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this is bullshit

I’m calling bullshit on this one. I’m downright protesting this.

Why am I seeing so many false advertisements on here? I saw one for Rep. Ilma Omar, she’s litterally done nothing wrong and the ad wanted her impeached because she “is an embarrassment”. She’s a person of a different religion and thats enough to piss people off. I’m disgusted. This is the one:

this is bullshit

Whoever made this ad is just shitting out of their mouth. Go on staff, are you going to delete my account for this? I can’t physically go out and protest but not falling for this crap and trying to get other people not to fall for it either is the least I can do. Oh yeah and I have a fever and I can still spot bullshit when I see it. Fuck you advertisers get off of here🖕

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AVIOT - Episode 74 - Gloom for the Accused

When accusations fly left and right, we’re left wondering what it means for those who stand trial, especially in the court of public opinion. Listen as our co-hosts J. Stokes, Coya & Jay Random weigh in.

**You can also help support and fund our endeavors by listening to this podcast episode on Spotify and Anchor!**

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So, this is a really sensitive topic and if you’re easily offended I ask that you scroll past this post. For those who wanna know what I read for? Hit the Read More tab and delve right on in with me.

Okay, so, like, I asked Tarot: “What can we do to clean up the mess/shit hole we’ve made of America so far?” This question was inspired by a post my friend made a few days ago on Facebook.

I used three different decks for this question: The Rider-Waite-Smith deck, The Hermetic Tarot deck, and the Queen of the Moon Oracle deck.
These were used for specific energies of the answers I needed. The RWS deck(for the Celtic Cross spread) was used to glean typical information. The Hermetic Tarot was used for clear-cut, no bullshit, straight to the point without the frills, kind of answer. The Oracle deck was used just to glean/enhance the energy of the answer of the whole thing.

So, here’s the reading:
First off, the topic of the reading is the X(Ten) of Swords(reversed). This is willful ignorance to the injury caused by what inspired the question. When will we get our heads out of our asses and see what the truth actually is? Instead of being separated by stupid shit like pro life vs. pro choice, gun ban vs. constitutional rights regarding guns, welcoming alien residents vs. keeping foreigners out, my religion is better vs. your religion, ect., we’re taking on willful ignorance of what/who is really fucking us. Which, even without reading to the end, should be an obvious answer: those who lie to us about how we should be scared of each other instead of uniting for the common and highest good of all, regardless of differences. Because that’s what it is to be an American.
The card that crosses the topic and that is the main struggle of the reading, is XI Justice. Justice for these people are being blocked and the perpetrator(s) are getting off the hook because they can use the willful ignorance and emotions they struck up between these two groups(the different “parties” we have here in America which have the biggest influence over smaller parties trying to evoke change) to stay in power and to revoke responsibility for the illegal activities they’re up to.

The goal of the American people is II The High Priestess. We want to be unified once more. The need for the power to be returned to the people is strong because The Priestess teaches us that we don’t need a head or authority to tell us what to think, what to do, and what to be, because the power was within us the entire time. We want to disagree but we want to do so lovingly as to not have it a blood bath as the X of Swords® implies.

As for the deeper history of the Americas: Because of the perversion of II The High Priestess, the V of Cups tells us we put all our hope into individuals who are HUMAN and are as fallible as the rest of us, thus leading to great disappointment. And those who saw that pain wanted to manipulate it cause a divide and break us down, each minority, so they can gain complete control.
As a result of this division we ended up with The King of Pentacles(Reversed), Donald Trump, who can easily forego all responsibility for anything he does or says and therefore has a free-for-all because of his money(but moreso because of the influence of monetary power).

As far as the near future is concerned, we have the II of Swords, meaning that we’re going to be forced to reunite together even though we won’t fully know what the far future will bring, but we will be united in love. Because we value our friendships, our relationships, and to know what is more important than what a head-of-state, or mayors, or politicians, say is. This is because we looked inside of ourselves again, realizing that the heart of our goal is the same: To live together in love, even if we disagree, because that’s how family works - and families fight a lot. It’s a matter of our choices of how we treat each other through these disagreements. We realize that compassion, in the right situation, is more important than correctness. We learn to love again. In Perfect Love and Perfect Trust.

What we don’t know about this is that everyone has something to offer no matter how big or small on a scale. That we need to switch back to paper voting and humans counting votes so that we won’t have an incident of outside governments influencing the vote by hacking our systems. That there should be a law, or amendment to the Constitution that should protect it.
Our environment at the moment is XIV Temperance(reversed). Meaning, there is such a split that we’re all “bleeding” from the injury and are unsure of who to trust.

The fear and concern of the Nation is the Page of Cups(reversed). We’re afraid of being lied to again. How do we know whether to believe in what a politician tells us to be afraid of, or of how to love better? You can answer that one.
The likely End Result of all of this is VIII Strength(reversed). Just because it’s upside down doesn’t always mean that it’s negative. What it *does* mean, though, is that in the end we’re going to be careful of who we trust - and because we’re still suffering from our past choices, or the hurt someone else has inflicted on us, we will be more careful. Grief takes time but it is not forever. We can heal and grow; the choice is yours: Will you heal in love or will you harden in fear?

And now to the black and white cards: The Hermetic Tarot.
“How can America kick themselves into gear and make positive shit happen??” Well, keep on reading, my hard, rockin’ amigo!
We have The Queen of Wands, The Six of Wands, and The Eight of Pentacles. Here it says that when we trust ourselves and gain confidence in our choices once again(rather than be run by doubt and fear injected to us by our political parties about the people in other parties), we will find good fruit and therefore be victorious.

This isn’t to say that evil isn’t in the world. We should definitely fight evil and atrocities and all the other horrible things that plague humanity. What I’m trying to say is, we should fight the result of evil, not attack or believe another person’s core is inherently evil because we prefer abortion or we prefer carrying babies full-term…(Just an example).

People are fickle things. We all fuck up. It’s just life. But are we going to identify as being fucked up? Are you going to point and blame everyone else for why things are fucked up? No. You accept that it’s fucked up and choose to either be better and heal or bitter and hate.

Those who teach you how to hate are not your allies. They want something out of you and you are definitely not going to benefit from their empty promises because you hate your black neighbor Fredrick or your immigrant neighbor Juan. Or your transgender neighbor Maxwell. I can go on and on with the examples… But it all boils down to the same thing.

As far as the energy card of the reading from the colorful Queen of the Moon Oracle: We get Self-Reflection. This also ties into II The High Priestess. Are we going to be honest and clear about who we are and what we need/want - or are we going to blame others because that’s what we’re told to do?

So yeah, there’s my little speck of Tarot from across the internet.

Love ya’ll.

~Ashley A.

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Very few believed impeaching the fake president would get him convicted, and yet it was still done, and it was still important it be done, for we learned who puts their money where their mouth is and who puts their mouth where the money is.

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“Too Legit To Acquit”

If only you weren’t such a very stable genius

If only the Democrats weren’t so jealous

of the size of your penis, I guess

If only you really had shot a man

in the middle of Fifth Avenue

Maybe a Mexican

Then we could see what a man of your stature

really could do

To make America great again

Too legit

To acquit

Too legit

To acquit

It’s a good thing that pesky constitution

doesn’t have any power anymore

If only the founding fathers could be here

to pat you on the back

when they see how you’ll now settle the score

If only every senator was so easily bought

If only the house could have charged you

with even half the things you’ve done

so when you won, we could be REALLY impressed

by how hard your demons had fought

Too legit

To acquit

Too legit

To acquit


I should be writing fucking love songs

Not wasting my time on you

This should’ve been the best case

against the worst man

open and shut in a week

but hey

what can democracy do?

Too legit

To acquit

Too legit

To acquit

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Il n’y a plus de garde-fou à la démocratie aux États-Unis.

Un pantin mal articulé tenu par les ficelles des fous de Dieu, des va-t-en-guerre, des Croisés qui croient dur comme fer qu’on croit en eux.

Il n’y a plus de honte, de valeurs, de vérité aux États-Unis.

Novlangue, fake news hurlantes à base de spots télévisés, distorsion Orwellienne de la réalité, lobotomie finale des limités.

Il n’y a plus de cadre, de règles aux États-Unis.

Ring de catch où tous les coups sont permis, les plus bas, les plus sales, les plus osés, les plus inimaginables en direct live à la télé-réalité.

Il n’y a plus grand-chose à garder des États-Unis.

The Land of the Free, le Free blanc, le Free wealthy, le Free MAGA, le Free dasvidania, le Free frit comme les chicken wings du jour dans le bac à huile servies avec supplément vomi, un verre d’eau glacé et le sourire, toujours le sourire.


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