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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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#imagine your otp

Okay, but, imagine: Aziraphale is kidnapped by pirates but saved by Crowley, a seashore and avowed enemy of the entire maritime court (whether pirate or not). It turns out to be useful for a rampant race in search of a magical flower hidden on an island.


Originally posted by kaipurge

Plot twist: The term “Blue Flower” is very vague and can actually be a flower or not. Therefore, the flower is actually Aziraphale itself. And, I imagined the pirates being the demons and the royal court sailors (those guys who follow orders) being the angels. Beelzebub and Gabriel are the leaders of course.


And Crowley is neither a pirate nor a sailor, he’s just a smart guy wanting a magic flower to sell it for thousands of gold piles and run away for some money. Ah yes. The part where Aziraphale is just an unlucky guy who was caught mopping the floor of a ship and saved in a chaotic scene of swords and laughter coming from Crowley (because guys … Crowley would be like a Peter Pan, always having fun with pirate expense).

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Person 1: Do you Blink or do you trink?

Their alien gf: What?

Person 1: It’s just that you got three eyes so do you therefore Blink or Trink? And what about winking, does blinking have the same effect as winking in your culture?

Alien gf: Babe you told me when your star is gone you shut down to regain energy for eight cycles. why are you still using your vocal cord projector to make those noises of idiocy?

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Whatever floats your ship series

~2am text messages (real convo)~

Person A: Would you still love me if I had sex reassignment surgery?

Person B:

Person A: Are you sleeping?

Person B:


Person B: You are scary sometimes.

If you wanna be tagged dm me. This will be a once every 2 days series till I run out of ideas.

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Simon: *stirring lukewarm water in pot* Dammit! Why won’t this stupid water boil!?

Baz: *slipping ice cubes into the pot every time Simon turns his back* “Gosh, I have no freaking clue.”

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You know what trope just absolutely knees me in the heart? What trope melts my cold soul?? When character A and B are laying in bed, cuddling and then person B is very quickly falling asleep meanwhile person A just silently watches. And thEn just as charcter B closes thier eyes and falls fast asleep, person A quietly whispers “i love you” for the first time.


Originally posted by fandomnationwhore

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If someone wants to date you, tell them you’re already dating a demon

If that doesn’t work

Draw a summoning circle and summon him to make sure they understand that you love each other very much

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Yang: I just find it weird that you’re dating Pyrrha is all.

Blake: I don’t see why it’s so weird. Can you explain?

Yang: Because you two are on the opposite sides of the “Wake me up” spectrum

Blake: The what?

Yang: The “Wake me Up” spectrum. You’re a “Before September Ends” type of girl while Pyrrha is a “Before You Go-Go” type of girl.

Blake:………I hate how this actually makes sense.

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🌻end of summer prompts🌻

1. It’s getting colder at night again. Cuddles.

2. “We need to go to that ice cream place before it closes for the year.”

3. The otp+ and/or their kid/s on the Back to School creep: finishing up homework together, back to school shopping, looming dread and excitement

4. Saying goodbye on the last day of camp.

5. Getting excited for Halloween even though it’s too early.

6. Taking a late summer trip just to get one in.

7. Staying up all night, talking and being sweaty.

8. Going to see that blockbuster before it leaves the theaters. Or going to a drive in or movie in the park.

9. Trampoline sleepover or camping in the back yard.

10. It’s finally cold enough to drink tea.

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