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- Full title: Love and War, based on a song by Fleurie

- Mostly edited, and hopefully better than original series.

Warnings: fluff, fighting/violence

WC: 886, I think

- I do not own any gifs or pictures*


Originally posted by kawaiifujoshichan


Originally posted by universemarvel

3rd Pov.

*A week later*

Rosabelle sighs, her hands zipping her small duffel bag shut as she glances to the letter on her white wooden desk. She grabs it softly, looking up to her Father who stood in her doorway..

“Are you ready?” He asks, moving to hold her duffel bag in his hand. His brown eyes scanning her matching ones as she nods.

“I have to talk to Peter. I’m making a stop in Scotland, before I meet you.” She adds, passing him in the hallway.

“I’ll drive. What is in Scotland?” Daniel, her Father, asks;making Rose tense only for a second.

“Something for Mr. Stark, for the internship, since we’re going to Europe.” She lies, sliding her letter into her small bag.

“I’ll also be there in a day or so, I’ve got to finish some work here.” He continues after nodding to her statements, surprising her slightly as he follows her to the door.

“You can’t be protective of me if you see him.” Rose continues as he locks the door behind them.

“I’m your Father, it’s apart of the job description.” He pushes as they walk down the stairs of their apartment building.

“You’ve sucked at important parts, Dad.” She responds back with a playful glare.

“Okay, I can get behind that. But that doesn’t mean I won’t think about doing it.” He adds lastly as they step out into the nightlife of Queens towards his SUV.

Rose steps out from the SUV, quickly hoping to catch Peter getting ready for sleep. She pauses before his Aunt’s apartment door, quietly knocking as Peter answers it with a toothbrush in his mouth. Suddenly choking, he ran to the sink and washed his mouth quickly. Peter rushes back with a shirt on and an embarrassed smile.

“Hey, Pete.” She says with a smirk as he chuckles and pulls her in for a soft kiss. He smiles as he pulls back looking down to connect their hands.

“What’s going on?” He questions and she looks back up at him.

“I have to go.”

“Oh, where?”
“Scotland, then Bucharest.”

“Really, why?”

“I got to help someone, then I’m going to meet with my Father to go meet someone.” He pauses his questions as she gives him a slight smile.

“Right now?”

“Yeah, my Father’s going later. I’ll text you once I land, and let you know how everything is going.” She promises and he sighs with a smile and kisses her again.

“Don’t have to much fun while I’m gone.” Rose jokes lastly as he hugs her and pulls away.

“I will try not to.” She gives him another last kiss and pulls away, disappearing from his hallway as she headed off to Scotland.

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Love - Spider Man Homecoming ~ Chp. 1

- I’m uploading this because it’s one of my smallest stories so far chapter wise.

- Full title: Love and War; based on song by Fleurie

- No warnings; just bland really since it’s just starting


- gif not mine ⬇️


Originally posted by marveledits

1st Pov. Rose

My mother used to say, “Realize that if a door closed, its because what was behind it wasn’t meant for you.” She told me this first 12 years ago, with each new beginning, with each new ending. The last time, it was the day she chose to leave my father.

I thought she abandoned me, now… I think it was for the best. My father did things, terrible things, but I forgave him long ago. I wouldn’t be who I am today without his exp…. His curiosity. I love my father, no matter the crime. It never mattered.

I sat up slowly, my eyes squeezing shut from sunlight invading my window shades. My feet fall to the floor, the waxed floors making my ankle white socks slide againsts it. I push to a stand, stepping down my father’s white loft hallway. I turn to my left, switching on the large mirror light, the white tile walls making the room brighter.

I grab my blue hair comb, my tight brown curls untangling with each stroke.

“You’ll have to be taking the metro railway for school. My new job gives me a driver only for work.” My father says, his hair swept up and back, his blue eyes sticking out against his grey silk button up. His hands tightening his royal blue tie, his eyes scanning my appearance.

“Okay.” I reply lightly, my dark brown eyes sweeping back towards the mirror. I spread some toothpaste on my toothbrush and begin to brush. My father’s height seemed to tower over my own 5’4”. He steps away towards the large kitchen area, the smell of coffee brewing quickly fills the air.

I spit out and wash my mouth out, closing the door after and stepping to the glass shower a few feet away. I twist the handle up, stream filling the air as the water heats up steadily. I sigh, stepping in as the water relaxed my muscles.

I rub lotion on my caramel skinned arms, my hands evenly spreading it across it. I stop, wiping my hands on a towel and grabbing my shoes. Zipping up the small zipper on my black leather heeled boots. I stood, patting down my knee high dark jean skirt, my white blouse tucked in but hanging out slightly. I grab my brown silk jacket and fold it over my left arm; lifting my grey backpack, I turn to enter the hall, moving towards the kitchen.

“Rose, I wrote a metro train schedule down. Here’s the address of the school.” My father says, handing me a pamphlet and a post-it. I glance over the paper and slide it into my jacket pocket. I look up at my father, his eyes scanning my face as he slid his hand forward across the marbled countered island. I look to see a blueberry muffin and a cell phone together on a plate.

“I got you one for your internship with Mr. Stark. I expect you to not screw this up. His influence can profit us both.” My father says, moving towards the front door next to our modern style living room.

“Curfew is at ten.” He continues, slipping on a dark navy suit coat and bending slightly to grab his dark brown satchel from the hanger next to the door.

“Oh, and..” He pauses, my eyes connecting to his.

“Join a club, something.” He finishes, pulling the door open and slamming it shut. I grab the muffin, sliding the phone into my right pocket and stepping to the door. I glance back into the apartment as I began to close the door to leave.

“I’m on it, TS.” I say quietly, making sure my earpiece picked up on the answer.

“Welcome to Midtown School of Science and Technology. I’m the head mistress, principle, Melissa Hampton. Here’s your schedule, with the specific floor plan and classrooms. I have the A,B.C. and D, parts of your schedule highlighted. Also I wrote a list of extracurriculars and sports.” A middle aged woman says, her hair a graying blonde, her body slumped but straight.

“Thanks.” I reply, passing the principal with the pamphlets and notes she gave me. I step down the blue and white halls, a TV monitor into the corner of the walls showcase announcements and other things from a media class. I bypass students of many looks, popularity, religiousness, geekiness, nerd-ness, etc.

I paused only about 94 locker spaces from 1000, my fingers quickly twisting in the three digit(s) code. I slid in some notebooks and pencils, my hand pulled out a chemistry two book. I close the door, and turn to walk.

“Hiya, swee-”

“Not interested.” I reply quickly to a dark tan boy wearing a straight edged collared shirt. A heard a chuckle beside me, my eyes connecting with bright walnut coloured ones. The boy’s smile faded slightly as I glanced over his slightly whiffed brown hair, light skin, and his lean body structure. I blush lightly as turn away heading towards my class on the third floor.

Taglist: @editsbyjenny

- 847 words

- Should get better the next few chapters….

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