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Brokeback Mountain

Fuck everyone that has a single bad thing to say about this lovely movie.

I saw this for the first time today, having no real need to see a film that has been widely regarded as a joke. I thought myself safe in dodging the bullet that Brokeback Mountain is seen as. I had heard the notorious phrase “I can’t quit you” so many times it might as well be synonymous with “hello”. Everytime I watched an LGBT+ movie I heard the words tangled in my friend’s laughs. I laughed too, and I feel ashamed. Now I understand how ignorant every single person who mocks this movie is.

Brokeback Mountain isn’t funny, not in the slightest. It’s real. It’s stunning how they captured the hostility towards gay men. It’s ironic that the attention the movie received is eerily close to the actions they were ridiculing. Hate was shown towards a movie where hate kills everything.

Y'all need to quit bashing this movie.

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Cersei: *is herself, complains about the Faith in general and High Septons & sparrows in specific*


„When she saw what they had done to Baelor the Beloved, the queen had cause to rue her soft heart.“

- Cersei Lannister VI, AFfC


Originally posted by shewrlak

[context: she regrets not having ridden over the sparrows like she thinks Tywin would have done when she sees they have „defiled“ Baelor‘s statue. apparently Tywin is the foundation of her moral standards or lack thereof]

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bi polar rant

i mean what in the fucking world has to transpire for people to open their eyes for me to open my eyes.

what amount of plausible deniability does one need to maintain to emotionally survive in this world.

idk but i feel pretty fucking raw and useless about one hundred and ten percent of the time.

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Growing up is realising

That only you can scare away the monsters under your bed,

Only you can scare away the monsters in your head.

No one else can do it for you.

You have to be strong.

Especially if you want to help scare away the worst monster of all,

The one you can’t control.

The one that will change the way you live by changing the world around you.

But sometimes scaring away the scariest monster is too hard

So even grown up people ignore it.

Pretending not to care,

Saying ignorance is bliss

Until it’s too late and they have sleepwalked into the monsters lair

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i know what i could do

Well you do you then, honey. I'mma just keep exposing you to the public, but I’m still waiting to meet your scientist who proved that life would be better without British inventions.

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Its got nothing to do with race!! The cop didnt go there to "specifically murder or execute" this African-American woman. Have you seen the video? It was dark, the cop only had a flashlight, he shouted a shit warning where he didnt identify himself as law, then fired. He panicked!!!! I'm not sticking up for him, the cop should and will be held accountable and you shouldn't incite racial-hatred for likes and reblogs. Would you say its racial if a black cop shot a white woman? I dont think so.

Bitch shut the fuck up. I don’t have time for this low level bullshit.

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