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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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I sent my application for an exchange program next September. I’d spend 10 month in Kyushu, which is absolutely amazing! I don’t know if I’ll be going just yet (within a week or two I’ll be informed of the jury’s decision after studying my case), but if I do end up going, it means I have to prepare myself and save money right now to cover the expanses. My family isn’t wealthy, so I need to take the matter in my own hands to find money.

All in all, I’d have to pay for the plane ticket, for health insurance, for medical appointments, and the overall cost of life of about 600‎$ per months. I’m hoping to collect enough money to be cover for what I need to pay before leaving, and maybe a little more to be comfortable for a bit once I’m there.

  • CHIBI BUSTS are simply shaded, and can be fully colored or kept mostly in black and white if desired. The character is drawn frontally, with elements of your choice drawn behind them if you’d like. Transparent background. 11‎$
  • COMPLEX, FULLY PAINTED BUSTS have complex shading and lightning, with bright colours. Angles of your choice. Transparent background. 22$
  • STYLISTIC PAINTINGS are portraits (of yourself, a loved one, or a character you like) in my style, with complex shading and lightning and bright colours. Angles and body poses of your choice (send pictures if necessary). Solid colour background. 27$ 
  • REALISTIC PAINTINGS are portraits (of yourself, a loved one, or a pet) in a realistic style, with complex shading and lightning and realistic colours. Based on pictures. Background of your choice. 32$

Thank you for helping me reach my dreams <3


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⛈ Storm you’ve arrived soon

maybe nobody expected

that you will cross the skies today

Being a starry night…

🎨Art “Storm” ⛈

Acrylic on cardboard🖌

🔹Mural painting

🔸Painting Abstract


#Art #acryliconcardboard #Storm ⛈

#muralpainting #painting #abstract

#abstractart #abstractpainting


#plasticartist #painting #acrylicpaint

🌏 #MelbourneUniverse 🌍

#Visualartist #Melbourne #Victoria #Australia 🇦🇺

••Professional profile…

⛈ Work details …


⛈ Work details …


⛈ Work …

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I forgot to post Valentine’s picture on Valentine’s Day. But, I posting it now, so it’s okay to be 14 days late :)

By the way, it is a slash, the boy on left is my character named Keita, and the boy on right is my friend creating character named Koraro.

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