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#i love them anyway lol

“The time I hyper focused but bad on Disney’s Descendants and Miraculous Ladybug at the same time” AKA “the time I Alternated between screeching about a blonde kid who Only Ever Wants To Help People and is adorkable and grew up lonely and abused to screeching about yet ANOTHER blonde kid who Only Ever Wants To Help People and shows signs of having grown up lonely and is also adorkable.”

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i lowkey have no friends who watch iasip and i cant keep talking about macdennis to my boyfriend coz he literally has no clue what im talking about,, would u mind if i messaged u,, i didn't wanna cross any lines 馃ズ i just really need chaotic iasip pals plus i've been following ur blog for quite some time now n ur one of my faves : )

bro i’m at work today until 5 but YESSS????!?!???

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Okay so this photo is very nice, because it’s Teuvo, am I right? (or right?)


Very pretty, huh?



OHH BOY WHAT IS THIS???? That mustache is just wrong, and looks very sad, can it be gone?? It’s terrible. 1/10 (not getting a zero because this isn’t the worst)

I have some questions: First of all, W H Y? I’m sure he could have done something to it. Why leave it like that if you shave other areas on your face? Or maybe his facial hair grows just there or in reality tries to. Why does it have such a big gap in between? Please Teuvo we love that you’re trying your best but maybe leave it for someone else?? Before it becomes as bad as it was last spring (that was 0/10 tbh)… plEASE

Also, Teuvo, your little brother’s mustache looks better, sorry not sorry xoxo



Those eyelashes are just unreal, very pretty 10/10 + those eyebrows!

(feel free to add your opinions lol)

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Fantasy AU Jirou is also a former bard of sorts. Her mother is a bard, and her father was too before he was forced to fight for their country in a desperate war that they were losing. Jirou learned how to play various instruments from them and dreamed of becoming a bard as well, until she ran into trouble with a certain witch by the name of Yue Hagakure in an endeavor to protect her dear friend, Tooru. Yue ended up costing Jirou all of her sense of hearing, breaking her heart and spirit for a very long time, even to this day. It doesn’t stop her from dabbling with her lute from time to time, though, or singing for others since she does still have plenty of skill despite her lack of hearing. Kind of a Beethoven!

However, the incident with Yue (as well as the fact that the witch’s attacks failed to kill Jirou and ended up infusing her with raw magic) are what inspired Jirou to become a Hexblade, the first of her kind. Now her goal is to track her down and finally kill her, as well as just travel the world and do good for it. So mix that Beethoven with Brienne of Tarth, and you’ve got yourself Ser Kyouka Jirou, the one and only Hexblade.

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People keep saying mukbang and I don’t think it is because phil said those were done but even if it was are we really prepared for another dnp version of the mukbang? The last one was more serious and right now I don’t know if I’d want a serious sit down video from them.

i also don’t think it will be a mukbang, mostly cause i don’t think dan would really want to do that as his first reappearance since BIG six months later.

honestly my first thoughts were a video involving the two of them somehow, and a celebratory domino’s afterward 👀

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