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#imagine your otp

Imagine your OTP

A: Hey, your parents are chefs? ‘Cause where did they get this hot stuff like you??? *winks aggressively*

B: Fuck you.

A: Oh, that was the last part of my plan.


B: It would’ve been better if it was the first part of your plan.

A: !!!

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Person A: I just want you to be honest.
Person B: Well...
Person A: *Stares at Person B completely confused*
Person B: If you wanted-
Person A: Don't. Please.
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A bit tight financially at the moment. I can’t really draw at all and I need permits to cook outside of my work hours.  


Need a ghost writer or an editor?  Do you have that one awesome idea for a story and you just don’t have time to outline it or put it all on paper? I’m your girl!

Your OTP/BroTP doesn’t have enough representation? Here I am! Here to help with that!

Romance, buddy-cops, drama, highschool, post apocalypse, you name it, I can write it! All pairings or no pairings, I’m game to work within the Sonic-verse.

I’m fairly well versed in all Sonic lore and consistently keep myself up to date. 

Need help fleshing out your OC a bit? Want to help them find their place in the Sonic-verse? Want help balancing them out, finding themselves and getting them on their journey? I’m there for you buddy! Character Consultations for Sonic OC’s are open to negotiations as well!

While I do not write sex scenes or intense gore- I am more than happy to write out heavier situations. Such situations are negotiable on a case by case basis. Payments via paypal invoice. 

Consultations to discuss services- Absolutely Free!

Ghostwriting- $10 per 1k words

Editing- $5 per 1k words read

Outlining story- $10 per story prompt

OC consultations- $5 per character

Thanks so much to anyone who is willing to help me out. Your time and consideration is greatly appreciated!

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[JiYoo on a date in bar]

Yoohyeon: So, do you like sex on the beach?

Jiu: *blushing* I..What? Umm wait, I never do that before ugh…. But ummm if it’s with you I….

Yoohyeon: *blushing too* I mean… This is the name of drink but I like the way you thinking

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