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#im learning spanish
Bree: like yesterday she was talking to them in Spanish and im like
Bree: "I'll help clean the house"
Bree: because she told them they needed to clean while she was gone
Bree: and im like "OH YOOO SEE IG OT THAT HAHA YOOO"
Bree: and then just now she was telling ammy in Spanish that she needed to do the dishes so I was like "I can help you Ammy"
Bree: and im like "that's what she was asking right for you to clean the dishes" andi m like "I scare myself omfg that's I cant deal"
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hope you people have a nice sleep and day tomorrow, cos i will try to make tomorrow awesome, even though i have to run for like 2 hours because of cross country but its all good (: .

hasta manana! :D

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So i started learning Russian on Duolingo and how do you pronounce those letters? They look like the Greek ones but are pronounced totally different and the words sound like the Greek ones but are written totally different

I mean I’m referring to the like 5 words I learned but yeah

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