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G-Max Sweet Tooth (Ice-Type Moves): An Ice-type attack that Gigantamax Vanilluxe use. This move wakes up sleeping teammates and slightly restores their health.

Pokédex Entry (Sword): It overflows with sweet syrup created from the aurora that swirls within. This causes the snowfall it generates to take on the taste of strawberry, caramel and chocolate to the delight of thousands.

Pokédex Entry (Shield): This Pokemon is so happy to exist it managed to sprout another head made from pure Gigantamax energy. It is dedicated to the enjoyment of all around it, and will use any excuse to feed its syrupy snow to others.

Here’s a version without the heavy shading. Enjoy!

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Something truly delicious I tried recently: deep-fried potato mochi (芋餅 imomochi) with sweet syrup, vanilla ice cream, and whipped cream. I’d only ever had savory imomochi, so this was really eye-opening 😍 Also, lovely tea in a sea turtle teacup!

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One Kiss (Tom Hiddleston x Reader)

Also available on my AO3.

Rating: G
Word Count: 2.5K
Tags: Fluff, Best Friends to Lovers, you’re angey and tom calms you down
Whenever one of you is upset, you and your best friend Tom head to your favorite ice cream parlor to vent and eat your feelings. Usually you feel better afterwards. For some reason, this time, a cone of your favorite flavor and a rant doesn’t quite do the trick.

A/N:  Hey y'all. Life’s been keeping me busy, but I’m back with another Tom oneshot! This was inspired by a conversation I had with a friend about being calmed down by someone she likes. I hope you enjoy!


You grind your teeth, feeling the muscle in your jaw twitch as you stalk away. You knew not to engage, not to start fights with people unless you knew you could finish them, but this time they had crossed a line. The safest and smartest course of action for you right now is to literally walk away from it before you do something you regret.

You’re not sure where you’re going exactly. All you know is that you need to get away from Point A and get to Point B, wherever the hell that is.

Rounding the corner to get to your car, you huff at the memory of the things that were said about you. Of the things that were said to you. It all sends a fresh bout of roiling anger to pulse through your veins.

The car door swings open way too wide and you get into the driver’s seat, slamming the door with more force than necessary. You exhale, your eyes scanning your reflection through the rearview mirror. Your cheeks are flushed, your eyes filled with cold rage, your mouth is pressed into a hard line. It’s only now you realize that you’re actually shaking—and then, without warning, you feel hot tears well up in your eyes.

Angrily you swat at your face, your eyebrows scrunching together in frustration. Damn it, why do you have to be an angry crier?

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I knew at some point that I would have to do it. This past weekend, the day finally came. I grabbed a friend, hopped in my car, and headed towards Safa Persian Teahouse in Manayunk.

But oh no, I was not just there for tea. I was at Safa for something much much better.


Iranian Ice Cream (“بستنی سنتی”). Or, better put, rosewater, egg, and saffron Ice Cream topped with pistachios, flower petals, and a crispy sugar wafer. Though I had heard plenty about Iranian-style ice cream, I had never had the chance to try it. After all, you cannot exactly add this to your shopping cart next time you are at the grocery store.

The ice cream was incredible and lived up to the reputation that my Persian friends established for it. The ice cream’s rich and creamy qualities merited a hot glass of Persian black tea served with a stick of rock sugar to stir into the glass and further elevate my blood sugar.  


The teahouse was beautiful, and I thoroughly enjoyed my midday snack; however, the owner informed me that Safa does more than offer premium Persian teas and homemade Saffron ice cream. Safa also sells a variety of Persian pastries, Persian foods like Kashke Badenjan, and occasionally opens at nights for Persian Tasting menus.


Apparently, the restaurant frequently stays open late for events like Valentine’s day where they serve multiple courses of Persian food or exclusively prepare special Persian dishes such as Kabab.

I am fairly upset with myself for not ordering some of the delicious foods that Safa orders; however, I know I will have to go back for some rich teas or one of their specialty nights—and I encourage you all to do the same. Just let me know if you need company!


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Ice Cream

Words: 325

Warnings: None

Summary: Sophie takes Keefe to try one of her favorite human deserts

“Thank you.”

Sophie smiled sweetly at the cashier as he handed over the ice cream cones, her words accompanied by a perfect French accent. One cone stacked high with the pale pink of strawberry ice cream, the other a simple two scoops of mint chocolate chip. Both cones had a cherry on top.

Keefe eyed the cone skeptically. “Are you sure this is the best human desert?” His skepticism was well deserved- ice cream didn’t look like much compared to mallowmelt or any other elvin foods.

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