what really pees in my wheaties? That the black widow film is going to need to be A+, winter soldier levels of awesome or it’s going to be a failure. We are so far past when this film should have happened that it almost doesn’t matter, except of course it does, and I’m just really tired of these endings being written before the first word of the story is ever put on the page, ya know?

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💞 With Natasha? - @in-love-with-the-scarlet-witch

@in-love-with-the-scarlet-witch 💞 How do you both express affection?

Natasha definitly use words of affirmation and act of service!! She’s never too physical in public, but she’ll always find a way to whisper something sweet to me, or to prove that whatever I do, she will always love me. In private, tho, she have her arms all around me and kiss me a lot (LEMME SMOOCH THE SEXY SPY PLS), so maybe physical touch?? ><

Me, I’m more of a physical touch, quality time & act of devotions person. I will always find a way to touch her or have a hand on her. On her waist, hip, or even her shoulders (if i can reach it bc i’m a fucking gremlin). In public, I often kiss her hand (if she’s comfortable) and in private, her jaw & l-lips owo. Also, I’m all about proving her that I love her. I swear to god if she doubt my lOVE ONE TIME I WILL- love her harder, if that’s possible. And I will always make time for a date, casual or fancy or just time together because she’s always busy so she needs to take a break and to relax, also I get to kiss her a lot during these dates so it’s a really nice bonus.

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Natasha: I just want to talk to him.
Phil: What are you doing?!
Natasha: I just want to talk to him.
Clint: Why do you have a shotgun!?
Natasha: I just want to talk to him.
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