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#i went to tHe mOON

Also can I say I’m super proud of my partner right now because he basically went cold turkey on cigs three days ago. After 16 years he’s officially quitting. I know it’s been hell for him but I’m so fucking proud like holy shit what a bad ass mother fucker you are.

Hopefully 4th day (tomorrow) his symptoms will drastically go down since the first three days are the worse. But yeah I’m just so proud because he never thinks he’s strong enough but this is proving to him that he is. ❤️❤️

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“luther was only on the moon for 4 years and five was alone for 45″

hey u know who also said that while those 4 years showed luther what isolation feels like, what five went through is still unimaginable to him?


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The moon was burning tonight.

A piece of black silk had been stretched across the sky and sprinkled with flakes of silver, but the stars were nothing compared to the searing brightness of the moon.

The earth was damp under her footsteps, the bark of the trees rough and tactile under her fingertips, as she tilted her head up and looked at the sky. A cold breeze wrapped around her and she shivered, still looking up. 

The moonlight was mirrored in her eyes, diamond strands in the darkness.  

People always said that the sun was a blaze of fire and eternal heat, and the light from the moon was only a reflection of that same light. 

But sunlight was notes of heat and drowsiness, golden grass and silken petals.

This light was a pure ivory that created wavering shadows and brought tears to her eyes because of the brilliance.

This light was fresh snow, sharp crystal and harsh wind.

She reached a hand up, letting the silver rays tangle around her fingers. 

Closed her eyes.

And dissipated into the night.

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